Differential diagnosis of condyloma acuminatum

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Acuteness wet wart often needs to be mixed with genital cancer, flat wet wart, false wet wart, genital Bao Wen to kind of papule disease and


Acuteness wet wart often needs to be mixed with genital cancer, flat wet wart, false wet wart, genital Bao Wen to kind of papule disease and Pearl appearance papula differentiate. To accurately identify the types of diseases, very simple and practical way is to use white vinegar test, 5% acetic acid solution on the lesion, 3 minutes after the wart white is acuteness wet wart, or else. Or impregnated with 3-5% acetic acid solution gauze wrapped in suspicious lesions at 3-5 minutes, if the skin become white, then that is subclinical infection.

(1) the lesions of genital region are hard and the border is not clear, and there are obvious infiltration of the squamous epithelium to the deep part. Acuteness wet wart is papillary growth in general, superficial lesions, there is little infiltration.

(2) condyloma acuminata is the two stage of syphilis. Flat condyloma occurred in the perianal and external genitalia around the base width, no pedicle, the appearance of flat, warts surface moist, smooth. Dark field microscopy can be found in Treponema pallidum, syphilis serum reaction is positive. Syphilis part.

(3), also called pseudo condyloma villous nympha women regularly arranged growths oolite or small villous, inside the labia minora in adult female, without mutual fusion, unchanged for a long time, Acetowhitening test negative.

(4) the clinical features of the disease were rare, mainly related to human papillomavirus type 16 infection. It is characterized by multiple reddish brown papules in the genital region with a diameter of 2 to 10mm. Clinically, it is very similar to condyloma acuminatum, but it is similar to the pathology of Bowen's disease. To make this diagnosis must be a specialist.

(5), pearl like papules occur in the male glans penis, along the glans coronary sulcus has arranged in a uniform size of the Pearl like papules. The grain size, the dome, smooth, blended and unchanged for a long time.

(6), sebaceous gland ectopic: papules in the mucosa without overlapping growth, mostly pale yellow.

(7), molluscum contagiosum: skin color hemispherical papules, single fusion around the central smooth extrusion molluscum bodies.

(8), soft chancre: genital skin damage as irregular ulcers, pain associated with sex hengxuan. Du Kelei may be found in smears of ulcer surface exudate.



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