How to make you have high quality sperm

Avoid bad habits affecting sperm quality:Smoking, drinking, masturbation frequency, sexual contact, long-term wear tights, cycling, often wa


Avoid bad habits affecting sperm quality:

Smoking, drinking, masturbation frequency, sexual contact, long-term wear tights, cycling, often wash a hot bath, do not pay attention to external device health organ.

The timing of the seed: a healthy body and abundant energy is one of the conditions for the birth of a healthy offspring. After the illness, serious illness and poor health, physical fatigue, mental fatigue and strain energy and less abundant records should not be pregnant.

In the meantime, to seed, not missing the waiting node, pregnant, many children lost their life period, fetal hard knot, many children died.

-- the seeds of the ten thousand women

Where is the light only under intersection, clear and bright, and benign and openhearted, and love peace, the spirit of the free margin status, is accompanying with stop, not to choose from discernible. To a child, not only less disease, and will be wise and intelligent. But feel restless place not guilty;

"Jing Yue book of women"

To avoid the influence of sperm quality environmental factors: high thermal environment such as boiler room, sauna room, hotel rooms, the welding operation; high radiation environment such as X-ray workers, and atomic energy laboratory workers; underwater workers; long-term noise environment; long-term exposure to harmful chemicals or toxic substances and heavy metals.

Diet conducive to sperm quality:

Arginine rich foods: yam, eel, squid, walnuts, peanuts, seaweed etc.;

Rich in vitamin A, vitamin E food, vegetable oil, animal liver, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, lentils, jujube, etc.;

The trace element zinc and magnesium rich foods: fish, oysters, clams, mussels, kelp, eggs, mushrooms, walnuts, honey, brown sugar, soybean.

Avoid drugs affecting men's fertility:

Chemotherapy drugs, corticosteroids, cimetidine, sulfasalazine, spironolactone, nitrofurantoin, niridazole, colchicine, tripterygium.

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