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Harmful components of tobacco smokeDuring the combustion of tobacco, more than 4000 kinds of chemical substances can be produced, of which 6


Harmful components of tobacco smoke

During the combustion of tobacco, more than 4000 kinds of chemical substances can be produced, of which 69 are carcinogenic or cancer promoting substances. The main harmful substances in tobacco smoke:

1, nicotine: also known as nicotine, is highly addictive substances, its addiction to heroin. Nicholas Ding Ke in brain of smokers, smokers have a dependence on tobacco, is the main component of tobacco addiction.

2, tobacco tar: commonly known as "tobacco tar", each cigarette containing 5-15 mg range, containing a variety of carcinogens. It can be attached to the trachea, alveolar mucosa, the impact of its function, long-term carcinogenic, is the main cause of lung cancer and laryngeal cancer. Tar is also the cause of yellow teeth in smokers.

3, carbon monoxide: is a colorless odorless gas, each cigarette can produce 20-30 ml. It is more than 260 times the oxygen affinity of hemoglobin, it will destroy the function of blood to deliver oxygen, thus affecting the function and metabolism of the whole body. In the case of closed doors and windows in winter, smoking 1 cigarettes can make himself and the whole family blood carbon hemoglobin increased by 7 times and 6 times. Carbon monoxide can increase cholesterol storage, accelerate atherosclerosis. In the smoke, carbon monoxide and nitric oxide gas phase free radicals can damage the vascular endothelial function, increase blood viscosity, promote thrombosis, increased oxidative stress and inflammation, induce or aggravate cardiovascular disease.

4, a variety of toxic compounds such as benzo pyrene, hydrocyanic acid, formaldehyde, acrolein and other toxic substances, can seriously damage the bronchial mucosa, the bronchial and pulmonary infection. Formaldehyde is a strong carcinogen benzopyrene.

5, radioactive material: fertilizer containing uranium in tobacco, tobacco in the decomposition of uranium polonium and lead, radium, radon and other radioactive isotopes. These isotopes can be inhaled into the lungs and deposited in the body, these rays not only to the lungs, but also to the liver and kidney damage, is an important carcinogen.

6: tobacco contains harmful metal, cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic, nickel and other harmful metals, such as cadmium is a strong carcinogen, can cause respiratory and asthma and emphysema; into the reproductive system, can kill sperm, resulting in male infertility; into the bone, can cause bone decalcification, deformation, brittle that is very easy to fracture.

7, other harmful substances: acetone (paint remover), ammonia, organic phosphorus, nitrosamines, naphthalene, etc..

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