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Usually encounter some long-term smoking patients, Department of respiration doctors will be decisive advice, but some patients will say "it


Usually encounter some long-term smoking patients, Department of respiration doctors will be decisive advice, but some patients will say "it has not quit smoking, quit smoking for a long time, may cause such trouble, and therefore will have" lung cancer "with friends is to quit smoking after less than February was diagnosed with lung cancer". Is that true? In fact, no!

Scientific research has shown that smoking causes cancer, especially the relationship with lung cancer is the most accurate, and the longer the time of smoking, the greater the amount of smoking, the greater the likelihood of cancer. Some people quit smoking one or two or even one or two months after the onset of lung cancer, so mistakenly think that smoking cessation leads to lung cancer. Coupled with the long-term smoking tobacco dependence, quit after that there will be uncomfortable, affecting appetite, physical and sleep, there will be other discomfort, without the guidance of a doctor, the withdrawal symptoms will indeed be troubled intends to quit smoking patients, then they tend to go to the hospital for treatment, it is found some problems therefore, the cause of lung cancer due to smoking completely. In fact, the earlier the cessation of smoking, smoking cessation time, the lower the risk of lung cancer. Quit smoking after a certain period of time to find lung cancer, not because of smoking cessation to promote lung cancer, but it is precisely the long-term consequences of long-term harm caused by smoking on the body. In addition, the incidence of lung cancer is in the long-term effect of certain risk factors, leading to abnormal expression of oncogenes and tumor or cancer genes, and gradually developed, requires a long process, once happen, manifested in a relatively short period of time. Short term smoking cessation leads to the occurrence of lung cancer is a misunderstanding, but also some people who do not want to quit smoking tobacco excuse.

In addition, some people will also be raised, why do some people smoking a lifetime will not get lung cancer? It should be said that smoking is the main cause of lung cancer, but not the only reason, the occurrence and development of lung cancer is a multi factor and multi mechanism of multiple steps, and external to internal role, therefore, if there are long-term smoking and did not lead to external factors, abnormal gene expression, generally does not occur in lung cancer. It is worth mentioning that many long-term smokers, although did not have lung cancer, but had hypertension, emphysema, diabetes, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, liver cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer and other malignant and benign diseases, therefore, smoking is harmful to quit smoking as soon as possible, never too late!



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