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Coffee spot treatmentBefore the clinical use of cryotherapy, CO2 laser, skin grinding treatment, but easy to leave scars and permanent pigme


Coffee spot treatment

Before the clinical use of cryotherapy, CO2 laser, skin grinding treatment, but easy to leave scars and permanent pigmentation, poor results. With the advent of the ruby laser, the treatment of coffee spots shows excellent results.

The principle of ruby laser in treating coffee spot

Ruby laser wavelength is 694nm, pigment cells and pigment particles can be selectively absorbed by skin, which is dissolved and broken, and gradually by the metabolism, absorption, no damage to the surrounding normal skin, coffee spot color variable shallow or normal, but no scar, this principle called selective photothermolysis.

A new Q- switch unique flat cap type output technology, change the past "opposite" mode, the laser with the parallel transmission mode, laser energy density uniform, blasting effect on the pigment particles, small damage to the skin, the skin is not easy bleeding.

Ruby laser treatment of coffee spots

Treatment: the need for at least 1~6 times treatment, in order to avoid the nearby non irradiated melanocytes re pigmentation.

Age: a general treatment before the age of onset before the age of five positive patients and patients with good curative effect, but there are also a part of the younger patients more prone to relapse, this may be because the young patients with melanocyte growth are more active.

Treatment interval: the interval of 2~3 months, after treatment, if there is pigmentation, need to wait for the next time after the treatment of pigmentation subsided.

After treatment, nursing: immediately after treatment cold compress. Treatment period to avoid the sun, moisturizing cream and sunscreen lotion.

Curative effect: after several times of treatment, most patients can get satisfactory curative effect, the recurrence rate is low, but very few patients can not be expected.

I, RubyStar T red star ruby laser system, the use of imported German Q switched Ruby lattice technique, can be safe and effective in the treatment of coffee spot, in addition, can also treat chloasma, freckles, pigmentation, pigmentation, early senile warts, moles, deep black tattoos, Tada nevus, flat wart disease.

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