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After the age of 30 many lesbians found a lot of small spots appear on both sides of his cheek, they often tried some speckle product, the e


After the age of 30 many lesbians found a lot of small spots appear on both sides of his cheek, they often tried some speckle product, the effect is not very obvious, some hope with the aid of equipment rapid speckle, so as to achieve the purpose of muscle bottom bright. General laser freckle does not need anaesthesia, laser freckle pain is like a rubber band to play. However, due to individual differences and different parts of the body's sensitivity, doctors need to determine whether the need for anesthesia and anesthesia. If necessary, first in anesthesia cream, freckled location smeared in this way, can reduce the sense of pain in the process with freckle. To freckle in a spot position. Laser beam is a little bit down, there will be a little pain and burning sensation. According to the need of laser freckle skin area, laser freckle from several minutes to half an hour. The symptoms of laser freckle at different times are different, some one can be treated, such as freckles, red blood, but some require several times or even dozens of times, such as hair removal, birthmark etc.. Laser beauty, skin redness, burning and even congestion is normal, sometimes minor bleeding, according to individual differences, laser freckle can recover 3 - 15 days. Laser freckle immediately after the completion of the ice deposited in the face about 15-20 minutes, can help back red and soothing effect. If has ulcer and blisters available antibiotic ointment and the burn ointment for treatment, can also be used in low concentration steroid ointment reduces swelling. Finally coated with sunscreen to protect the skin. Here are 309 Plastic Surgery Center Department of Dermatology magic freckle three course.

1 photon speckle

In fact, photon speckle is to use a department of Dermatology for cosmetic treatment of the pulsed light treatment method. The treatment itself is the simulation of pulsed laser to treat, also follow the same principle of laser treatment, but also the use of light on the absorption of skin penetrating and pigment particle of light for treatment. The image that is "break up" by using pulsed light pigment particles are strong, the extinction of pigment. A course is generally five times, once a month, the skin growth cycle is 28 days, after each photon freckle postoperative need to let the skin have an absorption and regeneration process, photon freckle each about 20 minutes is. After this course of treatment can be cured, can maintain 2-3 years of time. However, in order to achieve sunscreen, moisturizing and maintenance. To remind you, photon is really effective to eliminate freckles, especially 25 years of age, the recurrence rate is very low. But if the face is long chloasma, then do not hold too much hope for photons, because it can only be diluted, can not get rid of.

2 scraping speckle

TCM believes that "blood stasis for spot", women often get angry, because the cold causes qi stagnation and blood stasis, blood is not reflected in the face, to form a stain. If you want to have speckle blood stasis, by scraping can dredge the meridians, regulate qi and blood, stains away through the The new supersedes the old. So the crowd scraping peels for irregular menstruation, dark complexion, fatigue of the people. At the time of treatment, apply blood stasis on the back of the oil, and then water scraping plates made of horn, repeatedly wiping back about 20 minutes, there will be a large purple spot, that is "sha". Usually 1 times a week, 2 times, 10 times a course of 1. Based on the time to determine the effect of personal fitness. Easy skin hyperemia after scraping infection. Need to pay attention to warm, not directly exposed. Avoid swimming and hot water bath. In addition, the scraping is not suitable for the bleeding tendency and the constitution is too weak; if damaged skin to heal after scraping scraping therapy; best after menstruation. After scraping the back will be in want of perfection, leaving large purple spots, to avoid wearing a backless dress before.

3 Advanced acid treatment

In addition to freckle, whitening the skin more glossy, exfoliating layer is one of the best methods to recede skin cells die, can make the skin become transparent and bright. Collagen integrated rehabilitation facial treatment, using water-based acid derived from sugar cane, the small molecules can quickly penetrate into the cortex, which can accelerate the aging cuticle shedding, immediately remove the dark and yellow skin, stimulate cell metabolism and surface renewal, stimulate proliferation of bone collagen, make skin more luster and elasticity. After the skin instantly become transparent and bright, but also can greatly improve the pore blockage and water balance of the oil, make skin become uniform and meticulous.



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