Lung shadow is not equal to lung cancer

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With the development of aging population, rural city, urban industrial factors and speeding up, people smoking, environmental pollution and


With the development of aging population, rural city, urban industrial factors and speeding up, people smoking, environmental pollution and destruction, poor lifestyle, high morbidity and high mortality of lung cancer has become a major issue in the world. 2000 new cases of lung cancer in the world 1 million 200 thousand, the death of 1 million 100 thousand. Nearly half a century, the incidence and mortality of lung cancer in the world rose sharply today, lung cancer has become the most countries and regions including China, the most popular, the most common lung diseases and various cancers in men in the first place.

Because of the early symptoms, most patients diagnosed with advanced stage. The mortality rate of lung cancer is very high, and the patient is not found in the timely treatment, and in the subsequent treatment did not choose the right treatment methods and other comprehensive factors. About 80% of lung cancer patients are diagnosed with advanced stage, lost the best time for surgery and multidisciplinary treatment. If you can receive treatment in the early stage, lung cancer patients with more than 5 years survival rate can reach up to 70%; to the advanced stage, the patient's life can only be calculated in months.

The shadow of the lung, is refers to the chest X-ray, chest CT and other imaging findings in the shape of a patchy or mass shadow. Once found the lung shadow after the first reaction of many people is the "lung cancer", many people even talk about "shadow" pale. However, lung shadow does not equate with lung cancer. In general, will be shown as "lung shadow" disease, in addition to lung cancer, more common and pulmonary infections, including pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary aspergillosis infection etc.. Other non infectious diseases such as benign tumors, vasculitis and other imaging can also be characterized by lung shadow. Therefore, if you find the shadow of the lungs, you do not have to blindly into the panic of lung cancer, and it is not easy to think that inflammation or benign tumors and delayed treatment. Patients should go to a regular hospital to do a scientific examination, and then by an experienced doctor to determine. Check means in addition to chest X-ray, chest CT, according to the specific circumstances can also choose further tumor markers, nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI), sputum cells, bronchoscopic, positron emission tomography (PET) examination, if necessary and feasible CT guided lung biopsy. Low dose CT scanning can detect the early nodules in the lung in time and accurately, which is very important for the early detection of lung cancer.

Understand the main symptoms of lung cancer, can improve vigilance. The main symptoms include the following aspects: local symptoms: cough, mostly irritating cough; sputum with bloodshot; chest tightness, chest pain, general symptoms of light, fuzzy positioning. The pain intensified when tumor invasion and the pleura, chest wall, and pain location than before clear; the shortness of breath, cancer caused by obstruction of small bronchial pneumonia, atelectasis, pleural effusion, diffuse alveolar lesions can cause. Systemic symptoms: fever, pneumonia or obstruction caused by cancerous toxin; the patients with advanced thin, can appear more pronounced cachexia. Pulmonary symptoms: some patients with paraneoplastic syndrome of Cushing syndrome; the ectopic gonadotropin secretion 3; hypoglycemia; 4 hypercalcemia; nerve muscle performance. The symptoms of invasion and metastasis were malignant pleural effusion, lymph node metastasis, bone, liver and brain metastasis.

The following three kinds of people are at high risk of lung cancer, should pay attention to regular physical examination, active prevention, if not find lung shadow, let down: long-term smoking, smoking more than 20 years of age, smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day or more, and passive smoking family members; the more than 40 years of age; the family heredity history. These three types of people in the normal physical examination of the lung CT scan as the necessary items, in order to timely and accurate detection of pulmonary nodules. If there is chest pain, unexplained sputum with blood, weight loss, weight loss and other common symptoms of lung cancer, to timely treatment.

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