Treatment of condyloma acuminatum and Its Precautions

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Acuteness wet wart is caused by the HPV virus infection, HPV infection exists latent infection and subclinical infection, the most prone to


Acuteness wet wart is caused by the HPV virus infection, HPV infection exists latent infection and subclinical infection, the most prone to the wart within 3 months and after infection, and photodynamic therapy (PDT) is the effective treatment of tumors after extended to the treatment of condyloma acuminatum, because condyloma acuminatum and tumor both cell proliferation and growth characteristics of photosensitizer could be enriched on the proliferation of cells, so the condyloma and subclinical infection had clear curative effect, but has no effect on the treatment of stage DNA, has not shown the latent infection proliferation effect, so it has a certain recurrent condyloma.

The treatment of condyloma acuminatum is currently advocated by the 3 stage of treatment: the first phase of the use of invasive treatment, such as freezing, microwave, laser, electrocautery, curettage and other methods, the main purpose is to remove visible warts. PDT second treatment, the main purpose is to use photodynamic target cells to subclinical infection were destroyed, the treatment of subclinical infection in order to prevent or reduce the subsequent generation of visible warts; third stage multi way immune regulation and maintenance phase, the main oral immunomodulators transfer factor, thymosin, interferon injection and immunomodulator Imiquimod Cream, the purpose is to consolidate the treatment effect and improve immunity, increase the ability of scavenging HPV.

Patients should pay attention to the problem in the course of treatment:

(1) the law of life, avoid over exertion, to ensure adequate sleep, in order to maintain the normal health of the immune system;

(2) do not drink especially not drunk, usually can eat some mushrooms, the polysaccharide components which can improve the immunity of the human body; (3) psychological counseling, relieve the patients of condyloma fear, so as to avoid excessive mental stress, a good mental state to improve immune status and enhance human body disease resistant ability is good;

(4) better economic conditions may be appropriate to use some other immunomodulators or other antiviral drugs such as BCG injection, interferon, thymosin, Bozhi tablets or traditional Chinese medicine etc.;

(5) health education warned patients to avoid the first three months of the treatment period and follow-up period of life, to avoid cross infection or repeated infection;

(6) to eliminate the pressure of HPV infection in patients with cancer, which is the most worrying problem in the treatment of patients.

(7) condyloma acuminatum can be cured without affecting fertility.

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