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How to raise a middle-aged manHost: good friends in front of the TV audience! Two good health ambassadors! New thinking, new attitude, new p


How to raise a middle-aged man

Host: good friends in front of the TV audience! Two good health ambassadors! New thinking, new attitude, new practice. Shaanxi three sets of large-scale health regimen "new concept of health" with you to create a healthy new life.

Dai Houying's "middle-aged man", presumably a lot of people read. Indeed, the middle-aged, a lot of trouble will come to mind, and in these troubles, physical discomfort is the first.

How many of you are going to ask for a few Health Ambassadors?

Health Ambassador 1 - high blood fat, mobility

Health Ambassador 2-- high blood pressure cardiovascular, heart palpitations, etc.

Health Ambassador 3 - hyperglycemia diabetes

Moderator: it seems that there are many problems.

What are the problems of middle-aged men's health? How can we get rid of these troubles? How to maintain it? Today, we specifically invited to the Xi'an Chinese medicine hospital director Li Xiaoyang, deputy director of the Department of male physicians, and we talk about the topic of middle-aged male health.

Li Xiaoyang -------1991 of Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine Department of acupuncture, Chinese medicine hospital work after graduation assigned to the city of Xi'an in 1996, has long been engaged in clinical diagnosis and treatment of senile disease and male disease, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine dialectical health guidance and related diseases.

The Xi'an andrology hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, director of geriatrics department deputy chief physician, as the national name of old Chinese heir. More than ten papers have been published.

Moderator: Director Li, male friends to the middle-aged, what are the common diseases?

Li Xiaoyang:

"----------------------------------------" common disease in middle-aged men

The middle-aged male friends @ is the requirements of the society and its own contradictions decline gradually highlight and intensification of the stage, it is a variety of physical and mental disease period, a variety of common metabolic disorders, cardiovascular, digestive (spleen and liver and gallbladder), reproductive, urinary system diseases and mental disorders often appear; this stage is an important starting point and adjust the body state.

Sub health: metabolic disorder syndrome

Tip 1: common disease in middle-aged men (male body)

High blood fat, high blood viscosity, high blood pressure, diabetes, high uric acid...

Arteriosclerosis, fatty liver

Stroke, cardiovascular disease, liver cirrhosis, gout, renal failure, menopausal syndrome...

Male disease: abnormal libido, impotence, premature ejaculation

Host: how many health ambassadors have listened to?

Moderator: Director Lee, said so much, from the external signs, how do you judge, a middle-aged male friends will have a similar disease? What are you look at?

Li Xiaoyang: Chinese pay attention to basic diagnosis and reference to a comprehensive understanding of the patient's illness. You ask is actually the inspection means, we all called "hope and know that God, you to my expectation value is quite high! In general, if a person is healthy, first God eyes, sensitive reaction, skin luster, ruddy red or yellow faint, glossy black and thick hair, body fat is moderate, agile, voice clear and strong. The overall impression of a dignified feeling full of spirit. The middle-aged man suffering from common diseases of the physical characteristics of friends can be roughly divided into less than two. Is the most common deficiency, Qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin and Yang, are more than qi stagnation, blood stasis and phlegm dampness, damp heat, damp heat and phlegm dampness constitution which is the most common of the two types of constitution.

Of course, the problem has never been so simple and simple, each friend's physical and disease is also a physical and external conditions under the joint action of the product, with the passage of time and change.

Moderator: several health ambassadors, Lee said the director of a number of features, but also do not hurry to let you look at it?

Health Ambassador: can you tell me what my signs are? Director Li, what kind of? Prone to problems

Here ------------------------------------------------------------------- interaction

Moderator: why the male friend to middle age, the body will have so much trouble?

Li Xiaoyang:

"Midlife crisis" phenomenon:

@ middle-aged men are the backbone of the society, with the increase of social experience and mental maturity, gradually bear a large amount of social and family responsibilities, especially in many important positions play an important role. However, with the increase of age and the accumulation of physical and mental consumption, the health condition is deteriorating.

Tip 2: causes of common disease in middle-aged men (please summarize)

Internal factors: genetic factors (internal basis), bad habits (premature or excessive loss)

External factors --- work and life stress factors (excessive external force)

Middle aged men:

"The social characteristics of middle-aged men: a sentence" work, the backbone of life (bone stem)".

@ physiological characteristics of middle-aged men: "Q - be as big of yin and Yang" said: "forty years and have since half too old now living," pointed out: I do not know the cultivation of the people, to forty years, half of the kidney have been refined to bardo decay begins, people aging. And we are now in the sense that the middle age is the time interval between 58 and 88. The physiological characteristics of this stage is kidney gradually decline, deficiency of liver and kidney function decline, the gradually aging.

Summary of "middle-aged men":

To describe a person's health, we often say that "the spirit of so and so", in which "essence" from the kidney, "God" by the heart of the Lord, suggesting that a person's health, the performance of the external is the normal function of the heart and kidney! However, there are many middle-aged men can afford to be "very spiritual," this sentence? Tired, haggard, tired, emaciated, or bloated......... It's a reflection of their faces and bodies!

Lessons from sudden death in many middle-aged men.

Gay men are particularly keen to participate in social competition. "Young people, full of sap, fighting in the ring (one of the three rings), age, and days of fighting, and fighting, and fighting, and has been fighting, in which bitter happiness within! As everyone opened the high-speed track racing, the car is not to match, is not an express condition, how had to loose some, brakes, some tire will burst, some direction, all have driver fatigue driving, but are struggling to match...... The occasion of the struggle, the blood boiling, consumption doubled and the source of the loss, there is no reason. Tire, rollover, chain collision occurred far from meet the eye everywhere, in newspapers, the nearly in the side, though a wake-up call, and then continue to. "What a also!"

Moderator: so much trouble, for different problems, how should we do?

Li Xiaoyang: middle-aged men also need to raise"

Health Ambassador: what? When to start raising?

Li Xiaoyang: we talk about health, raise what? Body and heart. While men health and mental health, the first is to support the yang. Spring belongs to the characteristics of germinal Yang, it is suitable for the male yang. (brief)

Moderator: to tell you, middle-aged male friends how to raise?

Li Xiaoyang: overall pipe mouth, stride leg, happy "nine words. How do you understand this?

Tip 3: middle-aged men how to raise (a)

Mouth - diet control

1, lean meat, eggs, milk, honey, soy products, walnut and fruit

2, vegetables

Spring also eat the leek



Tomatoes, carrots, garlic, onions, etc.

But the "daily life" is a way of keeping good health, "centering". Its core idea is to "go with the flow, can not be strong".

"The ancient people, which know, in Yin and Yang, and in a few patients, diet, living, not overworked, the spirit and the body are all died of old age, is 100 degrees". Do not be strong enough to lift force, less chance of "lead to consumption and not conducive to health. Regardless of diet or living movement and aligning repose, and for others, should pay attention to nature of others, can we really have the health effect.

Moderator: first talk, how the tube shut up?

Li Xiaoyang: Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach is the day after tomorrow, human blood derived, spleen and Stomach Qi strong, people can prolong life. Huangdi Neijing puts forward "for raising crops, five fruit, five animals for the benefit, five dishes for the charge", also is one of the basic food for cereals, fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.. Take control of the mouth, first of all is the diet types and processing methods, collocation and volume adjustment efforts. Should be adjusted according to different physical characteristics and status. Here we should pay attention to nutrition of traditional Chinese diet regimen is not equivalent to modern medicine, but based on the individual needs of the body and digestive function and the choice of food, rather than according to the food ingredients added to the rigid body. This is the so-called people-oriented.

The best thing for a chef and a doctor is to adjust and match according to different needs. A brief description of the types, processing, collocation and quantity.

Category: sugar, protein, lipid ratio of heat supply 60%:20%:20%.

The influence of processing methods on absorption: such as pasta baking unleavened dough than good digestion, absorption, the best Rice porridge soup...

Collocation: with the appropriate, should not be too single. Xin Gan Hua Yang, Yin sour and sweet, salty suitable for dry and wet well...

Volume: diet from time to time, gastrointestinal injury...

On the selection of fruits and vegetables: Principle "eat seasonal vegetables" is the best season, not too much (seasonal vegetables mostly conform to the characteristic nature of transformation between yin and Yang). The daughter of King Sun Simiao's "" think "spring should be provincialacid by Gan in order to keep his temper". This is because the spring for diarrhea prosperous, Wang Qi will affect the spleen, so the spring is easy to appear weak spleen and stomach disease; and eat sour food, will cause the hyperactivity of liver, so the spring diet should be selected, pungent, sweet warm, not sour. The diet should be light and delicious, avoid greasy, cold and spicy food. We should eat more rich in protein, vitamins and minerals in food, such as meat, eggs, milk, honey, soy products and fresh vegetables, fruit, walnut and so on, is conducive to the spread of pathogenic cold, helping yang.

Spring is the wild herbs, mountain vegetables the vigorous growth period, rich in vitamins, can pick edible. We recommend: Catalogue of food (vegetables)

1 spring also eat leek leek has always been one of the favorite vegetables, vegetable leek first spring fitness. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records "the onion, leek, February" is the lunar calendar in February the growth of most suitable for eating leek.

The motherland medicine thinks, Camsing chives taste warm, raw leek cooked is warm and pungent blood, and Buzhong Yigansan lag and guide. Is a kind of air impotence of the goods, the ancients called "Yang grass", leek can be used as diet supplements for the treatment of impotence, polyuria, lumbago, leg soft kidney deficiency syndrome.

Modern medical research has proved that the mixture of volatile essential oil and sulfur compounds, as well as rich cellulose, can reduce blood fat and prevent coronary heart disease, anemia and arteriosclerosis. In addition, there are more leek protein, fat, carotene, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, nutrition is very abundant, and its health effects can not be underestimated.

Note: leek is not easy to digest, so one should not eat too much food, Chinese medicine, Yin Huo Wang, suffering from eye diseases and not eat leeks.

2 spinach cool, sweet Xin non-toxic; into the intestines and stomach. Can the blood to stop bleeding, Lee five internal organs, blood, Runchang thirst, Ziyin Pinggan, help digestion. Spinach leaves tender, delicious fresh color, rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, folic acid, beta carotene, protein, iron, potassium and other minerals. The rich iron has good effect on iron deficiency anemia can cause ruddy and shiny, therefore has been regarded as a beauty jiapin. Spinach leaves contain a kind of insulin like substances, and its role is similar to insulin, blood sugar can remain stable. Rich in B vitamins content so that it can prevent the angular cheilitis, night blindness and other vitamin deficiency occurred. Spinach contains large amounts of antioxidants such as vitamin E and selenium, anti-aging, promote cell proliferation, can activate the brain function, but also can enhance the vitality of youth, to help prevent brain aging, prevent Alzheimer's disease. A Harvard University study also found that eating 2 to 4 times a week of spinach in the elderly, due to intake of vitamin A and carotene, can reduce the risk of retinal degeneration, thereby protecting the vision. So commonly used in hypertension, diabetes, headache, dizziness, constipation, hemorrhoids and other hot Trichogramma, disease. The spring weather is dry and windy, easy to get angry mouth ulcer and constipation, the vegetables can Qingredu promoting defecation and effective.

Note: the stomach deficiency diarrhea patients should not eat less, nephritis and kidney stones such as tofu common food; to prevent the formation of calcium oxalate and high calcium food should not affect the absorption and digestion.

3 cooking high nutritional value, cooking can be fried, salad, vegetable stuffing, vegetable soup, cooking methods, special flavor. The medicinal value of shepherd's purse is very high, the whole plant medicine, with eyesight, refreshing, antipyretic, diuretic, anti dysentery efficacy. The flower and seed treatment can stop bleeding, hematuria, nephritis, hypertension, hemoptysis, dysentery, measles, dizziness, eye pain and other symptoms.

Moderator: listen to the director explained, do not know how many feel? And your usual eating habits have much difference? In any case, in my opinion, middle-aged male friends, in order to be a good body, not the owner of the mouth is absolutely not.

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