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Lung cancer is the world's number one cancer killer, the number of deaths from lung cancer each year more than the total number of breast, c


Lung cancer is the world's number one cancer killer, the number of deaths from lung cancer each year more than the total number of breast, colorectal and prostate cancer deaths. As a result, the world's scientists in the research and investment of lung cancer are very large.

Results: 70% of the patients were diagnosed late

The onset of lung cancer is hidden, there is no typical symptoms in the early stage, 70% of patients in the discovery of the tumor has been advanced, which greatly affected the therapeutic effect. If diagnosed early, then some patients can survive for more than 5 years, there are even some hope of cure. Unfortunately, most patients are diagnosed with lung cancer, it is already late, that cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body. To receive treatment at this stage, only less than 5% of the patients were able to survive for 5 years.

There is no economic and easy to promote screening methods to early detection of lung cancer. Now many units each year will organize an examination, we have to do a chest X-ray, however, simply do the chest for lung cancer early discovery of little help, this point has been confirmed. The United States and Japan last year released an important research results - with low-dose spiral CT screening for high-risk groups of lung cancer, early detection of lung cancer. Therefore, we recommend 40 years of age, long-term smoking, family history of lung cancer risk groups to do a low-dose spiral CT. High resolution CT four or five mm crystals can also be found."

Found: with lung cancer, smokers are particularly difficult to cure

Since 1996, American male lung cancer incidence rate decreased significantly, the mortality rate was under control, this is not entirely due to the effect of treatment, largely due to smoking or. Lung cancer and smoking has a very large relationship, in most countries around the world, 90% of lung cancer caused by smoking, smoking, smoking, smoke, smoke, hand, have a relationship with the three. "Clinical data also suggest that lung cancer is not the same as that of non-smoking lung cancer. Smokers of lung cancer is very difficult to treat, the effect is not good, non-smoking lung cancer prognosis is better. So smoking control is the most critical factor in the prevention and control of lung cancer. But today, the number of smokers in China is still large, well controlled. The proportion of young people smoking in China is still rising, and the proportion of women who smoke is also rising.

In recent years, China's female lung cancer patients increased year by year, second-hand smoke, air pollution, indoor pollution are the factors leading to female lung cancer. In addition, as the family cook, women are often exposed to smoke in the environment, but also increase the risk of lung cancer.

Note: cough two weeks to pay attention to

Tell a story: a 33 year old young man, itself is a medical university graduate, cough during the Spring Festival this year, also did not feel what, get yourself some cough medicine and antiphlogistic medicine to eat, he felt so went to the hospital treatment. After half a year, still can not stop coughing, which went to the hospital to shoot the film, the result is a late lung cancer.

Cough for a period of time to pay attention to. "Generally speaking, whether you are a persistent dry cough, cough or phlegm, cough type is not important, the cough for two weeks and the use of antibiotics is ineffective, it is recommended to the hospital department of respiration as soon as possible to do a detailed inspection."

Trends: personalized treatment as the dominant direction

The past of lung cancer is regarded as a single disease, as scientists understanding of tumor gradually into the genetic level, the diagnosis of lung cancer development by traditional histopathology to molecular biology. For example, in the past, lung cancer is mainly classified according to the histological classification of adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and small cell carcinoma. The study found that in patients with lung cancer in China, EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) mutation rate of more than 30%, non-smoking, female, adenocarcinoma patients are more common, which is completely different from the u.s..

The different types of lung cancer, the different types of lung cancer to give different treatment options has become a new treatment model. In the past, the treatment of lung cancer is mainly surgery, radiotherapy and conventional chemotherapy. With the advent of molecular targeted drugs, patients have more hope of survival. Compared with the traditional chemotherapy would rather kill one thousand, can not let go of a "treatment, targeted therapy more direct action on tumor cells, reduce the side effects of traditional chemotherapy, and greatly improve the quality of life of patients. For example, the use of targeted drug erlotinib in the treatment of patients with lung cancer and EGFR mutation, tumor patients maintain does not deteriorate significantly longer time.

Individualized treatment can not only bring benefits to patients, but also reduce costs. Currently, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhuhai and other places have been targeted for the treatment of lung cancer drugs into health care, to help more patients with appropriate indications as soon as possible to obtain the appropriate medication, and reduce the cost of treatment of patients.

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