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1 what is a coronary artery?Coronary artery is the artery supplying blood to the heart". As a result of coronary heart disease caused by cor


1 what is a coronary artery?

Coronary artery is the artery supplying blood to the heart". As a result of coronary heart disease caused by coronary heart disease". The coronary artery is divided into three vessels, namely the right coronary artery, the anterior descending coronary artery and the circumflex branch of the coronary artery.

2 why do coronary angiography is the gold standard for the diagnosis of coronary heart disease?

Chest pain after fatigue is the main symptoms of coronary heart disease, but not all chest pain chest pain are coronary heart disease. When angina pectoris does not occur, it is of little significance in the diagnosis of coronary heart disease. The majority of patients with angina attack are not in the hospital and can not make ecg. Only coronary angiography can detect coronary stenosis and the degree of coronary stenosis.

3 coronary stenosis to what extent can be diagnosed as coronary heart disease?

In general, coronary artery stenosis 50% can be diagnosed as coronary heart disease, coronary artery stenosis in 50%--70% is considered as the critical disease. Coronary artery stenosis 70%, severe stenosis of coronary artery.

4 Chinese medicine can be in those stages of coronary artery stenosis intervention treatment?

First, Chinese medicine can be used in the treatment of coronary artery stenosis in 50% of patients. This part of the patient is not up to the extent of the stent, but there are also patients with obvious symptoms such as chest pain, chest pain, Chinese medicine treatment has a good effect;

Second, Chinese medicine in the treatment of critical diseases also has good curative effect, patients with coronary CT or coronary angiography showed coronary artery stenosis in 50%---70%, although not put support, but in order to relieve symptoms and prevent continue to develop, must be drug intervention, traditional Chinese medicine also has obvious curative effect for this part of the patient.

Third, prevention or treatment of coronary restenosis. There is a part of patients with coronary stent, due to various reasons, there will be stent restenosis. Traditional Chinese medicine can play a role in two areas in this case, the after stenting with traditional Chinese medicine can prevent restenosis, reduce adverse drug reactions; the restenosis treatment with traditional Chinese medicine can relieve symptoms, dredge blood vessel.

5 what are the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of coronary stenosis?

Relieve symptoms. We observed in clinical for many years, found that Chinese medicine for patients with coronary heart disease chest pain and other symptoms have a significant role in mitigation.

Targeted, personalized medication. Clinical opening every prescription is an antidote against the disease for different patients. Such as coronary artery stenosis, but people have the strength, weight and diet in patients with tongue and pulse are not the same, the same is coronary artery stenosis, out of the traditional Chinese medicine is not the same. In traditional Chinese medicine called with different treatment, It differs from man to man. Therefore, the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of coronary stenosis prescription is very strong.

Little or no side effects.

6 what causes coronary stenosis?

There are many causes of coronary artery stenosis, such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and so on. Age is also an important cause of coronary artery stenosis. Smoking, bad lifestyle, etc..

7 Why should we check the carotid artery?

Color Doppler ultrasound examination of carotid artery, can be found in the early detection of plaque in the arteries, early treatment. Carotid artery in the superficial layer, easy to check found lesions. Vascular problems are systemic problems, but some of the blood vessels deep, inconvenient to check, and the carotid artery is a window, through the carotid window, can be found early lesions.

8 what are the ways to eliminate plaque?

Acute myocardial infarction is due to plaque rupture, thrombosis, blockage of blood vessels. Angina is also due to the presence of plaques in the blood vessels, coronary artery stenosis, coronary blood supply to reduce, can not meet the needs of the heart, resulting in angina pectoris. Therefore, the stability and elimination of plaque is an important link in the treatment of coronary heart disease. In this regard, western medicine mainly used lipid-lowering drugs such as a variety of statins simvastatin, atorvastatin, etc..

Chinese medicine has a good effect for the elimination of plaque plaque, mainly by blood stasis, such as salvia, Angelica sinensis, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, radix paeoniae rubra, safflower, peach kernel; phlegm dampness medicine such as pinellia, Trichosanthes, tangerine peel, Magnolia officinalis, Zhishi; Yang Wen Tong, Guizhi aconite, cinnamon, asarum, ginger and so on; and Qi such as Astragalus, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Poria, polygonatum etc..

Chinese medicine for the treatment of coronary heart disease is the overall regulation, focusing on the body, starting from the spleen and stomach, kidney yang, liver qi, less side effects, efficacy.

9 Chinese medicine treatment of coronary artery stenosis?

In recent years, our heart center to carry out in-depth study of coronary artery stenosis, the use of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine decoction for treating coronary artery stenosis achieved good curative effect. Some have no time to take medicine, also can use traditional Chinese medicine granules, can be blunt, carry, use is very convenient. Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine decoction granules for the treatment of coronary artery stenosis has a good curative effect.

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