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Patient: I learned from the doctor that I have psoriasis, I am very sad, because I am a beautiful girl. Originally thought that his neck is


Patient: I learned from the doctor that I have psoriasis, I am very sad, because I am a beautiful girl. Originally thought that his neck is very urticant, then the arm has a small red a little bit, thought he was what bugs bite, touch point piyanping should be okay, and that night my sister's birthday, we opened a bottle of wine at dinner, second days on the body a small red itch, a lot to go to the hospital, the doctor said I had the psoriasis, commonly known as psoriasis, I heard a wooden leg! Home on a fire fever, a cold, the condition has increased. Alas, how to do? What should I do? I have eaten a month "fufangqingdaiwan", but just a little bit better, I have lost confidence in the evening, I looked at my body couldn't help crying, because my family did not have psoriasis, I really hope you can tell me in detail say, what do I do now? Bath time can not use soap? How many times do you take vitamins? What drugs are effective for psoriasis? If cured, will leave a scar? Exercise sweating will not aggravate the condition? After the doctor advised me to do, a flat pick body surgery, said my flat pick body hypertrophy, but my own immunity is poor, if removed, I will not even be a day after saw the wind cold? If the removal of the words, and whether it will never be able to psoriasis after it? I want you to give me a reply, I knelt down, please! Save me!!!

Zibo City Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Dermatology: Taking Yongming you a series of questions not answered, it is recommended that you have psoriasis: look a little short, not a burden; rather died, don't treat it as simple as possible; treatment. Suggest that you visit my website on the popular science articles, questions can be asked again.

Patient: Hello doctor! Thank you for your message and spiritual support! I have read all the articles you wrote about psoriasis, from which I found my confidence and inspired me. Thank you very much!!! There are two questions that I would like to ask you, first, I now eat "fufangqingdaiwan" you see, if I should continue to take down? Or for your article in the traditional Chinese medicine? Second, whether I should go to the pharmacy to buy some vitamin A, and C are calcium to fill? Once again, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks! Thank you very much!!!

Zibo City Chinese Medicine Hospital Department of Dermatology taking Yongming: I often to my patients, psoriasis is not terrible, terrible is the heart disease and treatment. I'm glad to see you can put down the burden and get back your confidence. Fufangqingdaiwan is an old drug, a drug for the treatment of psoriasis: indigo, tuckahoe, salvia, angelica, Qu jian. Function: Qingrejiedu, clear spot Xiaoyu, qufengzhiyang. Blood heat and dryness for psoriasis (stage). Usage: oral 6G every time, 3 times a day, 30 days for a course of 1. Individual patients during the medication appetite increased, a small number of stools after taking the drug into a water sample, disappear after stopping. Pay attention to elderly patients with caution, not eat cold, liquor mutton and other spicy taste and spicy food. Take the medicine, and if you have nothing to do with it, you can use it for a while. Can take vitamins, play a role in adjuvant therapy. Get well soon!

Patient: Hello, doctor. Thank you very much for your reply to my question. I can see that you are a good doctor with good medical ethics and kindness! I will listen to you, take good care of your illness, although you are not my doctor, but you have to hear these words said to me, as my patients, psychological really feel warm! With the language can not describe the gratitude, in a word, thank you!!!!!!

Zibo City Chinese Medicine Hospital Department of Dermatology taking Yongming: not at all. Get well soon!

Patient: doctor, Hello, very sorry, have to bother you again, I would like to ask you two questions, the first is that the bath can not use soap? Second, can the same room? Please give me an answer, thank you.

Zibo City Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Dermatology: taking on Yongming shower, the water temperature is too high, can wash bath or for a while, but not the best soap or bath bath after topical 10% Urea Cream skin cream to protect the skin moisture. The second question can be completely. The disease is not contagious, what to do.

Patient: Thank you, doctor. I know. (^0^)

Zibo City Chinese Medicine Hospital Department of Dermatology taking Yongming: not at all.

The doctor's patients: Hello, my these days are in control of their emotions, are very aware of in the food, but how do I find my stomach on the full big a little bit better (light color, no drums, no scales), how the back waist and thigh and a lot of red dots (like me so early, I'm just) a bath, I look into the mirror, look carefully, now have a head, there is behind the ears. Oh, doctor, should I go to the hospital? My doctor told me I could go home slowly, if it does not stay in hospital and fire are the same, if the hospital doctor said I won't be good, just to play the role of disease control and the cost is too high, so I think. In fact, can cure disease who can care about how much money to spend? Money can run out of money, but the disease, alas, business doctor, what do you say I should do now? Looking at my body, I really want to cry and cry!!! But now I really own very hard to control your emotions, let yourself forget yourself this disease, happy every day, oh, taking doctor, I read your resume, you know a good doctor, but I'm in Dalian, you are in Zibo, I have not been to Zibo also don't know, ah, if you are a doctor in Dalian that nice ah...... There is, I heard people say that eating snake is not useful, do you think I should go to the pharmacy to buy some snake to eat? Business doctor, you see my present situation, what should I do? Look forward to your reply. Express heartfelt thanks!!!

Zibo City Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Dermatology: Taking Yongming Dalian also has a lot of good hospital, good doctor, advise you to the nearest hospital treatment, I think your current situation also does not need to be hospitalized, with narrow-band UVB treatment, a large hospital in Dalian should have such instruments. As for eating snake, I think of little significance.

The doctor's patients: Hello, thank you for your busy schedule to answer my precious time questions! Thank you very much!!! For business, doctor, I'll go to the hospital to consult with narrow-band UVB treatment, with the hope that these instruments in the hospital! Taking doctor, I am also by the relationship between visited several major hospitals in Dalian, listened to the recommendations of the director of the Department of dermatology in different hospitals. The hospital doctor said that my skin disease psoriasis, and suggested that I take bath, the body can reach a certain degree of cleanliness, reduce the scale increasing, after every day to wipe 2 times for external use (Cu Ann Ned cream), oral administration of compound Qingdai pill, itch when you can eat chlorpheniramine, hospital also don't live for if you live, and what is playing bottle or phototherapy irradiation therapy (name I forget), because I had a fever but its name, after all of it, so the doctor looked at my throat, I would say about hypertrophy, advised me to have a flat pick body resection in good later after removal, it won't happen again, the most important thing is to get me to have a good rest; traditional Chinese medicine hospital doctor said I was psoriasis, suggested that I can't always take a bath, it will hurt the skin, and suggested that I put the ointment and chlorpheniramine Disabled, said period cannot use ointment and hormone containing drugs, hospitalized patients suggested that I hit the bottle, oral medicine, said can not do what is called a irradiation (say my skin is white, after irradiation will turn black), the doctor said I was hereditary, I asked my mother and dad. The family from seasoned small, several generations have never heard of anyone who had psoriasis! The doctor said there was a latent period of the disease, or I was genetically altered. Even if it is not easy to remove the ball is not good. Some people said this life only once, but some people have is a lifetime, let me rest in hospital. 210 army hospital tomorrow morning. Alas, taking the doctor, I am very confused, I just want to listen to what advice do you have for my condition here? I'm not saying that I use your words to go than with any doctor, I didn't mean it, because I just checked it carefully you [this] how Xunyiwenyao patients with psoriasis the inside of the article, every word said is the heart of our patients, although I never met you, but always feel a sense of trust to you, you said in the article, "psoriasis should try not to use the method of infusion and injection, as may occur during the transfusion reaction are prone to the same period, an injection type reaction." And listen to the words of experts, but these days I go is a large hospital, but doctors say the two are different, but that's all right, because I didn't know much about this disease, I don't know whether I should listen to what the doctor said??? I just want to hear your advice! So if you really want to give me an injection and hit the bottle, I should agree or not? To tell you the truth, until now, I obviously found himself as one day, is also face strong, almost no good skin on the body, I was scared, so I always give you a message on the Internet, I hope you can help. I've been encouraging myself not to give up, I want to win! I want to conquer disease! I'll be all right! I will be more beautiful! Would you please give me some advice on how to treat your symptoms? Look forward to your reply, thank you!

Zibo City Hospital Department of Dermatology: different patients taking sun is not the same, different doctors are not the same point of view, the treatment scheme is different. Don't see your specific skin lesions, but through your detailed introduction, we hereby put forward the following suggestions for reference: 1, can bathe, the water temperature is too high, can wash bath or for a while, but not the best soap or bath bath after topical 10% Urea Cream skin cream to protect the skin moisture. 2, if there is a new Chinese medicine oral lesions of compound Qingdai pill, Tripterygium wilfordii, such as itching can eat chlorpheniramine or new Hismanal etc.. 3, if more lesions can be used phototherapy (NB-UVB irradiation). 4, if the inflammation of the tonsils oral roxithromycin and other antibiotics, as for the flat pick body resection, please Department of ENT doctors to decide whether or not to do. Such as resection, there is also a possibility of recurrence, because of the complex etiology of psoriasis, tonsil inflammation is one of the causes. 5, such as topical hormone ointment, it is recommended not to use a large area, local continuous use is not easy for more than 2 weeks. 6, any treatment according to the specific circumstances of There are both advantages and disadvantages., and appropriate treatment.

Patient: good night's doctor, I saw your message very touched, but arrived thousands and thousands of words in a word, thank you!

Taking the doctor today, I went to Dalian 210 people's Liberation Army Hospital Department of Dermatology, had a very strong strength is said to a department of Dermatology the old doctor gave me from A to Z carefully read it again, she said and you almost is very similar, but also give me a blood test, the report said after my blood it is normal that I was a bit psoriasis, but is currently on a new adorable in many places, I recommend staying a few days hanging bottle control some days in the hospital, and then do phototherapy, almost all stable and then go to the clinic gave me medication, also said the military hospital currently has some grasp of the treatment of drip type psoriasis, let me relax rest in the hospital, so the body recover again after you said, let me go to the Department of ENT to see where the doctor decide whether to give me flat hand pick body resection Operation.

Taking the doctor, from tomorrow I will go to hospital for treatment, the short term can't talk with you, thank you very much during this period for my concern and encouragement, I visited a lot of Department of Dermatology Hospital, and wrote articles and Baidu see you write in psoriasis related the article, actually I know, although the army says the director can cure me, but I didn't have high hopes, because a lot of reports in this aspect... Because... Hope that the greater the greater the disappointment. But I will adjust their mentality, I want to be a strong man! No matter the result is good or bad, I will be brave to face.

But that's what it says. It's really going to happen to you. Everyone wants to live like a normal person.

What's the doctor, so late, I don't disturb your rest, thank you for your concern for a long time since the last once again for my blessing, I want to heal, I want to get better, I want another pretty... Taking doctor, good night...

Shang Yongming: I wish you a speedy recovery!

Patient: Doctor Hello, I do not know whether you remember me?

I after two months of treatment, the basic control of psoriasis regeneration, a few days ago also made flat pick body surgery, I think through treatment 2 times, my knee part above all back (only as black left black spots), but there are still a few legs red always toss about not go back, (the red dot, not like the original as a flat white scales, but a little red, every time after getting up in the morning, the color is very light, but the activity or after the drug, there is little red), now I no longer go to black, because I heard according to many, the body is not good, (every time I black light irradiation is in 1.8-2.0, but a few times has been raised to 2.1, home will obviously feel the belly have a place like the needle like pain) now I am every day with a [card BCG polysaccharide nucleic acid injection], and every morning and night to the leg left several smear [Compound Flumetasone Ointment], anti-inflammatory drugs to eat flat pick body after surgery.

Doctor, I would like to ask you a few questions, if you are convenient, please give me an answer, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks!!

1) black light irradiation is excessive, can cause skin cancer? If I don't take care of it, how many of the rest of the legs will spread?

2) I was diagnosed with sudden "drop type psoriasis", whether the future will relapse?

3) now has not opened any medicine, I was again after the use of these drugs, I also went to the hospital to continue the drug treatment? Or rely on their own immunity from my adjustment to make it heal?

4) because I first ask you when I have been taking the [fufangqingdaiwan], it is a traditional Chinese medicine, but I am more than 2 months of admission (2 times to the hospital, the middle discharge rest), western medicine bottle, with the use of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, that is not good for the leading organs, organs you said this mast and so on, to think correctly?

Because the beginning to the end, I was in accordance with the steps of your treatment one by one, I care about you give me a lot of care, this time you see my message, I hope you give me some treatment options. Thank you very much very much!!!

Shang Yongming: old friends, hello! Briefly answer your questions:

1, if you are irradiated with NB-UVB, its carcinogenicity is almost negligible, but not long-term exposure, if the illness has been restored, may suspend the irradiation, so that the skin recover, such as recurrence and aggravation of re irradiation.

2, there are a lot of symptomatic treatment, but there is no method for each person is effective, there is no cure." You have a chance of recurrence.

3, if not do not rub Compound Flumetasone Ointment lesions hypertrophy, and the drug should not be applied over the long term (not more than 2 weeks)

4, there is no scientific reason for your fourth question.

5, once again to reiterate my point of view: to see a little lighter psoriasis, do not carry the burden on the treatment of the simpler the better. If the condition is stable, a little skin lesions can be ignored, peaceful coexistence.

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