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Over 5.25 clinic activities5.25, "I love me" national day of skin care activities continue!Key words: pregnancy skin careBlakee Lively admit


Over 5.25 clinic activities

5.25, "I love me" national day of skin care activities continue!

Key words: pregnancy skin care

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How exactly can we get pregnant?

The answer is here!

Pregnancy skin is how to change?

The main manifestations of skin changes during pregnancy:

(1) black pigmentation: such as chloasma, and some parts of the body such as the nipple and areola, belly line increase in melanin synthesis, resulting in pigment deposition.

(2) strong secretion of oil: endocrine changes during pregnancy, some people due to hormonal imbalance, the emergence of strong secretion of oils and fats, easy Zhangdou, was a manifestation of acne during pregnancy.

(3) the skin barrier function is fragile: because the skin is oily, some people ignore the replenishment, skin barrier function is damaged, leading to the skin barrier function is relatively fragile, easy to allergies.

Pregnancy can use skin care products and cosmetics do?

Most of the regular skin care products or cosmetics due to less dosage, and only in the body part, there is no large area of absorption, so the impact on the fetus is very small.

But you should avoid the following components:

(1) hydroquinone, vitamin A acid, the unknown components of essential oils: these components due to good permeability, easily absorbed by the skin through the skin barrier.

(2) acid, mandelic acid, horny stripping composition containing these ingredients: skin care products or cosmetics can reach whitening, brighten the skin effect, but easy to increase the sensitivity of the skin, caused by allergies, so it is not recommended.

Need sunscreen during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should pay special attention to sunscreen. Excessive ultraviolet radiation will not only aggravate the formation of stains, but also increase the skin barrier damage.

Pregnancy should take physical sunscreen sunscreen, such as umbrella, wearing masks, wearing a hat, sunscreen at the same time. Sunscreen should be based on the selection of physical components, because the chemical composition of the main sunscreen easy to cause allergies.

Why is it easy to skin itching during pregnancy?

As the pregnancy hormone changes or cholestasis and other reasons, often pregnant pregnancy pruritus, which is also troubled by mothers most skin problems. For these problems, often clinically given calamine moisturizing agent, can promote the recovery of skin barrier function, reduce the skin dry and itch for medicine.

Stretch marks can be removed?

There are a number of oil on the market, claiming to reduce or even avoid the occurrence of late pregnancy stretch marks, we can try, but in fact the role is not large. Because stretch marks are skin elastic fibers rupture, and can not be avoided by topical drugs.

The proposal wants to reduce stretch marks of mothers during pregnancy can be considered in the late use of some support abdomen abdomen belt, to prevent sagging belly bring skin stretch.

Pregnant women use make-up on the fetus?

Generally do not recommend the initiative of pregnant women make-up. But as mentioned, affect normal cosmetics on the fetus is very small (to avoid those components mentioned above), so pregnant women can use cosmetics.

If every day during pregnancy or regular make-up, does not recommend the use of lipstick, lip gloss, lip gloss which may lead to intake (eating) cosmetics, after all, many of these cosmetics still contain lead, mercury and pigment components. Perfume is not recommended. Some perfumes may contain musk, which can lead to miscarriage, even though the content is minimal.

As for other formal make-up supplies, or occasionally use make-up, for pregnant women is acceptable.

It must be noted that:

First, the above premise for the use of regular skin care products or cosmetics. Suggest that you use some unknown sources in pregnancy don't brand-name skin care products and cosmetics, especially to understand the specific components, such as some goods online shopping, homemade.

Second, there is no relevant clinical trials to prove. After all, no one will take pregnant women to do the experiment, only to say that when these make-up or skin care products use a small amount of time, the impact on the fetus is minimal, but should avoid those mentioned above.

Department of Dermatology, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University

2016 national 5.25 skin care day activities

Still continue!

"5.25 skin care day" is a National Health Festival initiated and set up by the Department of Dermatology branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association in 2007. "5.25" homonym for "I love me", aims to carry out a series of publicity and science activities, let people understand the importance of healthy skin, to allow the public to fundamentally change the idea, set up the correct selection of professional dermatologists for skin care consultation, in order to deal with the serious problem of our people generally exist in the skin health. Since 2007, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association dermatologist branch for 8 consecutive years in 30 provinces and cities nationwide nearly 300 hospitals have carried out a few days of the campaign theme, aims to popularize scientific health care concept.

In conjunction with this event, Xiangya Hospital Department of Dermatology beauty laser center in 5 and June to carry out a series of educational and promotional activities, welcome you to participate.

Active second wave > > treatment preference

Discount activity time: May 20th ~6 month 20 days

Preferential item:

1, botulinum toxin injection wrinkle:

(1) (including drug) needle thin face: the original price of 1500 yuan / times, the current price of 1200 yuan / times

(2) half facial wrinkles (including drugs): Price: 4500 yuan / times, the current price of 3350 yuan / times

2, the skin water needle treatment: the original price of 3000 yuan / times, the current price of 1500 yuan / times

Need to participate in activities, please advance booking

Consultation and reservation Tel: 0731-84327472

Activity third wave > > public lecture

Activity time: May 29, 2016, 2:30 PM

Venue: academic report hall, building 3, Xiangya Hospital,, Central South University

Public lecture content:

1, rose acne daily care;

2, how to do summer sun;

3, clean the skin.

Skin care expert:

Professor Xie Hongfu, associate professor Dan Dan, Deng Yuxuan

To avoid the three elements of beauty accidents:

Select professional authority of the beauty agency!

Select skilled beauty experts!

Select advanced and stable high-end equipment! ‍

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