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Also known as chloasma chloasma, Hu Dieban, is a common acquired pigmented skin disease, good hair in the face, mostly symmetrical yellowish


Also known as chloasma chloasma, Hu Dieban, is a common acquired pigmented skin disease, good hair in the face, mostly symmetrical yellowish brown or greenish black pigmentation. Its occurrence and pregnancy, oral contraceptives, irregular menstruation and other endocrine hormone metabolic abnormalities, in addition, drugs, cosmetics, UV, nutrition and other factors will also affect its occurrence and development. Chloasma occur in young women, not only affects the appearance, but the majority of patients with different degree of menstrual disorder, insomnia, irritability and other endocrine and autonomic dysfunction, bring patients a great deal of spirit, life's troubles and pain, with people demand on their appearance continues to improve, the treatment of chloasma the patient has become a very urgent request. However, although many methods of treating chloasma, including a variety of Chinese medicine and Western medicine oral and topical treatment, but these drugs are needed for six months or longer, many patients are unable to persist and give up. Some drugs can achieve certain effect, but many patients used improperly but appeared more severe skin damage, pigment rebound phenomenon is very serious, based on a large number of clinical observation and research, we put forward the treatment of chloasma should follow the "combining prevention and individual analysis, laser freckle, comprehensive conditioning" principle.

First of all, we should find the cause of disease, and take corresponding preventive measures. Not a long time in the sun exposure, wearing a sun hat or umbrella when going out, should be rubbed sunscreen on exposed parts when going out. To prevent all kinds of ionizing radiation, including a variety of glass screen, fluorescent lamp, X ray, ultraviolet irradiation apparatus etc.. These adverse effects are similar to the consequences of strong sunlight, even greater than the damage of sunlight, the result is an increase in stain. Do not listen to the market those eager for some advertising, pure natural cosmetics, should keep a vigilant. If you suspect melasma is caused by certain drugs and cosmetics, should be stopped, observe whether there is increased chloasma, it is best to find specific elements leading to chloasma, then can avoid the use of components containing this drugs and cosmetics.

Second, as far as possible to achieve personalized care, do not blindly follow other people's treatment. Because of the different causes of melasma patients, the treatment of choice is very different, it is best to go to the hospital for a professional department of Dermatology doctors to check, and then depending on the specific circumstances of the individual to determine the treatment plan. Pigment darker patients should generally use topical drugs such as bleaching, hydroquinone cream, azelaic acid cream and Xiong Guogan, but these topical drugs may exist irritation in different degrees, so be sure to use under the guidance of a doctor; oral vitamin C, vitamin E, also can try a large dose of vitamin C injection. Patients with irregular menstruation and other endocrine disorders should be treated with oral Chinese medicine and treatment. Chinese medicine is a kidney or blackish facial patch of blood does not transfer or congestion, so to Ziyin kidney, Qi and blood, blood stasis for the treatment, according to the specific circumstances of different patients, syndrome differentiation, treatment is generally relatively long. Must be used with caution, frozen ion, acid alkali and other corrosive substances, otherwise easily lead to disfigurement! Patients with persistent or recurrent melasma can choose a new modern laser for treatment.

The rapid development of modern laser technology for the treatment of melasma provides a very ideal treatment, we now use C3 and C6 laser treatment of melasma is not only effective, but also very safe. The laser uses a high intensity beam that is absorbed by the pigment in the skin at a specific wavelength, and the pigment deposited in the skin breaks down in a nanosecond (10-9 seconds) time. The laser action time is very short, the heat generated will not spread to the surrounding, so as not to cause thermal damage to the surrounding normal tissue, there would be no scar formation. When the pigment particles gradually absorbed by the body, the color will become lighter, after several treatment eventually disappear. Laser treatment of melasma usually requires multiple times, depending on the condition, the treatment interval can be 1 to 2 times a week or 2 ~ 3 weeks. 1 hours after each treatment can work normally. The treatment process is safe, no pain, no scars, you can quickly remove chloasma. Combined with oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine in order to consolidate the curative effect does not recur, is currently the best method of treatment of melasma.

In addition, we also need to pay attention to the comprehensive conditioning in life. Quit bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, staying up late. The diet should pay attention to drink plenty of water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables: such as celery, spinach, lily, black fungus, lotus root, apple, pear, watermelon, etc.. Avoid stimulating food, especially coffee, cola, tea, cigarettes, wine, so as not to aggravate the condition. Pay attention to rest and ensure adequate sleep. Keep good mood, more exercise, but should pay attention to work and rest. Through effective prevention, medicine and laser treatment, supplemented by comprehensive conditioning, chloasma treatment has been able to achieve very good results.

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