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Abstract: Chicken refers to the sternum forward was prominent, resulting in the chest like chickens, pigeons, birds like the shape of sternu


Abstract: Chicken refers to the sternum forward was prominent, resulting in the chest like chickens, pigeons, birds like the shape of sternum. Refers to the sternum in the lower part of the funnel chest concave, the adjacent rib cartilage with depression, the formation of a congenital thoracic appearance shape funnel-shaped malformation.

What is the chicken and the funnel chest?

Chicken refers to sternal ribs prominent forward, downward, inward tilt subsidence, resulting in the chest like chickens, pigeons, birds like the sternum form, named "chicken". Chicken is that the body of rickets in children caused by lack of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus absorption disorders, appear osteomalacia, chest ribs and sternum connected invagination, sternal lordosis, formation of chicken. This deformity often form around the age of 1, and what we see after 2 ~ 3 year old chicken for sequelae of rickets in children. In addition to children with chicken, there are often other malformations, such as head, the shape of "X", "O" - shaped legs legs etc.. In addition to chicken affect the body's appearance, but also because of serious concave rib compression on both sides of the lung and heart, has a certain effect on the circulatory and respiratory function in children prone to fatigue and recurrent respiratory tract infection.

The "funnel chest" refers to the lower part of the sternum concave, the adjacent rib cartilage with depression, the formation of a congenital thoracic appearance shape funnel-shaped malformation. The etiology is not clear, can cause rickets. Mild pectus excavatum has little effect on circulation and respiration, serious depression can funnel chest oppression of the heart, lung and pleural visceral, make the children prone to cause respiratory tract infection, exercise tolerance, leanness, like static active. Funnel chest in addition to the physical impact of the children, the more important is that the children and parents caused greater mental burden and psychological pressure. These children do not dare to wear a vest in the summer, did not dare to swim in the pool, and even the formation of individual psychological.

Chicken and pectus excavatum is serious signs of rickets in children 3 year old, often more obvious. A short period of time and chicken pectus excavatum is very difficult to recover, some even at an advanced stage.

The culprit rickets - chicken breast, funnel chest

Chicken and funnel chest is mainly composed of rickets, rickets and vitamin D in the body is mainly due to insufficient, leading to abnormal metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, calcium salt can not normally calm in part caused by bone growth.

If the baby is due to frequent illness weight, vitamin D loss too much, easy to suffer from rickets. In addition, some of the growth speed of the baby, because vitamin D needs a large amount, if the supply is inadequate, but also prone to rickets.

Tips source of vitamin D in vivo there are two ways: one way is endogenous, that is, the human skin contains 7- cholesterol, after the sun's ultraviolet radiation, into vitamin D. Therefore, it is not often the sun or sun method, such as wearing a hat, the sun across the glass, are susceptible to rickets. The other way is exogenous, that is to eat foods containing vitamin D, such as animal liver, milk, butter, egg yolk, roe or vitamin D preparation.


1 sweating, especially when infants sleep or head sweating, due to friction to the occipital alopecia appeared, medicine called bald;

2 sleep is not practical, easy to wake up, usually expressed as irritability crying, sometimes dull expression, the loss of the baby should be lively.

3 hypotonia, abdominal distention, ligament relaxation, mild anemia, hepatosplenomegaly and easily repeated illness.


The 1 mother in late pregnancy should pay attention to nutrition, eat eggs, animal liver vitamin D and protein foods, often the sun, and vitamin D and calcium under the guidance of a doctor.

2 newborn babies should try to use breast feeding, because breast milk vitamin D and other nutrients easy to absorb. 4 months baby began to add complementary, not dominated by Cereals, otherwise it will affect the absorption of dietary calcium salt. Should gradually add eggs, liver and other foods containing vitamin D and more.

3 the sun is the most convenient method for the prevention of rickets in economy, the most safe and effective. After a full moon, the baby can gradually increase the exposure time. In normal weather, the sun around 2 hours a day to meet the needs of vitamin D. Avoid direct sunlight in summer, you can play in the shade. When the sun through the glass, not wearing a hat or a mask, to achieve the purpose of anti rickets.

4 medication on time is also an essential preventive measures. Babies born half a month should be under the guidance of a doctor taking vitamin D and calcium, and regularly to the health unit for health check.


Under the age of 1.3 children with chicken, can supplement calcium and vitamin D.

After 2.3 years of age, mostly for the sequelae of children, the use of calcium and vitamin D treatment is generally invalid.

3 chicken with generally mild growth will gradually disappear, strengthen physical exercise, such as chest movement, push ups, look up, can accelerate the correction of deformity.

4 children with moderate or severe pectus excavatum should be treated with surgery.

At present, the minimally invasive small incision is the treatment of pectus excavatum. Generally speaking, the traditional surgery median sternal incision, skin incision on the median, about 20 ~ 25cm long, and the sternum all split, postoperative prone to liquefaction or incision infection, poor wound healing, easy left knife scar and chicken breast deformity, and thoracoscopic minimally invasive incision surgery means the road length of incision of 6 ~ 10cm, the incision in the chest relatively hidden parts, and beautiful appearance, small trauma and less bleeding, quick recovery, good healing, less deformity and low cost etc..

Therefore, the prevention of rickets is in the prevention of baby chicken and funnel chest, hope every parent should pay attention to 4 months after the food supplement and exercise, prevent the happening of the baby chicken and funnel chest.

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