Summary of the fifteenth Asian Pediatric Surgery Conference (Chinese Journal of pediatric surgery)

Summary of the fifteenth Asian Pediatric Surgery ConferenceSummary of the first phase of the 1999 issue of the Chinese Journal of pediatric


Summary of the fifteenth Asian Pediatric Surgery Conference

Summary of the first phase of the 1999 issue of the Chinese Journal of pediatric surgery in the year twentieth

The fifteenth Asian Conference of pediatric surgery (The 15th Congress of Asian Association of Pediatric Surgeons) held in Suzhou from September 28, 1998 to October 1st, which is the Asian Association of pediatric surgery for the first time in our country to host the conference. Attended the meeting on behalf of the 187 people, including representatives from Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Hongkong, Taiwan and non Asian countries such as the United States, Australia, Poland and other countries and regions 63. The conference hosted by the Chinese Medical Association meeting, the convener of Professor Zhang Jinzhe, the president of the general assembly for Professor Pan Shaochuan, hosted by the Suzhou Medical Association and the Suzhou Medical College Affiliated Children's Hospital, Professor Zhang Xiqing is the chairman of area. The academic atmosphere of the meeting was strong, the discussion was heated, and the pediatric surgeons at home and abroad attended the meeting to study and learn from each other and to improve together.

During the meeting, the new Asian Society of pediatric surgery was elected, and Professor Chen Shoucheng, a professor at Taipei Medical College in Taiwan, was elected chairman of the next society. At the same time by Terajima Kazuichi, Yang Zhongguang and Huang Chengru Professor initiated the establishment of the Asia Pacific Association of pediatric department of Urology, Beijing Children's Hospital professor Huang Chengru was elected as the first president of the first session of the conference and decided the Asian Pediatric Department of Urology held in Beijing in May 1999.

The academic content of the conference include general surgery, Urology, Department of orthopedics, cardiothoracic surgery and anesthesia for basic and clinical research. Professor Suruga, Professor Miyano and Professor Suita Terashima, Japan, Professor Saing, Tam Hongkong, new progress of Professor Joseph King of Australia and Singapore respectively, congenital anorectal malformation, congenital megacolon, abnormal pancreaticobiliary confluence, vesicoureteral reflux, hemangioma of the seminar report. The conference reported a total of 128 papers, 7 edition report, improved operation video report 2, basically represents the latest development and the highest level of development in the Asian Pediatric surgery.

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Dr. Kheradpir, Iran, reported 14 cases of reflux esophagitis, which led to a change in esophageal stricture, which was cured by resection of the narrow segment and fundoplication. The chylothosax reports of Kamimura OK-432 effectively cure a diaphragmatic hernia after surgery cases. United Arab Emirates Mustafawi doctors reported 3 cases of gastric teratoma, children were born within the last 2 months after the performance of the abdominal mass and vomiting symptoms, early surgical resection of satisfactory results. Hu Tingze reported the results of surgical correction of 180 cases of thoracic deformity. It is emphasized that different surgical procedures are the key to achieve satisfactory results. The results of treatment of 67 cases of congenital cystic fibrosis in Australia, Harvey, show that conservative treatment can lead to severe preoperative and postoperative complications, and early surgical treatment is the best choice. Professor Chen Shoucheng of Taipei: report of 18 cases of intestinal malrotation in retrospective study of acute abdomen, intestinal malrotation associated with volvulus, patients showed obvious abdominal pain, and other routine inspection may have no positive change, the surgeon should be alert to possible early volvulus, barium enema examination, diagnosis of Ladd after surgery, to avoid intestinal necrosis. Professor Zhang Jinzhe has reported the successful experience of the treatment of congenital intestinal atresia by long oblique anastomosis.

Nakao, Japan, reported that abnormal expression of heat shock protein is a marker of early rejection after small bowel transplantation. According to Dr. Zheng Shan, subcutaneous injection of epithelial growth factor (ECF) can promote the recovery of intestinal epithelial cell hyperplasia and intestinal peristalsis after intestinal ischemia reperfusion injury. Dr. Li Hong's report suggests that TNP-470 has an inhibitory effect on the growth of vascular endothelial cells. The results of a study by Dr. Zheng Wei, Hongkong, suggest that the skin surface electrode is a reliable method for monitoring the toxicity of chemotherapeutic drugs. Professor Chatterjee of India, who successfully separated 2 pairs of children, reported that they were followed up for 12 years and 15 years, and their life was close to normal.

The results of a group of Poland Dr. Wandland reports, conservative treatment of infantile muscular torticollis with 75% efficiency surgery while loosening the sternocleidomastoid muscle of the proximal and distal end than the simple cutting effect, postoperative active functional exercise can effectively correct the abnormal facial asymmetry, Dr. Sun Lin of scoliosis children follow-up observation in 57 cases, no postoperative complications in children do not need to remove the internal fixation device. Dr. Xu Ruijiang reported that acetabular reconstruction with bone flap can effectively correct the defect of posterolateral acetabular dysplasia.

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