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Abstract: funnel chest what harm? What are the treatments? The following introduction.1, what is funnel chest, funnel chest what harm?Pectus


Abstract: funnel chest what harm? What are the treatments? The following introduction.

1, what is funnel chest, funnel chest what harm?

Pectus excavatum is a congenital developmental malformation with a family genetic predisposition. It refers to the formation of a funnel in the sternum, costal cartilage, and a part of the rib. Is a progressive disease, may have existed at birth, but often a few months or even years after becoming more and more obvious and was found by parents, more men than women. The shape features of chest depression, shoulder and upper abdominal protrusion, slightly prominent hump. Mild pectus excavatum has little effect on circulation and respiration, severe depression can cause funnel chest paste back pressure, heart and lung and other organs in children with respiratory tract susceptible to infection, exercise intolerance, emaciated body, like static and active, psychological very lonely.

Mild young children with pectus excavatum, due to the respiratory cycle is not affected, do not need to be treated with the growth and development of self correcting. Correction of deformity in children with moderate or severe pectus excavatum. The best timing of treatment is 3-12 years old, because in this age of bone hardness, plasticity, good orthopedic effect. 4 year old Ling Ling is just between the ages, so her surgery treatment effect is very good.

2, the traditional thoracotomy for the treatment of pectus excavatum hazards:

In the past, need to break with ribs and sternum with a hacksaw saws for funnel chest surgery, flip 180 degrees, with a wire or needle saw broken ribs and sternum to pick up. The original depression of the sternum, the surgery has become a prominent sternum. Surgical incision is about 10 cm long, surgical trauma, bleeding (300-400 ml), a long time (about 2.5-3 hours), postoperative recovery is very slow, and left permanent scars. The psychological development of children can not be significantly improved. At present, this kind of operation is rarely used in the world.

3, single hole minimally invasive pectus excavatum technique

"Single hole thoracoscopic chondrosternoplasty is the improvement of Nuss operation, only 1 cm incision incision in children with right chest wall on the left side of the chest without incision, surgery without perforating device, only through a titanium plate, which can complete the operation. The operation time is short, more convenient for the surgeon to minimally invasive safe control; and rapid postoperative recovery, no chest incision, beautiful appearance.

At the same time, also carried out Department of thoracic surgery thoracoscopic esophageal tumor 3 hole correction surgery, resection of lung bullae etc.. They have a common characteristic: minimally invasive and funnel chest surgery, in order to ensure the treatment effect at the same time, less bleeding, less trauma, less pain, faster recovery, incision appearance, rehabilitation and improve the quality of life of patients after surgery.

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