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Baipi (psoriasis)Baipi is a kind of erythema, scaly lesions characteristic of skin disease, little bleeding and film phenomenon, can be cure


Baipi (psoriasis)

Baipi is a kind of erythema, scaly lesions characteristic of skin disease, little bleeding and film phenomenon, can be cured, but easy to relapse.

First, diagnosis

Diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Dermatology guide.

Western diagnostic reference "clinical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of skin disease and venereal disease - section" (edited by the Chinese Medical Association, people's Medical Publishing House), "operation specification - Clinical Dermatology and Venereology section" (the Chinese Medical Association, people's Medical Publishing House).

Two, Chinese medicine treatment

(a) in treatment of psoriasis vulgaris

1, blood hot syndrome: psoriasis early, red maculopapule sporadic, small as corn, as big as beans. They can expand into some mutual integration, at this time the color red or red meat, not much, "the surface scales with the reaction", but not very urticant. Systemic symptoms visible throat thirsty, sore throat, dry stool, yellow urine, red tongue, yellow or yellow and greasy, pulse string slide. The treatment should be clearing heat and cooling blood, Qufeng detoxification. The late old Chinese medicine researcher Zhu Renkang had developed a party, "grams of silver party", ingredients: soil Poria 30 grams, 15 grams of honeysuckle, isatis root Beishan 10 grams, 15 grams, 15 grams, Grass River car baixianpi 15 grams, 6 grams, 6 grams of licorice Weilingxian ("Zhu Renkang clinical experience"). Dry stool increased leaf 10~15 grams. Red hot and dry rash with 15-30 grams, 15 grams paeonol. Yellow urine plus 15 grams of Rhizoma imperatae.

2, wind heat dampness syndrome: preliminary stage and stable stage of psoriasis rash red or reddish, scaly rash surface, and its surrounding 0.2~0.5cm wide pale red halo (Woronoff

Ring) or fat tongue swelling, pale red, white and greasy fur, expelling detoxification. With Liangxue Jiedu Decoction ("Zhao Bingnan clinical experience") or ("and longdanxiegantang bureau") and. Rhino: Liangxue Jiedu Decoction (clinically where the rhinoceros, rhinoceros horn, antelope horn or water are antelope horn powder instead), rehmannia, honeysuckle, lotus seeds, cogongrass rhizome, trichosanthes root, gentian, gardenia, paris rhizome, liquorice, Rhizoma Coptidis, gypsum. Red rash and swollen (Jin Run) very can add Bixie and Rhizoma imperatae; yellow greasy fur with patchouli, Perrin, Amomum, barley etc.; wind Sheng and itchy scales plus fresh white skin, flavescent sophora root; red rash worse add shikonin, Huaihua, Sanguisorba; both with tonsillitis isatic root, Belamcanda chinensis, Fructus Arctii; constipation. Increase leaf herb, etc..

3, blood deficiency and wind dryness syndrome: lesion stabilization period, rash flat reddish, surface dry and scaling, when there is itching. Expelling Qingrejiedu, nourishing and moistening, with Zhu Renkang "two grams of silver". Ingredients: 30 grams of raw Radix Scrophulariae, 15 grams, 15 grams, 10 grams of cannabis salvia, Daqingye 15 grams, 10 grams, Beishan root fresh white skin 15 grams, Grass River car 15 grams, 15 grams of Forsythia suspensa ("Zhu Renkang clinical experience"). The dry itchy dander and Dendrobium, polygonatum; deficiency of both and blood stasis (dark and dry skin, dark red tongue or dark purple) with turmeric, Sanleng and ezhu.

4, blood stasis syndrome of chronic psoriasis: wind, trunk and limbs of different sizes of plaque lesions, the realm of clear, dark red, flaky or scaly surface with debris, lesions for a long time without moving, often because of the disease is recurrent or prolonged use of detoxification drug induced blood cold stagnation, skin lesions of plaque type. Regulating blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Xuefu Zhuyu decoction.

These are four common types of psoriasis vulgaris. By the time: blood heat, blood heat, blood heat stable: dampness, blood deficiency, blood stasis, involuting stages in both the wind syndrome scales and itch. The clinical medication should be phased with dialectical prescriptions, different treatment actively, so as to achieve the therapeutic effect.

(two) the treatment of pustular psoriasis

Pustular psoriasis but primary, can also be a long period of time or improper treatment of psoriasis vulgaris and the transformation. Pustular psoriasis, etiology and pathogenesis of traditional Chinese medicine for the heat of the poison card. In addition to the rash, still see body heat thirst, red face, dry lips, irritability, constipation, red urine, red tongue, yellow greasy fur, slippery pulse number. Treatment should be cooling blood detoxification, with pujixiaodudecoction, five kinds of disinfection decoction. What time plus three heat pustular berberidis, itching and fresh white skin, dry and itchy and Sophora flavescens, rehmanniae, Cortex Moutan, very hot dry stool and figwort, ophiopogon root, Folium Isatidis, shikonin etc..

(three) arthropathic psoriasis cure

The emergence of joint disease psoriasis, often due to wind cold dampness invading the skin, blockage of the meridians, wind dryness hurt blood, blood stasis and joint skin adverse, for plaque psoriasis. The treatment sooner rather than later. Chinese medicine to search the wind dampness, detoxification of Qubi forensic treatment, with Guizhishaoyaozhimu decoction or Duhuojisheng decoction. What is a slice of turmeric, upper limb haifengteng; even with lower limb joint deformation with tetrandrine; Tougucao, scorpion, centipede, cicada etc.. Psoriasis lesions with salvia, Bixie, Ukraine etc.. The symptoms of long-term consumer, under close observation trial of frankincense and myrrh, Sanleng and ezhu.

(four) erythrodermic psoriasis treatment

Chinese medicine in the treatment of this disease, to request for the trial evidence, evidence is poison Yin, expelling cold Yin and detoxification of serum camp. With Qingying Decoction, Xijiaodihuang decoction. Qingrejiedu cooling blood, nourishing yin and blood products should be. Heat clearing and detoxifying drugs commonly used are small, dandelion, Oldenlandia, three needles, such as black nightshade. The commonly used product of Nourishing Yin rehmannia, Ligustrum, Eclipta, paeonol, salvia, red peony etc..

The prescription in the use of the above, the following principles: accurate differentiation: psoriasis diagnosis is not difficult, according to clinical features and pale tongue of syndromes, syndrome differentiation and treatment; the move: as long as the diagnosis is accurate, medication 1~3 weeks can be effective, the average adherence 7~10 weeks; change the dosage: no effective medication 1~3 week, may be appropriate to increase the amount; change the prescription: after the effective treatment for a period of time, and then taken skin changes a little, can change the prescription to treatment.

Three, traditional Chinese medicine treatment effect

(1) obvious curative effect, low recurrence rate.

(two) reduce the dosage of Western medicine and reduce the side effects of Western medicine.

Four, Chinese medicine treatment difficulties

The curative effect is slow, the course of disease is long, and the patient's dependence is poor.

Five, for the difficulties of traditional Chinese medicine treatment ideas

Strengthen the differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine therapy

(1) the traditional Chinese medicine bath

Bath method is external one, can dredge meridians, blood stasis, dispelling cold, detoxification, swelling and pain, regulating yin and Yang, Qi and blood, viscera, traffic coordination nourish the body health effects etc..

(2) psychotherapy

Psychological treatment is the principle and method of medical psychology, medical personnel through speech, facial expression, posture, attitude and behavior, or through the instrument and the appropriate environment to change the patient's feeling, cognition, emotion, personality, attitude and behavior, allowing patients to enhance confidence, eliminate tension, to promote patient recovery and compensation the regulating function, so as to achieve the purpose of treating disease.

(3) cupping

The selected points after routine disinfection, with needle pricking, require light and fast, to pull out 0.3 to 0.4 milliliters of blood is appropriate, can stay for about 10 to 15 minutes, the head acupoint can not prick cupping. A few residual lesions, lesions along the periphery and the middle prick number, then cupping.

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