Lung cancer is not terrible, terrible is the idea of "taking the initiative"!

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Lung cancer is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in all malignant tumors, which is an objective fact. This shows the importance o


Lung cancer is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in all malignant tumors, which is an objective fact. This shows the importance of early diagnosis and early detection. However, in clinical practice, some patients clearly diagnosed as I-II, the so-called "early" of lung cancer, especially I patients, because the family is the ideology of "listening", listening to friends say or listen to the neighbors, relatives and friends said, "that the risk of surgery or radiotherapy is too large, the subjective risk the fear of surgery, and should take the initiative to give up the opportunity to cure lung cancer! But more of a diagnosis of stage III-IV patients and their families, obviously a good general condition or behavior score is not high, the family economic condition can be, there is nothing wrong with, but because "I heard that it hurt the body of chemotherapy, chemotherapy is very hard," so no chemotherapy fortunately, a chemotherapy is not ", or" can not chemotherapy, chemotherapy, chemotherapy more people walk faster, "lost time to accept chemotherapy control sadistic lung cancer cells! Some patients can obviously have the condition to accept advanced targeted treatment measures, but also because of fear of "targeted drug" side effects or other misconceptions and give up. What is more, in the process of diagnosis, also will be "heard puncture check operation will aggravate or promote the metastasis of tumor cells, and refused to accept some trauma treatment measures, wait until the unbearable pain or shortness of breath, cough and other symptoms, it is too late! All of this, the reason is because the thought wrong root, or not willing to accept their cancer facts, either because of the wrong understanding, because of "hearsay", and not willing to accept the advanced treatment method can control or cure of lung cancer, a language almost, is thought to lung cancer "take the initiative to fight"! Today's medical development, it can be said that with each passing day, do not say ordinary people, is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, research professionals, in January did not take the initiative to learn the relevant knowledge, but also easy to be eliminated! Now, the diagnosis technology has shrunk, the same as the treatment is chemotherapy related nausea and vomiting and other gastrointestinal side effects, before chemotherapy, the antiemetic metoclopramide is the most like, now antiemetic drugs, central and peripheral, a lot, it can be said that the doctor has been basically can guarantee during chemotherapy in patients with "vomit", and now, the chemotherapy of lung cancer by third generation chemotherapy, compared with chemotherapy drugs 20-30 years ago, its side effect was significantly reduced, almost in the controllable range of doctor. The operation is more mature, such as surgical thoracoscopy, large hospital thoracic surgeons have done such as pure green, now some lung cancer patients has been able to do single hole tumor radiotherapy is feasible; emphasis on precise radiotherapy, its side effects are also greatly reduced; targeted therapy has toxic side effects, but every the three drug reaction, the toxicity and almost conventional cold medicine, without excessive worry. The thinking of "lung cancer treatment is not good, the more the more bad governance" idea, also is groundless statement. Therefore, the development of medicine today, just a lung cancer and diabetes, hypertension, pulmonary emphysema like disease, is a chronic disease, there are a lot of advanced and mature methods of diagnosis and treatment to control and cure it, the key is whether patients and their correct understanding of it, is willing to actively face it, for it. Therefore, lung cancer is not terrible, terrible is the idea of "taking initiative", it is not only with sorrow, sadness and medicine!

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