From the original people do not talk about premature ejaculation

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- to say "shame" premature ejaculationBefore answering this question, we need to figure out another question: why do we mate? The pursuit of


- to say "shame" premature ejaculation

Before answering this question, we need to figure out another question: why do we mate? The pursuit of sexual pleasure? Of course, this is necessary, but not the main, "breeding offspring" is the ultimate goal of biological mating. The original people's living environment is bad, especially when mating no hidden places, mating under the watchful eyes of the people of course to face other males to compete for mating rights, and attack the ferocious beast, which determines the process of sexual intercourse must be quick, have more offspring so as to ensure. You let him do not adhere to the "discharge" for an hour, probably even small lives are lost, "would rather spend down dead, ghosts can't do it" this is not the original goal, so the "premature ejaculation" is a very worth showing off power at the time. But now it's different, and the quality of sex has become a couple thermometer. So some of the men with premature ejaculation to a momentary pleasure of lovers value daughter "pleasure and delight, they get is" depressed, upset and inferiority". They also follow the ads, visiting doctors, medicine, but in the end most still hold "disappointed" hand. Mention premature ejaculation really makes people want to say hugh.

First, the same is a man, the difference will be so big!

Causes of premature ejaculation

The same is a man, the difference will be so big?" Although this question is full of frustration, but also full of expectations. We found in clinical practice, the following factors are the main causes of premature ejaculation: 1, psychological factors, effects of excitation or inhibition by advanced nerve center, make ejaculation centre lose control of ejaculation time can cause premature ejaculation. For example, too much respect for his wife, worship, or suspicion of his wife, jealousy, or the existence of inferiority complex are premature ejaculation incentives. 2, the glans can not adapt to the temperature difference, due to physical causes, the vagina glans temperature is high surface temperature 1 - 2 degrees Celsius, the temperature difference is induced by premature ejaculation; 3, the penis is highly sensitive to friction, and the penis not twitch several times at ejaculation degree; control, 4 poor muscle, critical moment can not play the role of leading to a discharge gate, trinidad. In 5, ejaculatory organs are unable to perform their duties and work together, this is not synchronized, is one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation; 6, long time of "premature ejaculation" conditioned in the brain, become a kind of ejaculation habit, which is equivalent to the head of a timing alarm clock, a time to just release. So if you do not change this habit, premature ejaculation is difficult to completely cure.

Two, let the "premature ejaculation" aside, teach you through "six off"

Treatment of premature ejaculation

We already know the six main reasons causing the premature ejaculation, then we will introduce how to pull this off the six method, let the "premature ejaculation" on patients with early sex life. Because the content is increased, and my typing is too slow, please call 037165575798 for consultation!

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