Early detection of lung cancer?

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There are still some traces can detect lung cancer. The first four common,1 cough. Recurrent unexplained cough.2 sputum with bloodshot or he


There are still some traces can detect lung cancer. The first four common,

1 cough. Recurrent unexplained cough.

2 sputum with bloodshot or hemoptysis.

3 chest pain. Chest pain is the first symptom of many patients with lung cancer.

4 hoarseness of unknown cause.

Chest distress occurred in 5 cases without violent activities.

6. Mediastinal lymph node metastasis of lung cancer.

7 recurrent pneumonia and tuberculosis at the same site. Has been shown to be associated with lung cancer.

8 repeated, persistent fever. Central lung cancer due to obstruction of the bronchi, often caused by obstructive pulmonary inflammation, resulting in recurrent fever. In addition, some of the heat source of lung cancer secretion may also cause persistent fever, it should be highly vigilant.

9 headache and vomiting.

10 persistent pain in the whole body or part.

The treatment of lung cancer is to race against time, and death race, so to do a comprehensive diagnosis in the shortest time. Ideally, complete the tests within 1 to 2 weeks, and then develop the best treatment options. Need to take chest CT. Not chest X-ray, not nuclear magnetic resonance, easily missed, missed diagnosis.



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