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Melasma is a place in the face of common skin pigmentation, Chinese medicine called "blackish facial patch", "liver spots, commonly known as


Melasma is a place in the face of common skin pigmentation, Chinese medicine called "blackish facial patch", "liver spots, commonly known as" butterfly "". The disease occurs mostly in young and middle-aged women, because of its serious impact on the beauty of the facial skin, often to the patient caused great psychological burden and mental pressure, is a kind of skin disease. In recent years, the incidence is increasing, especially at the beginning of spring, the outpatient department of Dermatology almost every day to receive a large number of patients with melasma, of which a large part of the people because of the lack of understanding of chloasma pathogenesis principle and prevention knowledge, blindly believe in cosmetics and cosmetic skin treatment, not only did not achieve the desired effect, but to the skin causing unnecessary damage, therefore, I think in the etiology and prevention knowledge here and female friends talk about chloasma.

Although the cause of melasma is not very clear, it is closely related to the following factors:

1 physiological changes: pregnant women often originated in the middle of pregnancy, it is also known as pregnancy spot, after childbirth gradually subsided, but there are some people continue to exist for many years. May be associated with increased levels of progesterone and estrogen.

2 is a manifestation of the disease within the body in the facial skin.

(1) genital diseases caused by menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, uterine chronic diseases, chronic inflammation of the accessory, ovarian cysts and other genital diseases can be accompanied by facial melasma.

(2) endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism, adrenal cortical dysfunction can produce chloasma.

(3) chronic diseases, such as chronic gastrointestinal diseases, chronic liver and kidney diseases, chronic alcoholism, tuberculosis and malignant tumors, can also lead to the formation of melasma.

3 drug induced

The most common form of oral contraceptives caused by melasma, 20% of the drug can be produced in women, after stopping the stain can be subsided, but also sustainable existence. The long-term use of phenytoin, spironolactone, cimetidine, diethylstilbestrol and other drugs can also induce chloasma.

4 cosmetics can cause the formation of chloasma, which may be related to certain components of cosmetics, such as oxidation of linoleic acid, salicylic acid, spices, preservatives, lead, mercury and other heavy metals, inferior cosmetics, etc..

5 solar irradiation

Ultraviolet radiation in sunlight is an important cause of the disease. The skin after a strong ultraviolet radiation, stimulate the skin melanocytes division, proliferation, resulting in more melanin granules, so that the skin tanning, pigmentation.

6 mental factors and the disease is also closely related: excessive fatigue, rest, long-term insomnia, mental burden, mental trauma can cause pigment deepened.

Treatment of chloasma:

1 remove the cause: avoid sun exposure, with broad spectrum sunscreen; active treatment of primary disease; avoid oral contraceptives or other drugs may cause chloasma; pay attention to choose their own skin quality cosmetics; pay attention to the emotional and psychological adjustment, maintain personality and good attitude; pay attention to rest, to ensure adequate sleep and rest.

2 with the treatment: Western medicine can be vitamin C, vitamin E, the combination of the two can inhibit the formation of melanin, dilute the role of stain. Traditional Chinese medicine can choose Qijudihuangwan, six taste glutinous rehmannia pill, Xiaoyao Pill, Shenlingbaizhu pills etc.. In addition, Chinese medicine dialectical treatment of chloasma has a good effect, can be selected according to the different types of Chinese medicine prescription for treatment, clinical can often receive significant results.

3 the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine preparation back spot mixture, traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions and freckle decoction has the Qi and blood, activating blood and freckle effect, has good curative effect in clinical use for many years.

4: external medicine more topical treatment for treating chloasma, with hydroquinone cream, vitamin A cream, SOD cream, hydrogen peroxide solution and various external preparation of Chinese traditional medicine, but some drugs for skin irritation, can cause skin redness and peeling, or allergic reaction, so the most fortunately, under the guidance of a doctor to use. Traditional Chinese medicine ointment silk white freckle cream has good curative effect and little side effect.

5 beauty mask mold method this therapy has certain curative effect on chloasma, but must be treated by experienced doctors or beautician in a regular hospital or beauty salon.

6 the latest introduction of our hospital beauty laser instrument C6, has a certain effect on chloasma, combined with oral administration of Chinese medicine can significantly improve the therapeutic effect.

At the end of 7 it is worth mentioning that the chemical peeling of chloasma (commonly known as the skin) and skin resurfacing (commonly known as microdermabrasion) reaction is unpredictable, these two therapies are prone to scar and severe pigmentation, generally do not advocate the use of.

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