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Part1.What is electronic bronchoscope?Bronchoscopy was used in clinical practice in 70s. After years of development, it has been used more a



What is electronic bronchoscope?

Bronchoscopy was used in clinical practice in 70s. After years of development, it has been used more and more widely. It has become an important means of diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases. The main electronic bronchoscope is composed of optical fiber, has good conductivity images, it can be in the form of bronchial conduction to the eyepiece or display, so that doctors can diagnosis and treatment of bronchial and pulmonary lesions directly.


What are the advantages of electronic bronchoscopy?

1 (< 6mm) soft and bendable,

2 good lighting, large visual range,

3 easy to extract, the patient pain is small,

4 the operation is simple, safe, generally can tolerate.


What can a bronchoscope do?

The advantages of bronchoscopy, the medical staff can be bronchial lung biopsy and treatment in the open, such as lung cancer diagnosis, foreign body removal, lung specimen collection, stenting, treatment of bronchial stenosis.


What patients need to do electronic bronchoscopy?

Patients with the following conditions need to consider electronic bronchoscopy:

Medical history:

1 chronic cough;

2 unexplained hemoptysis;

3 hoarseness of unknown cause;

4 the same parts of the recurrent pneumonia.

Signs: rhonchus fixed limitation.


1 tracheobronchial stenosis or obstructive atelectasis, pneumonia, emphysema;

2 unexplained lung shadow;

3 pneumonia does not absorb;

4 diffuse lung disease;

5 unexplained hilar and / or mediastinal lymphadenopathy

The following treatment is required:

1 remove bronchial foreign body;

2 removal of the tracheal abnormal secretions, including sputum, blood clots;

3 stent placement for treatment of large airway stenosis;

4 local injection of chemotherapy drugs or antibiotics;

5 endobronchial tumors of benign and malignant airway argon knife treatment.

Diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases of lung or bronchus.


What tests are needed before the diagnosis or treatment of electronic bronchoscopy?

1 blood, four items of blood coagulation, liver function;

2 chest X-ray or chest CT;

3 hepatitis B, syphilis, AIDS and other infectious diseases;

4 patients older than 60 or with heart disease need to be examined by ecg.


Severe complications that may occur in electronic bronchoscopy?

Narcotic drug allergy; laryngeal edema; throat and bronchial spasm; cardiac arrest; cerebrovascular accident, hemorrhage etc..

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