-Furlow (extended cleft palate surgery talk)

Perhaps with more and more, the summer always cannot rest well, daily operation, written records, the second day of talks scheduled for surg


Perhaps with more and more, the summer always cannot rest well, daily operation, written records, the second day of talks scheduled for surgery, back with the kids, very full, also some helpless, like a machine, especially to see WeChat's friends in the remotest corners of the globe four - travel. However, the accumulation of surgery is still in the mind, like wine in the continuous fermentation, and finally brewing out. Today, I would like to talk about incomplete cleft palate, see if you are interested in?

The incidence of cleft palate in recent 10 years, great changes. With the wide application of three-dimensional and four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, popularity and prenatal pregnancy test, severe cleft lip and cleft palate can be found, that is often difficult, or through the examination of MRI, or because it does not affect the appearance was ignored. So, in the outpatient clinic, many patients are not complete cleft palate, or cracked, pathological disruption occurred in secondary palate fusion with bone defect, can hair hard palate, muscle thickness is not ideal, on both sides of the length of soft palate can be expressed as the length difference, are visible when the vomer isolated from the central.

Family members of the patient may not be born at the beginning of the disease is not found in the cleft palate, but when the baby is found in the suction suction is not enough, only to find the problem. Moreover, the disease is easy to ignore, some baby until 1-2 years old to see. The patient is a 22 year old youth in Wenzhou is occult cleft palate, pronunciation has been good, did not expect this problem last year to come to the outpatient.

Question 1 cleft palate need treatment? What time is it? What are the conditions? Oh, in fact, a number of related issues. Need treatment, time is better than 9-11 months. Weight of 10 pounds, no cold within the next 2 weeks, did not hit the needle, hemoglobin in more than 10, white blood cells in the following 10.

Question 2 cleft palate affect pronunciation? Because of the hard palate and soft palate cleft palate dehiscence, certainly affect pronunciation. Not only need to complete the pronunciation of palate, also need a sufficient length of the soft palate. The length of the soft palate: soft palate to the pharyngeal cavity distance =1.5, is the ideal value. It also needs a long enough, can be a good exercise, the formation of the soft palate velopharyngeal closure.

Question 3 what is Furlow surgery? Bidirectional anti Z extension, is a kind of type soft palate extension, the earliest in the world. In 70s 20, is named after the name of the person.

Question 4 what is the current trend of cleft palate repair? The palate also belongs to the personalized design, according to the patient's condition, choose the reasonable operation method, combined with the single, two flap and levator palatini muscle reconstruction principle, reasonable application.

Talk to the map. Let the length of the soft palate illustration, figure 1: preoperative soft palate side, length, although no hard palate front split, however, muscle development is obviously not coordinated. How to form the ideal morphology of the soft palate? Figure 2 shows the soft palate and uvula after surgery, pay attention to the small tongue and pharynx distance, small distance has a clear effect on the improvement of closed. Figure 3 shows the suture pattern with a yellow line.

Is that a good pronunciation? If you are interested, please give me a question and I will go on next time.



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