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Adam's apple, refers to people's throat cartilage.The development of male Adam's apple in adolescence earlier than females, the male is more


Adam's apple, refers to people's throat cartilage.

The development of male Adam's apple in adolescence earlier than females, the male is more than female Adam's apple general projection

Adam's apple is one of the prominent characteristics of men, after puberty male, because the role of androgen, usually occurs in different degree Adam's apple projecting phenomenon. However, there are a few girls will appear in front of Adam's apple, what is the reason?

The throat of the human body is made up of 11 pieces of cartilage, the most important of which is the largest piece of cartilage. At 2 months, the laryngeal cartilage began to develop, until after the last 5 to 6 years, is still growing every year, but from the age of 5 to puberty, the period of the growth of laryngeal cartilage basically stopped. So, young boys and girls of the thyroid cartilage are the same. After entering puberty, the androgen secretion increased, which makes men appear in the throat. As for the reason girls prominent Adam's apple, generally have the following three situations:

1 endocrine insufficiency

As we all know, the woman in the body of the dominant position of the sex hormone is estrogen, male stimulating cable content is very little. If ovarian insufficiency, or pituitary, adrenal glands had problems, androgen levels in vivo will increase, so will occur "secondary" phenomenon appeared, and the sound becomes prominent Adam's apple hairy thick masculine performance, at the same time, some characteristics should women have no obvious change.

2 genetic factors

The characteristics of the previous generation of growth and development will be passed to the next generation, not only the height, shape, and even the shape of the eye, nose length, the height of the cheekbones, the size of the ear, the shape of the breast...... Will be genetic. Of course, including the size of Adam's apple. Father Adam's apple particularly large and conspicuous, raised the daughter sometimes Adam's Apple would highlight some.

3 emaciation

Women than men although Adam's apple as large and prominent, but the woman is too thin, because the front of the neck fat and muscle tissue are not developed, so also will look forward Adam's apple. However, the thyroid gland of some adolescent girls will have a physiological increase. This is because the The new supersedes the old. relatively strong, once caused by inadequate supply of iodine, iodine deficiency relative physiological reason, will disappear, because of increased thyroid just below the Adam's apple, therefore, is often mistaken for prominent Adam's apple.

Thus, the girl long Adam's apple, most is a kind of expression during development. If only the Adam's apple enlargement and no other abnormalities, but not caused by endocrine factors, it would not have to worry, because this will not affect the development of gender and later. If it is caused by endocrine factors, as long as you can find the cause and an antidote against the disease, also can relieve symptoms. The appearance and psychology of female Adam's apple effect, can do minimally invasive surgery laryngeal tuberculosis.

Female indications for surgery reduced throat surgery:

Adam's apple plastic surgery in the past mainly for male pseudohermaphroditism or transsexual patients surgery is a part of the [1], as people pay more attention to their appearance, some girls also urged prominent Adam's apple do Adam's apple plastic surgery, some of these people have affected the social intercourse, plastic surgery is very urgent requirement of Adam's apple. After the exclusion of women increased symptoms caused by endocrine factors are prominent Adam's apple, Adam's apple influence appearance requirements of surgical treatment, can be used as plastic surgery and surgical indications of Adam's apple.

The location of the thyroid cartilage is removed during surgery


After the operation

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