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National statutory holiday highway free, along with the high-speed traffic jam, so that high-speed road into a parking lot. One dish, made w


National statutory holiday highway free, along with the high-speed traffic jam, so that high-speed road into a parking lot. One dish, made with big, which is about the blind date: not on TV, on the road to high speed dating, on the highway can directly see each other, see property from the models, see character from the attitude, kidney function from the hold time. Although this is a joke but now people at leisure, some people think that the full length of time and renal function or even sexual function, hold time longer, so there are people who formed the habit of holding back. Also with the development of modern society, accelerate the pace of work, some people because of work requirements and special reasons, often have to hold back.

So try to promote kidney function in the end do not reliable? From a medical point of view, there is no doubt that the negative. Long time holding back the great harm to the body. How much urine is not associated with sexual function. When 150ml-200ml is accumulated in the normal bladder, people begin to have a sense of urine. If you do not want to urinate at this time, the brain can control the contraction of the external urethral sphincter, locking the outlet of the urinal. Until the brain through the spinal cord by urination instruction, relax urethral sphincter, and detrusor contraction, will be excreted in the urine, complete urination. If people continue to hold back, when the bladder volume reached more than 800-1000ML, will be more than the spontaneous contraction of detrusor can occur, filling incontinence or urinary retention, only through catheterization catheter to drain urine. Long force holding back, will make the control of urination swelling and muscle relaxation, after it is easy to have urinary frequency, urinary incontinence.

At the same time the bieniao relaxation of the bladder becomes large, bladder wall vascular oppression bladder mucosa ischemia, reduce the resistance of bacteria, can cause cystitis and urethritis also increased the risk of stones; long time bieniao will cause urine reflux into the kidney, cause pyelonephritis, severe cases will affect kidney function and urine in the bladder; storage for too long leads to the increase of harmful substances in contact with urine in bladder mucosa, research shows,

Have very accustomed to, the risk of bladder cancer is higher than the average person.

Female friends need to pay special attention to the female urethra is short, the complex structure of the pelvic cavity, the urinary system than men are more vulnerable to bacterial invasion. At the same time, because the uterus is located in bladder, bladder urine, bladder filling will oppress the uterus, the uterus tilted backwards. Often hold back it will increase bladder compression of uterus, influence impede blood flow, may lead to severe dysmenorrhea. Therefore, more women can not hold back, the need for timely emptying the bladder.

Through the above introduction, I believe we already know that the health risks of water. After traveling on the road in case of traffic jam, encounter a "speed dating", is a good choice to ease the journey waiting for the anxious mood, but through the water to test or promote renal function is absolutely not desirable.

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