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A new journey of the foreign aid medical team captain- interview with Chen Jiquan, director of the Department of respiration, honorary direc


A new journey of the foreign aid medical team captain

- interview with Chen Jiquan, director of the Department of respiration, honorary director of the peace mission

In January 21, 2015, Kingdom of Cambodia Royal Army General Hospital held a grand ceremony in Kingdom of Cambodia, deputy director general of the Department of Defense Logistics and financial administration of the country on behalf of the Kampuchea Prime Minister Hong Sen will be "friendship Knight" Medal of Chen Jiquan, during his term of recognition of Captain assistance to Kampuchea medical treatment team, a large number of wounded in the local, carried out a large number of creative the work, especially for his outstanding performance in the rescue of critically ill patients in the organization". In May 1, 2015, the General Logistics Department was awarded the "peace mission" Medal of honor, this is the highest honor for the General Logistics Department for implementation of United Nations peacekeeping, anti-terrorism, joint military drill, foreign aid and other military tasks officers, civilian cadres and soldiers. In September 1, 2015, Chen Jiquan transferred to our hospital department of respiration director, responsible for the formation of the work, the Department of respiration department of respiration formal admissions of patients, October 18th, to March 9th, the outpatient department of respiration has reached 3012 people (Times), menzhenliang time up to 60 people (Times), hospitalized 125 people have completed the pulmonary function test (1102 cases only this one for the hospital revenue 149630 yuan). At the beginning of March, in the new hospital pulmonary function room office, the reporter visited him.

Chen Jiquan, who has worked for 25 years in the first line of clinical practice, graduated from the Department of naval medicine, Second Military Medical University in 1991, and received his doctorate in internal medicine (respiratory) in 1999. He is proficient in mechanical ventilation, bronchoscopy, intubation, pleural biopsy, thoracoscopy, airway is placed in metal stents for the treatment of airway stenosis, interventional technique and bronchoalveolar lavage, lung biopsy and operation skills; specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary infection, lung cancer, bronchial asthma, COPD, respiratory failure in critically ill patients and difficult diseases. No medical accident and error, so in 2007, he was selected to participate in the Russian national team volleyball players in St Petersburg for treatment of Tang Miao's medical team; 2003 "SARS" period, he was sent to the first selected Changzheng Hospital fever clinic duty, the first batch was selected to SARS isolation ward on duty; in January 2014 he again I was selected to take part in the ninth batch of aid to Cambodia army medical team, and served as a medical team captain and Secretary of the Party branch, the successful completion of the task.

From January 2014 to January 2015 brought assistance to Cambodia, he looked somewhat shy smile. This makes it hard to believe that he is the all-powerful, commanding, organized several major medical rescue team captain.

"As assistance to Cambodia medical team captain good exercise my organization, coordination and communication skills, I worked as a director for help is self-evident". He was gentle, amiable: "but also consider the Department Director of Department of medical and educational and research development, personnel training, economic benefits, object coordination and communication are more extensive."

"Is the new Department of respiratory medicine department, hospital and any one department cannot do without Department of respiration, in this regard, how do you look?" The reporter asked the director Chen, "in general hospitals, many departments and Department of respiration will occur, such as with the nosocomial infection and rational use of antibiotics, mechanical ventilation, bronchoscope examination and treatment to the Department of respiration, the Department of respiration in many hospitals also known as respiratory and critical care medicine, has been given more meaning at present, in order to meet the needs, the most important is to do well the Department construction and personnel training, the normal operation of outpatient and ward work, combined with clinical work of various departments. But the main problem is the lack of personnel, work up a certain pressure." He thought a moment and said: "however, the pressure is not what, first of all to do their work, the basic medical work first to bear down, do every day to a clinic, patients admitted to the ward, every Saturday to visit the patients for bronchoscopy, do their best to meet the needs of the development of Hospital Department of respiration the hospital department of respiration, let me get more and more recognized by the patient as soon as possible." It is understood that in the Department Director Chen under the leadership of the Department of respiration have been successfully carried out in pulmonary function examination, bronchoscopy examination project, director Chen is now a medical examination, outpatient and ward shoulder: Monday to Friday, the daily outpatient service, not only the expert outpatient service, a general outpatient, usually early in the morning, he came to the hospital, the first ward rounds, go to a clinic, clinic after to the ward to visit patients; Saturday to already arranged patients bronchoscopy; every day but also the completion of all dozens of lung function report writing. As long as there is a department of critically ill patients, he still insisted on the weekend in the hospital. New hospital trial run so far, he only 5 days of the Spring Festival is not in the hospital.

Director Chen in the long-term clinical work, bronchial asthma, lung infection, lung cancer and other related scientific research, and achieved some results. When it comes to research, he was silent for a long time: "Department of respiration to do so much, but we now limited manpower, even I counted a total of three doctors (two residents), a nurse, which limits the Department of scientific research work in a certain extent." Then he said: "our first step is to make the daily clinical work of Department of respiration in full swing, examination and treatment of other hospitals can do, we can carry out the common disease in general, not us, it must have ability of admissions difficult, in the majority of patients in critical cases, to establish a good reputation and retain patients is the first step in the Department of respiration of our hospital development. The other is the combination of clinical research in asthma, lung cancer and other aspects of scientific research, so that the overall development of the department."

When it comes to look after the staff plans, director Chen said excitedly: "we should combine the clinical research of pulmonary infection and bronchial asthma standardized treatment, lung cancer early diagnosis and standardized treatment, of course, interventional treatment of airway is also very important......" He told reporters that the Department of respiration has been carried out on pulmonary function, electronic bronchoscope examination, the future will add new weapons, medical thoracoscopy, endoscopic ultrasound, "with these devices, they will greatly diagnosis of respiratory disease difficult."

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Chen Jiquan, director of Department of respiration, Shanghai Oriental Hepatic Surgery Hospital, deputy chief physician, associate professor, master tutor. He is also a member of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, a member of the Chinese Medical Association and a member of the COPD group of the Shanghai branch of the Chinese Medical Association, and a reviewer of the Journal of Second Military Medical University. Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of lung infection, lung cancer, bronchial asthma, COPD, respiratory failure and critical illness. Bear the National Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai science and Technology Fund and the 1 to the first applicant, or communications as the first author published 10 SCI papers, completed first men to get third-prize military scientific and technological progress 1. Won the individual three 2 times, was named a Second Military Medical University faculty and Changzheng Hospital, the excellent graduate student teachers.

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