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As the main manifestation of premature ejaculation is the penis glans of Gao Min sensibility, so Masters and Johnson in 1970 put forward the


As the main manifestation of premature ejaculation is the penis glans of Gao Min sensibility, so Masters and Johnson in 1970 put forward the pinch therapy. The method of squeezing the penis is to squeeze the penis by means of manipulation of the penis or the root of the penis, improve the threshold of stimulation, relieve the urgency of ejaculation, to achieve the purpose of delaying ejaculation, treatment of premature ejaculation. Specific methods of operation are as follows:

Husband naked supine, legs apart, his wife sitting in front of her husband. Then, the wife to hand to the penis constantly stimulated, a sense of urgency when ejaculation appeared to be the man, the woman put the thumb on the part of the frenulum of the penis, the index finger and middle finger on the bottom of the dorsal margin of the glans penis coronary, squeeze a few seconds after the release, the penis will gradually weak. The penis is weak again undertake sexual stimulation, so repeatedly. The squeeze pressure direction is backward, is not about to the woman is using finger instead of nails to pinch, pinch should pay attention to grasp the intensity, the male does not feel pain as appropriate; erectile Kennedy who operation can be a bit heavy, erect not firm or soft, with force should be light. This technique can improve the stimulation threshold ejaculation, in order to ease the urgency of ejaculation, insist on the use of 15 times to 30 times, can significantly enhance the ability to inhibit ejaculation, prolong ejaculation time, also notice that the man should concentrate on the penis stimulated produced by the feeling, and don't pay attention to what time ejaculation. But, once the ejaculation of semen should not have any anxiety and guilt. Operation must be carried out by the woman in order to achieve good results.

After several days of pinch training, male confidence, the symptoms improved, it should use the method to use the female superior sexual intercourse, because of the male penis, friction in the vagina or in the vagina and the feeling of sexual activity is not very different, preparing for the penis inserted into the vagina before. Tell the woman in the female superior squeeze technique 3 times to 8 times. Before the insertion should be squeezed, into the vagina, static set, the two sides are focused on the physical feeling, told the man at this time must not take the initiative to rub. After the penis in the vagina for a short time, the woman should be pulled out of the penis again squeeze squeeze, and then insert, then began to do slowly friction. If the man is about to ejaculate, to the woman with a prompt, the woman down and then squeeze squeeze, if the vagina lasts for up to 4 minutes to about 5 minutes, then the friction speed can be accelerated, and let ejaculation. When this method of control ejaculation is improved when it can be used in the root of the penis squeeze operation, there is no need to squeeze up and down and the interruption of sexual intercourse.

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