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At present, Mr. Xu Hengnan county to laugh because the eyebrow opens, lumbocrural pain tortured him for years suddenly disappeared. In three


At present, Mr. Xu Hengnan county to laugh because the eyebrow opens, lumbocrural pain tortured him for years suddenly disappeared. In three years, suffering from lumbar disc herniation and Mr. Xu suffered pain of torture, then every moment of pain such as needle like and numb shock like sense of the firm determination of the man is not vulnerable and hardly wished to live. prospecting. Three years, he tottering footsteps across Hengyang many the size of the hospital, but could not solve his pain. Conservative treatment long that he was not only a poor family too, but as time goes on, his illness was repeated and aggravated; but the face of that up to several million of surgical treatment and postoperative paralysis may make his fears. Recently, Mr. Xu with the mood at the Nanhua Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University spinal surgery clinic, spine surgery and patient Director Su Xiao Tao warm reception of him, to understand in detail the condition and detailed examination, Mr. Xu Su decided to implement transforaminal endoscopic surgery.

After careful preparation before operation, two days later, Su Xiao Tao director of collaborative associate chief physician Tan Jian using transforaminal endoscopic minimally invasive surgery made an incision is only 7 mm for him. After 1 hours, before even lying in bed is a hope he can immediately turn freely on the bed, then toss him more than 1 thousand day and night as needle like pain and shock like numbness disappeared to surprise him more Not the least trace was found., is 24 hours after the operation he could stand up and pace back and forth in the ward walk has not the slightest pain. At the time that Mr. Xu was delighted to private words. Three days later, mr..

In recent years, with the acceleration of the process of population aging, the increasing pressure of work, more and more lumbar disc herniation, more and more young. Lumbar disc herniation is mainly due to degeneration, trauma and other reasons, resulting in intervertebral disc annulus kyphosis or fracture, herniated nucleus pulposus, compressing the spinal cord or cauda equina, causing low back pain, numbness, weakness, defecationdysfunction and a series of clinical symptoms. The conventional surgical treatment of high risk and high cost, and the same as the Anti Japanese war long and difficult conservative treatment, so that patients can resume normal life as soon as possible, which makes hard work more quickly in the lumbar and the rhythm of life in disc herniation patients pain, difficult choices.

Nanhua Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University spinal surgery under the support of the leaders, to introduce millions of German joimax foraminal mirror system, to carry out this is called "minimally invasive surgery" foraminal mirror. In the director's leadership, through absorbing the advantages of different technology system of the United States and Germany YESS THESSYS at home and abroad, to summarize the clinical experience of their own practice, to make their own technology at the forefront of the province, so that the patients with lumbar disc herniation by minimally invasive surgery completely get rid of the pain of entanglement. At present, I have become the Hengyang region and the central and southern regions of Hunan to carry out the first endoscopic surgery, the largest number of cases, the most powerful technical strength of the department.

It is understood that the transforaminal endoscopic surgery using local anesthesia, patients in the fully conscious of the circumstances, only through a small incision of 7 mm, perspective of accurate positioning in the C arm machine, the rear waist side from the patient, to establish a working channel in the intervertebral foramen, and then through the transforaminal endoscopic discectomy (also called endoscopy). The implementation of the whole visualization operation guide, clear positioning of herniated nucleus pulposus and hyperplastic tissue, using small rongeur and bipolar radiofrequency electrode, and the outer disk were nucleus pulposus removal and ablation, so as to achieve the treatment of lumbar disc herniation objective. This technique is a minimally invasive technique for the treatment of lumbar is currently recognized as the world's high safety coefficient and effective protrusion of the intervertebral disc, is currently the most advanced, minimally invasive, safe, the most economical and effective technology.

Compared with traditional surgery, foraminal mirror has the advantages: the first is minimally invasive, it can according to the situation of patients with lumbar disc herniation surgery to choose the best approach to the target area, without destroying the paraspinal muscle, ligament, without bite except lamina, does not affect the stability of the spine, and can clearly observe the spinal canal and nerve, not it will not cause interference, scar formation in the human body structure, the wound is only 7mm, meet the aesthetic point of view. The second is the purpose of direct, this kind of operation effect and intervertebral disc surgery gold standard - microscopic discectomy, consistent in the same operation in patients with minimal trauma, the best effect. Third, with a wide range of indications, can handle all types of disc herniation and some spinal stenosis and prominent calcification lesions. In addition, this technology also has fewer complications, less trauma, thrombosis and infection probability is very low, high safety, only the implementation of local anesthesia, the doctor can interact in the surgery and avoid harming patients, nerves and blood vessels, quick recovery, 24 hours with waist ambulation after surgery, 3 ~ 5 days can be discharged, 6 ~ 8 weeks to fully recover normal work and physical exercise, high patient satisfaction and low cost of a series of advantages.

According to statistics, since Nanhua hospital spine surgery to carry out endoscopy intervertebral foramen, and satisfactory treatment efficiency can reach above 95%.

1 lumbar spine MRI and CT showed L5S1 intervertebral disc herniation in the left rear, compression of the S1 nerve root

2 puncture under the perspective of the placement of the working channel of the endoscope

3 nerve root can be seen to be completely relaxed decompression

4 removal of prominent and degenerative nucleus pulposus

5 surgical incision was only 7 mm



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