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What is the pathogen of acuteness wet wart?The human papillomavirus (HPV), a kind of DNA virus, is the only natural host of condyloma acumin


What is the pathogen of acuteness wet wart?

The human papillomavirus (HPV), a kind of DNA virus, is the only natural host of condyloma acuminatum. HPV has a low risk and high risk type, the former and benign lesions such as papilloma, which is closely related to the genital and anal cancer. The disease is most common in HPV 6, type 11, accounting for more than 90%.

What is subclinical infection and latent infection?

Subclinical infection and latent infection is an important factor in the pathogenesis of condyloma acuminatum. Subclinical infection refers to the naked eye cannot identify lesions, with white lesions area magnifier, colposcopy, urethroscope and 3%~5% acetic acid coated or wet can be observed. Latent infection refers to the normal appearance of local skin and mucous membrane and negative white acetic acid test, but can be detected by molecular biology HPV. Due to subclinical infection and latent infection can not be identified by the naked eye, so often do not get treatment and cause morbidity.

Acuteness wet wart what clinical expression?

Clinical manifestations of condyloma acuminatum.

In the lower genital temperature and dry parts of the damage is often manifested as small and flat, and in the warm, moist parts of the filament or mastoid like. As a result of constant local humidity and chronic stimulation, often rapid growth.

Early for petty damask papula, increase gradually after merging, the surface is uneven, wet and soft, a papillomatous, cockscomb, grass, mushroom or cauliflower - like protrusions, red or corrupt gray, often the root pedicle, the individual erosion exudate, easy bleeding.

Often purulent smouldering the cracks caused by lesions, smelly, consciously itching, scratching can cause secondary infection.

The number of condyloma is less, more than ten, dozens or even hundreds of.

A minority of patients because the treatment is not timely, make wet wart grows greatly, become tremendous wet wart, can penetrate to deep, produce a lot of fistula. After years of development, the formation of potential malignant skin cancer.

What does the clinical expression of acuteness wet wart have?

In 1980, Reid found that the use of 3% acetic acid solution with the appearance of normal skin and mucosa of patients with condyloma acuminatum after, can see the original invisible damage, after confirmation of the damage is caused by HPV in condyloma acuminatum of subclinical infection.

The clinical manifestations of condyloma acuminatum (HPV) is an important intermediate process in the development of condyloma acuminatum.

Sub clinical manifestations in clinical and in condyloma acuminatum were widespread, the data show that 70% of genital HPV infection may occur in sub clinical manifestations; condyloma acuminatum cases, there are about 60% sub clinical manifestations of condyloma acuminatum.

The clinical site of condyloma acuminatum is usually characterized by the appearance of normal skin and mucous membrane, and a few of them can be pale red or gray. It can occur in a certain place, also can occur in many parts. Most of the small pieces, a few can be linked to large.

Acuteness wet wart latent infection how to behave?

In 1985, Ferenczy demonstrated the presence of latent infection of HPV in patients with condyloma acuminatum.

Non lesional HPV latent infection can be widely found in patients with condyloma acuminatum, Wang Wanjuan PCR method is used to detect the positive rate of non lesional HPV positive rate was 63.3%; Zhou Hua also used PCR method to detect the non lesion area up to 72.73% HPV.

The location of the skin of the condyloma acuminatum was normal and the acetic acid test was negative, but the presence of HPV could be detected by molecular biological methods.

Acuteness wet wart and what disease to differentiate?

The following diseases in the state of skin lesions and condyloma acuminatum are similar, easy to cause clinical misdiagnosis, need to distinguish with condyloma acuminatum:

A): flat condyloma as a manifestation of the two period syphilis, skin infiltration and smooth flat uplift, sessile, damage to investigate syphilis, syphilis serology positive reaction.

B) (also known as pseudo condyloma villous nympha): young female nympha appears inside the cluster not fused eggs like small papules, partial villous, mucosa color or light red, smooth surface, no symptoms, touch of a grainy or soft feeling, much leucorrhea, and long term vaginal stimulation. The histopathological changes showed chronic inflammation, and the lack of specific vacuolar cells. Acetic acid test negative.

Genital cancer (c): more common in middle-aged, the outward growth of the deep infiltration of the obvious, can form ulcers complicated by infection, hard, easy bleeding, odor, histopathological changes of cells, no cavitation cells.

D (Bowen): a case of carcinoma in situ, mainly associated with HPV 16 infection. Show multiple dark red or red brown papules, scattered or clustered arranged in a linear or circular, slow development, histologically similar Bowenoid change.

E (Pearl) - like papules of the penis: young adults are often seen, along with the performance of the coronary channel arranged in the Pearl like, white or light red cone, spherical or irregular translucent papules, non fusion, no symptoms.

F) ectopic sebaceous gland: in the glans penis, labia mucosa of the needle size, isolation, non overlapping growth yellowish papules, no symptoms.

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