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It is well known that smoking is harmful to the body, but the idea that people continue to smoke is that my body is not as bad as it is for


It is well known that smoking is harmful to the body, but the idea that people continue to smoke is that my body is not as bad as it is for people who don't smoke. It is not possible that every smoker will get lung cancer, but the National Institute of public health and environmental health in Holland has recently pointed out that the quality of life of smokers is different from that of non-smokers. The United States, "health" magazine also published a "smoking is known to the 20 hazards", detailing how the quality of life of people who smoke unknowingly decreased.

1 cigarette carrying bacteria. The latest study found that cigarettes with a lot of bacteria, these bacteria will be inhaled in the course of smoking. The pathogenesis of these diseases is not clear, but it is an irrefutable fact.

2 smoking affects sexual function. Smoking can affect the circulation of the blood, so that genital blood flow reduction, leading to sexual arousal difficulties (including men and women). A 2007 study in China found that 20% of men with erectile dysfunction were associated with smoking.

3 smoking poor sleep quality. Johns Hopkins University study found that night after waking up, the probability of smokers still weary of the 4 times of non smokers. The researchers pointed out that the reason is that smokers sleep during the night, the body can not get nicotine, although it sounds like a big sleep, in fact, the number of sleep will be disturbed, sleep quality.

4 smokers bones are fragile. The study found that female smokers every 10 years of smoking, bone mineral density will be reduced by 2.3% to 3.3%, decreased bone density will lead to increased incidence of fractures and osteoporosis. This risk is greater in postmenopausal women.

5 smoking increases the risk of deaf blind. The latest study found that compared with non-smokers, smokers increased the risk of hearing loss by nearly 70%. A large survey of more than 20 thousand men found that smoking also increases the risk of male vision loss. Smoking may also increase the likelihood of producing "killer" macular degeneration.

6 smoking love psoriasis. A number of studies have shown that daily smoking is associated with an increased risk of psoriasis. Smoking more than 20 per day, the incidence of psoriasis risk will be gone.

7 most smokers cold hands and feet. Smoking hinder the smooth running of human blood circulation, insufficient blood supply to hands and feet, so smokers easy cold limbs, fingers and toes are more prone to frostbite.

8 cigarettes + oral contraceptives = heart disease. Britain's latest study found that women taking contraceptives at the same time, will lead to heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases increased by 10 times. The reason is that smoking will increase blood viscosity, more likely to lead to blood clots, and contraceptives will make blood thicker. "Smoking + contraceptives" dual role, so that the incidence increased by 1 times.

9 smoking reduces efficacy. Smoking can affect the effectiveness of the liver enzyme treatment, so smokers sometimes need to increase the amount of drugs to produce the same efficacy. And after quitting smoking, some drugs will be decreased.

10 smoking is easy to cause fire. The study found that smokers were 6.6 times more likely to burn than family members. Among the various causes of fatal house fire, smoking accounted for 55%, ranking first.

11 people who smoke are very old. Smoking can cause damage to the skin and blood vessels, increase skin wrinkles, reduce skin elasticity. The dirt on your teeth can make a person look ugly. In addition, compared with non-smokers, smokers risk of white haired high 3 ~ 6 times, 1 times higher probability of bald.

12 people who smoke also love pets. A number of studies have shown that family second-hand smoke can not only harm the elderly, pregnant women and infant health, will increase the risk of pet cancer. For example, the cat will get oral cancer and lymphoma, dogs are susceptible to lung cancer and carcinoma of the nasal cavity, the birds are prone to lung cancer.

13 smokers love sick leave. A new study shows that smokers in Holland, all the year round small continuously, the number of annual sick leave than non-smokers more than 11 days.

14 smoking can not live a low-carbon life". The cultivation of tobacco requires the removal of large tracts of forest; it is necessary to consume more water and electricity for the removal of tobacco smoke. The amount of carbon emissions produced by smoking is quite high, and quitting smoking is contributing to the "emission reduction".

15 smokers more family conflicts. The conflict caused by smoking will be escalated from family nagging to quarrel, and even divorce. Cigarette is one of the most important causes of unhappiness.

16 people who smoke have lower incomes. According to the survey by the National Institute of civil liberties in the American Civil Liberties Union, smokers have an average income of 4% to less than those of non smokers (see article). There are at least 6000 companies in the United States plan to include smoking and other acts of employee smoking behavior.

17 smoking is a traffic accident. A study published in the Canadian Journal of public health found that the majority of the perpetrators were smokers, and the risk of traffic accidents between smokers and non-smokers was 1.5: 1. The reason is that smoking increases brain excitability and increases the risk of dangerous driving.

18 female smoking rate is high. Smoking can damage the female ovaries, accelerate the loss of eggs and reproductive capacity. The longer the time of smoking, smoking more serious, the harm is greater. The study found that 1 years after quitting, female reproductive capacity will increase by 1/3.

19 smoking increases risk of miscarriage and preterm birth. Chemicals in cigarettes can affect the ability of the cells responsible for the production of estrogen in the ovary, which can lead to abnormal eggs, spontaneous abortion, ectopic pregnancy, low birth weight and premature birth.

20 smoking life short. The study found that every 1 cigarettes smoked, life expectancy reduced by 11 minutes. However, if you successfully quit smoking before the age of 35, then your life expectancy and the normal person.



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