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Lung cancer is the highest incidence and mortality in the world today. But lung cancer can be prevented, such as Britain and the United Stat


Lung cancer is the highest incidence and mortality in the world today. But lung cancer can be prevented, such as Britain and the United States since the last century, in 60s started the implementation of tobacco control, improve the atmospheric environment and other measures, since 80s, the incidence and mortality of lung cancer have been declining. As long as adhere to prevention, will lead to reduced incidence of lung cancer and mortality.

Primary prevention, also known as the cause of disease prevention, is not the occurrence of the disease at the time of the cause of the measures taken, is to strengthen the cause of the study, to reduce the risk factors of contact. The rapid progress of lung cancer and poor prognosis, the lack of effective measures for the prevention of two, should be a primary prevention in the first place.

(a) smoking control is the primary measure.

(two) improving the environment is another important means. Such as strengthening the indoor ventilation, the use of air purification equipment, the use of environmentally friendly interior decoration materials, cooking, choose the right oil and the use of lampblack machine, to prevent inhalation of harmful gases, etc..

(three) to strengthen the work of occupational protection, prevention of occupational lung cancer, regular physical examination.

(four) prevention and prevention of lung cancer in order to prevent and control lung cancer through the use of drugs, food or nutrients to prevent precancerous lesions and prevent the occurrence of lung cancer. Studies have shown that a variety of foods to prevent lung cancer.

Secondary prevention is also called "three early prevention", including early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment. As far as possible screening high-risk groups, early detection, timely measures to prevent further development. It is mainly used in the X-ray examination (X-ray, chest piece, chest side slice, slice, CT piece), sputum cytology and fiberoptic bronchoscopy. Found suspicious circumstances, and then further examination. A number of studies in the UK, Japan, and the United States have shown that 90% of early postoperative lung cancer survival after surgery for up to 10 years. So do not have to panic, the key is to improve safety awareness, alert the body of the strange, in a timely manner to consult a professional doctor. To avoid careless, or Piantingpianxin Youyi, remedies, opportunity.

III Prevention in clinical stage of the disease in order to reduce the harm of the disease and the measures taken, including the symptomatic treatment and rehabilitation, the purpose is to prevent disability and promote functional recovery, improve the quality of life and prolong life, reduce the mortality rate. For patients with lung cancer diagnosed in a timely manner, the most reasonable comprehensive and effective treatment, improve efficacy, reduce complications, effectively prevent the recurrence and metastasis of cancer. Pay attention to rehabilitation, palliative and analgesic treatment, physiological, psychological, nutritional and exercise guidance, as far as possible to improve the patient's survival rate and quality of life. People always stay in the memory of the past, that lung cancer is "half alive", but with the rapid development of medical level, the treatment of lung cancer has shrunk to lung cancer into "chronic disease" has come of age.

The key lies in the professional consciousness of professional doctors, as well as the understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer.

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