Minimally invasive surgical treatment of thymoma and myasthenia gravis

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What is the manifestation of myasthenia gravisMyasthenia gravis patients prone to fatigue, with light in the morning, heavy in the evening,


What is the manifestation of myasthenia gravis

Myasthenia gravis patients prone to fatigue, with light in the morning, heavy in the evening, after the event, after the rest to reduce the characteristics of. At the beginning of ocular symptoms of the most common manifestations of upper eyelid ptosis, diplopia, strabismus; then chewing, eating and drinking cough, dysphagia, dysarthria; lack of facial expression, eyes closed to walk upstairs; easy to fall, difficulty, the symptoms often fluctuate.

Two, how to treat:

Myasthenia gravis is a chronic disease that seriously affects the work and life. When the condition suddenly worsened or improper treatment, cause serious respiratory muscle weakness or paralysis of respiratory difficulties, called myasthenic crisis, is a kind of clinical progression more dangerous disease, not active treatment can have serious consequences. There are many treatment methods, including thymectomy, cholinesterase inhibitors, immunosuppressive agents, blood purification, etc.. Long term use of the drug will gradually increase, the role of decline, increased side effects, long-term effect is poor.

At present, most experts advocate myasthenia gravis regardless of clinical classification, a clear diagnosis requires surgery. Surgical resection of the thymus and anterior mediastinal fat tissue is a reliable method for the treatment of myasthenia gravis.

Three, the advantages of minimally invasive surgery

The traditional operation method requires sternotomy, trauma, pain, left big and ugly longitudinal scar, slow recovery.

We use a video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery through a small, covert incision. Minimally invasive resection of thymus compared with the classical approach to the middle of the midline of the enlarged resection of the thymus, no obvious surgical scar, good cosmetic effect, small trauma, less bleeding. Thoracoscope has good flexibility, better optical resolution, can be carried out on mediastinal structure from various angles and amplification, complete removal of the thymus in favor of complete resection and adipose tissue, and reduce the side injury.

At present, the academic circles have reached a consensus, the minimally invasive thoracoscopic surgery has been achieved the same traditional sternotomy surgery, and trauma incision was significantly reduced, more subtle and beautiful, fast recovery. Minimally invasive surgery is suitable for most patients, especially young people, children, young women and young people who can not tolerate thoracotomy.

Four, our advantages and strength of minimally invasive treatment

Thoracoscopic minimally invasive surgery department of thoracic surgery physicians and hospitals in the anesthesia, equipment and other requirements higher. I took the lead in the country especially in Hubei province to carry out minimally invasive thoracoscopic surgery in the surgical treatment of myasthenia gravis, we have achieved very good therapeutic results, formed a unique method for efficient and safe. All the patients were treated with thoracoscopic surgery. All the patients were treated with thoracoscopy. All the patients were removed from the anterior mediastinum. All the patients were completely relieved or cured. The operation was safe, quick and complete. The effective rate was 90%. As one of the key departments of Wuhan Tongji Hospital clinical proficiency, thymectomy, the majority of patients with recognition and praise, has accumulated rich experience in the national leading level, with satisfactory effect, low complication rate. We have been working with the Department of Neurology for an individualized and comprehensive evaluation of each patient. Directed by telephone, letter, QQ, website etc. for patients with long-term after surgery in patients after discharge, timely understanding of the patient's condition changes, review and provide the next treatment information.

Five, welcome to our hospital consulting and minimally invasive surgery

Welcome to take all previous patients with myasthenia gravis examination results and clinical data in our hospital consultation and underwent minimally invasive surgery, Professor Liao Yongde expert outpatient service time: every Monday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning, location: Wuhan Tongji Hospital outpatient building 5 floor outpatient surgery. Hospital address: Tongji Hospital Surgical building 12 floor East (Department of thoracic surgery, III ward).

If you have any questions, you can also communicate with me through my website, I will take out time every day for you to answer questions, provide guidance and other related services.

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