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One day in November 2008, she came to the hospital because of weakness in the limbs of Southern Department of thoracic surgery, after diagno


One day in November 2008, she came to the hospital because of weakness in the limbs of Southern Department of thoracic surgery, after diagnosis, she was suffering from myasthenia gravis, we gave her a chest CT examination, found that she also suffered from thymoma. For patients with myasthenia gravis thymoma resection, must can achieve better therapeutic effect. In 2008 12 after full preparation, we conducted thymectomy for the patients, the operation was successful, postoperative days recovery was satisfactory, but after a week or so in patients with respiratory weakness, and continue to increase, this is the patients with myasthenia gravis after common and serious complications of myasthenia gravis! We were intubated again for her, help her breathing with ventilator, since then, she began the journey as long as half of the struggle with the disease. During this period, her condition is good or bad, basically can not get out of bed, can only rely on ventilator assisted breathing, also appeared pulmonary infection, pleural effusion and other related complications, we were given timely treatment, active treatment and careful nursing at the same time, whenever she was depressed, pessimistic, we will increase the number and visitation rounds no, the doctors and nurses are actively to encourage her, comfort her, and make her see the hope and confidence. At the beginning of May 2009, after a long struggle and wait, her illness miraculously began to improve after a week, you can get out of bed, we encourage her, encourage her to get out of the ward to see the grass, look at trees and see the sun. Soon, the patient will be able to completely out of the respirator on their own breathing, life can also take care of themselves, in June 2009 discharged smoothly.

In September 2009, when a beautiful woman appeared in front of us, we almost did not recognize, see her recovery so well, our hearts are very happy, but also admire her family insist and, of course, make us sigh of her own courage, perseverance and power of life!

(Note: myasthenia gravis crisis, simply speaking, the biggest threat to life is with no effort to breathe, CO2 in patients with respiratory will gradually increase, the more weak, will eventually lead to death. The patients with persistent myasthenia gravis, clinical rare, but after nearly 7 months of hard work, our patients and their families together and let life glow again, this is the biggest reward and encouragement to us!)



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