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Condyloma acuminatum is a sexually transmitted disease caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) infection, high-risk HPV infection and repeated


Condyloma acuminatum is a sexually transmitted disease caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) infection, high-risk HPV infection and repeated the author has some potential carcinogenic risk. Acuteness wet wart is transmitted through sexual intercourse mostly, the virus is in epithelial cell growth, more and more easily breed in warm wet environment. Therefore, urogenital and anal is the predilection site. The virus itself can be inoculated, so damage to the anus and other parts of the body often occurs on both sides of the contact surface. Infectivity is very strong, with the person that has acuteness wet wart to have sexual contact, the sexual partner that has 2/3 is affected. Survey data show that acuteness wet wart occurs mostly in the 20 - to 30 year old young people, and these patients, most of them have extramarital sexual promiscuity. This disease can also be through non sexual contact, such as contact with contaminated bath towel, tub, toilet and infection.

My department acuteness wet wart treatment center has the abundant technical force and the advanced treatment method.

1) high-tech detection methods: the center for diagnosis of condyloma acuminatum in addition to conventional acetic acid test, and pathological examination, HPV genotyping detection, diagnosis of condyloma acuminatum can be accurate.

2) the high quality medical service center: the doctors and technicians of admissions of patients in diagnosis and treatment, and the patients can communicate with each other, the incidence of this disease, explain in detail the preventive measures and follow-up points, and counseling or treatment of mental patients, patiently answered every question, let the patient set up condyloma acuminatum confidence.

3) diversified treatment methods: the center for photodynamic therapy for the pilot treatment technology by laser, freezing, electric ion etc, so many patients without "warts" without worry, a solution of heart disease.

4) prevention of recurrence of many means: the central immunotherapy, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, local suppression of viral growth therapy, such as sequential treatment of condyloma acuminatum is no longer recurrence.

5) the treatment site in addition to the free zone: the center for treatment of condyloma acuminatum of wrapping, glans, labia and other common parts, also can treat condyloma acuminatum of urethra, urethra, cervix, mouth, anus, anal, tongue, pharynx treatment more difficult position, the effect to the patient satisfaction.

6) age: the critical treatment center in addition to many parts of the adult treatment of condyloma acuminatum, had the boy as young as the age of the rectum of condyloma acuminatum in general anesthesia under treatment, treatment of condyloma acuminatum aged up to 81 year old man urethra in all successful.

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