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In early 40s, Shapiro had premature ejaculation is divided into two types: type A, form a highly popular in the drive and erection difficult


In early 40s, Shapiro had premature ejaculation is divided into two types: type A, form a highly popular in the drive and erection difficulties of young people for premature ejaculation, they never control the ejaculation process well; B type, more common in the elderly, often with erectile difficulties after having a good control. Most tend to think of B as a sign of impotence.

Premature ejaculation can also be divided into two categories:

The premature ejaculation associated with sexual partners, that is, the situation, when they change their sexual partners will be improved, indicating that lead to confrontation with interpersonal conflict plays a role in the maintenance of sexual dysfunction.

The true premature ejaculation, refers to partner or with different in different occasions when sexual intercourse were less than 15 times in the tic or less than 1 minutes when ejaculation, premature ejaculation or incomplete, they tend to have a good response to drug treatment.

The classification of premature ejaculation, can also be based on whether or not the satisfaction of sexual life history is divided into two categories of primary premature ejaculation and secondary premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation occurs for the first time, known as primary premature ejaculation. Previously had had a satisfactory sexual life, and later the occurrence of premature ejaculation, referred to as secondary premature ejaculation.

According to the different manifestations of the disease, and can be divided into three types of premature ejaculation.

(1) the onset of primary premature ejaculation is associated with normal erection and related psychiatric anxiety. Such as premarital sexual life caused by the rapid ejaculation habit, when the erection of the excitement is stronger, but not durable, instant relief.

(2) acute seizures: premature ejaculation is usually erect, and with a general concern, such as the husband to his wife appeared discontent, or with resentment, hostility or potential, like "henpecked" as his wife too much fear, excessive adore, strong inferiority caused by premature ejaculation.

(3) implicit attack: not only erectile problems, premature ejaculation and low libido, anxiety is not obvious, such as some people because of sexual intercourse caused by too little of boredom, "a position, a gesture, a time, a movement", another big charm will be away, often cause premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation, such as the occurrence of the first sexual intercourse is known as the original, such as there had been a period of time before the satisfaction of sexual life is called secondary. There are 3 types of premature ejaculation:

(1) from the onset of puberty there are primary premature ejaculation, accompanied by normal erection and related mental distress.

(2) the onset of acute premature ejaculation, usually with insufficient erection, and often accompanied by generalized anxiety, and at the same time be able to investigate physiological or psychological causes.

(3) showed recessive seizures, often with erectile problems and low libido, anxiety is not very obvious, but often happen due to premature ejaculation. Physiological and psychological performance of penile erection and ejaculation ejaculation before the exciting process, largely dominated by the parasympathetic nervous system, its role is dominant in the rest, entertainment, safe and secure environment; the process of ejaculation is the sympathetic nervous system function, the dominant role in the excitement, for it, nervous, fleeing and fighting environment.

The function of sensory nerve stimulation can be shallow or deep, local or distant, also by the olfactory, auditory and visual pathway and internal psychological stimulation, including local spinal cord caused by central control cable and high reflection. In this reflex, muscle contraction force of prostate secretion, the vas deferens and seminal vesicle semen into the posterior urethra. At the moment, the subjective experience of a state of urgent ejaculation. When the semen filled the urethra, a inevitably ejaculation feeling, this time through the cavernous urethra and contraction of semen into the urethra, and transurethral crater.

Premature ejaculation, which is difficult to ejaculate and feel bad, and cannot be extended through the control of the higher centers, in which case ejaculation experience is usually low quality. After treatment of the disease, the best men and women together with the clinic treatment. Due to the man's premature ejaculation, the woman in sexual life can not get sexual satisfaction, thus the lack of intimacy, and dissatisfaction with the man or hostility.

Doctors should tell the origin, the interpretation of premature ejaculation to eliminate concerns at the beginning of treatment, overcome abnormal psychology, set up the couple's therapy was confidence, especially his concerns, such as the wife does not understand, to blame her husband not only not received good results, but easy to aggravate the disease. Visible, only men and women of sexual harmony, in order to get the best treatment effect. Sexual intercourse as a key to the treatment of premature ejaculation, is committed to enhance the urgency of ejaculation feeling, and make ejaculation with self-control ability of a kind of therapy. This method relies on the wife to temporarily reach orgasm, because the focus of treatment is to make the man aware of the precursor of orgasm.

The second step to help the woman, the need for support and guidance of the doctor, the couple through cooperation to resolve. At the beginning of the treatment, we must first focus on the practice of feeling high. Can use the "stop shot" and "squeeze" therapy. When the drum Li focus on the sense of their own experience, let the woman hand fondle the penis. When the man in the erection of the body but not ejaculation, the woman stopped action. After a while, the nature of the excitement disappeared, and then re stimulate. There is usually a temporary and partial erection disappeared, re irritation will be the wife so erectile exercises need to be repeated several times, and then gradually increased to sexual intercourse, ejaculation required threshold, delayed ejaculation nervous excitement, to gradually adapt to the husband in the vagina can also inhibit ejaculation central make ejaculation centre late excited, in order to prolong the duration of sexual intercourse purpose. This training method can fully mobilize the woman's desire to enter the sexual response cycle in the excitement of the period (women's physiological characteristics are slow sexual desire).

For both men and women, the man was inhibited ejaculation exercise, the woman is fully started erotic tease, this method is advantageous to the harmonious sex life. In addition, in sexual life, his hands pressed to the scrotum and the pubic symphysis, the exciting climax and ejaculation is about when to pull downwards the scrotum and testis, action to light, so repeatedly can reduce the occurrence of sexual excitement by delaying ejaculation, and can improve the ejaculation threshold. Premature ejaculation is a common symptom of male sexual dysfunction, one of the most common problems. Different people have different understanding of it, premature ejaculation meaning is also very confusing. Most people say premature ejaculation, in fact refers to sexual intercourse time is short. A newly married couple, the wedding night, the first time of life, in the excitement, high strung, this may appear in ejaculation just contact female sexual organs or penis just inserted the vagina, but this phenomenon is not premature ejaculation, ejaculation is too fast, but some people think it is premature ejaculation, past have sexual intercourse when the woman did not reach orgasm before ejaculation called premature ejaculation.

At present, there is still a lack of a unified understanding of the concept of premature ejaculation. Strictly speaking, only in sexual intercourse, the man has not been in contact with the woman, or less than 1 minutes after the penis into the vagina, ejaculation occurs, so that they can not be normal sexual intercourse, it is called premature ejaculation. The exact cause of premature ejaculation is complex. It is generally believed that the majority of premature ejaculation and mental factors, is due to increased cortical excitability caused by central. Such as marriage couples, lack of sexual knowledge, sexual intercourse in not good grasp the psychological and physiological characteristics of each other, and the lack of experience, with enough, resulting in premature ejaculation. There are some people, due to the failure of the first sexual intercourse caused by pressure, causing a series of lesions. Fear, anxiety and other factors often lead to premature ejaculation. Similarly, there are some long-term sexual indulgence, excessive pornography, masturbation and other factors can lead to premature ejaculation.

Organic lesions lead to premature ejaculation in clinic is not uncommon, such as chronic prostatitis, urethritis, seminal vesicle phlogistic, verumontanitis, brain spinal cord lesions, diabetes, alcohol or morphine poisoning can cause the occurrence of this disease. In addition, after marriage, excessive sexual body in a state of fatigue, lack of coordination between the couple and disease factors can not be ignored.

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