Lung nodules, the heart is also tangled - how to do after the medical examination of pulmonary nodules?

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With the improvement of people's living standards, health awareness is growing every year, regular health examination as a routine medical e


With the improvement of people's living standards, health awareness is growing every year, regular health examination as a routine medical examination at the same time, due to the progress of technology, some information can not be informed of the regular inspection and abnormal changes, has therefore been found, such as pulmonary nodules were often found during the physical examination. The person who is examined, There are both advantages and disadvantages. Why do you say that? On the one hand, the lesion was found early, and early treatment, correct and effective significance, many of the early lung cancer patients were found by physical examination, after active treatment, can obtain the ideal of "free survival", some of the early lung cancer after surgical resection without any follow-up treatment, such as radiotherapy, just regular follow-up to patients, so "benefit"; on the other hand, some of the medical examination, pulmonary nodules emerged from the beginning of the day, they "worry cancer disease", "heavy-hearted", "food", to "sleep", as if from the day fall down! Since then into the worry cancer fear cancer, its daily life, work are plagued by tangled, in the sense that the disadvantages.

In fact, the examination found lung nodules, need not so nervous, but should pay more attention to. From a professional point of view, the lung nodules with a maximum diameter of 3cm lesions. Generally, the smaller the diameter of nodules, the possibility of cancer is small, on the other hand, the larger diameter, the greater the possibility of cancer. Therefore, the nodules with diameter less than 8mm, less than 40 years of age, especially the nodules edge, or central calcification, the likelihood of cancer is very small; but if the nodule diameter up to 8--20mm, at the age of 40 --55 years old, and has a long history of smoking, such as the edge is not smooth, frosted glass like appearance, the likelihood of cancer; such as the diameter of more than 20mm, more than 55 years of age, long-term smoking, or have a family history of lung cancer, the lesion edge with lobulation and burr, and solid nodules or solid ingredients in more than 50%, should be highly suspected cancer. Therefore, found that lung nodules, first of all to find a professional department of respiration physicians, especially for the evaluation of specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer respiratory specialist, and then shows the specific circumstances to take corresponding measures for diagnosis and follow-up. For the possibility of cancer small, most can be taken to follow-up; and for the latter two cases should be appropriate diagnosis and treatment measures as soon as possible, early diagnosis is the first priority.

Follow up specific cycle time dynamic observation, mainly to see the possibility of risk factors in patients with pulmonary nodules, the possibility of cancer surgery and the presence of lung cancer and. There is no general lung cancer risk factors and operation conditions, such as nodules less than 4mm of low dose CT can be followed up every year; such as 4--6mm, in the 12 months to evaluate if there is no change, the annual follow-up of 1 times; if the diameter of 6---8mm is 6--12 months follow-up time evaluation if there is no change, 18--24 months follow-up assessment, again, still no change can be followed up once a year; for the diameter of pulmonary nodules in the 8mm above, according to the frequency standard, take 3, 6, 12 and 24 months follow-up time, if there is no change, then after a year follow-up to 1 times. For the presence of high risk factors of lung cancer and surgical conditions, it is necessary to follow the density and size of the nodules to follow a different frequency, which requires careful follow-up of professional doctors to carefully evaluate.

Follow up dynamic observation also need to depend on the specific psychological ability of patients. If the patients with mental capacity is good, the pulmonary nodules did not cause too much trouble, can take the follow-up measures; on the contrary, such as nodular lesions has become the patients psychological knot, have seriously disturbed the patient's daily life and work, is recommended to laparotomy as soon as possible, in addition to cutting. It may therefore suffer from mental disorders, care for this and lose that.

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