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At present, the treatment of condyloma acuminatum generally uses laser, microwave, freezing, electrocautery, topical drugs and immunotherapy


At present, the treatment of condyloma acuminatum generally uses laser, microwave, freezing, electrocautery, topical drugs and immunotherapy, etc., if necessary, by surgical resection. There is also a new photodynamic therapy that reduces the number of relapses.

Mr. spook. On the penis inexplicable long two moles like a small black spot, do not know what is. Check the Internet, I feel like acuteness wet wart, which makes him more afraid. So, he followed the way online to buy a corrosion agent to buy back the paint.

Department of dermatology experts said, acuteness wet wart easy to be mixed with other non venereal skin disease, found genital skin abnormalities, should go to normal hospital skin Department of venereology.

Genital papules are not necessarily sexually transmitted diseases

Genital disease is not equal to sexually transmitted diseases, genital papules on the skin is not necessarily condyloma acuminatum. Acuteness wet wart is very easy to be mixed with other genital skin disease, such as pearl shaped papules, false condyloma, flat condyloma, Bao Wen like papules and so on, some of the penis cancer early also have such performance.

Acuteness wet wart is easy to be mixed with verruca vulgaris and flat wart. However, there is a clear difference between the three. Condyloma acuminatum produced small papules usually cone small Rouli, occurs in the external genitalia, perianal, a pink, cauliflower, the surface is very brittle, the hand can be easily lost, easily bleeding, infection. Common warts and flat wart papules generally flat surface, the former rough, smooth, mostly black or brown. Flat wart good hair in the face and the back of the hand, scraping can scrape scrape; common wart is good hair in the fingers, toes, soles, unless with scissors, or not easy to get rid of.

Can not rely on anecdotal methods for identification

Online spread of condyloma acuminatum available edible white vinegar soak test, after soaking in white color can be confirmed. However, the detection of acetic acid in the laboratory of acetic acid acetic acid concentration of about 5%, while domestic consumption of acetic acid concentration of less than 1%, this statement is not accurate.

Even if the acetic acid test is only useful in sub clinical infection and dominant infection period. Subclinical infection is often not seen by the naked eye any symptoms, but through the white vinegar test can be found in the virus infection. If you have to give birth to small Rouli cauliflower excrescence of the same, and gradually increased, grow up, that has entered the dominant period of infection, the doctor can be diagnosed by visual observation.

In the preclinical period before the infection, the patient infected with the virus, but there is no clinical performance, acetic acid white test can not be detected, can only be diagnosed by the virus nucleic acid detection method. There is a situation that is not infected with the virus, but through sexual behavior and non sexual behavior (such as human - material - human) contact can be spread to the people around.

Acuteness wet wart often needs multiple treatment

Acuteness wet wart is a kind of easy to relapse of the disease, the recurrence rate is 40%~60%. The causes of recurrence were related to the depth and extent of treatment and subclinical infection. The local cause of condyloma acuminatum environment (such as the vulva minor trauma, bacterial fungal infection) and improper lifestyle may also lead to recurrence.

The treatment of condyloma acuminatum, should be to the regular hospital skin Department of venereology medical treatment, not to a small clinic, do not listen to advertising or Internet rumors to treatment, to prevent drug skin rot, edema or ulceration caused by improper, aggravating illness. Acuteness wet wart "small meat grain" although only on the surface of the epidermis, but the virus has already entered the deep epidermis, so even small meat can be easily removed, but the virus still exists. For repeated attacks of male acuteness wet wart, wrapping is too long may be one of the predisposing factors, should remove the foreskin is appropriate.

Source: 39 Health Network date: 2012-09-26

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