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In the early spring, cold, is the season of high incidence of various respiratory diseases, injections, medication, hanging saline crowded t


In the early spring, cold, is the season of high incidence of various respiratory diseases, injections, medication, hanging saline crowded the hospital at this time. How to let this unfortunate "lively" calm down? &hellip colds, bronchitis, pneumonia; … infection of seemingly ordinary, frail elderly, may be fatal. "The old chronic bronchitis, asthma patients will be acute, aggravate the disease, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease also may result in further injury of organ function. So, can not be ignored in the respiratory tract infection, early spring temperature changes greatly, especially to do preventive health measures.

Recently, reporters learned that Shuguang Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine professor Zhang Wei, deputy director of the Department of respiration, the nearest hospital respiratory tract infection patients in particular, Zhang would recommend preventive measures, especially the elderly can not afford illnesses, with the health prevention method is good.

Nasal irrigation: the nasal cavity is the respiratory and gas exchange channels and portals of the lungs, but also a variety of viruses, bacteria most likely to grow, reproduce, gather and enter the respiratory tract and lungs. Cleaning the nasal cavity can enhance the disease resistance of nasal mucosa, prevent a variety of nasal diseases and viruses, bacteria caused by cold, to prevent respiratory tract infection has the most direct and most effective role.

Methods: with the palm containing water, with a finger on the side of the nose, down with the other side of the water and then gently nostril inhalation, nasal blow out. For water, the same method to clean the other side of the nose, repeated several times. Wash your face every morning and evening.

Saline rinse pharynx: gas inhalation and exhalation must pass through the throat, therefore, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the larynx is pulmonary portal. Throat infections, such as sore throat, tonsillitis is a disease of the respiratory system, once after the onset of disease control is not good, it could affect the respiratory tract and even the health of the body. Gargle with salt water, rinse the pharynx, can play the role of disinfection and remove oral and throat bacteria.

Methods: use salt water gargle, to feel salty is appropriate, try to make the light salt water into the throat drum rinse. Every morning after brushing, mouthwash every minute.

Dry bath: also called dry wash, is one of the traditional methods of health, can promote the facial blood circulation, improve the nose and mouth, cold resistance, but also play a role in delaying aging.

Methods: with both hands from the bottom up, from the inside to the outside to gently rub face, repeated 20 times, rub the face hot; and then use a small thenar palm finger side nasal dry rub on both sides of the median and Yingxiang point two eyebrows Yintang, every minute. After washing the face every morning and evening.

The smoke of burning moxa: burning leaves, hanging calamus and other raw is the Dragon Boat Festival tradition, to get rid of mosquitoes.

Zhang said that these methods can also be used to purify indoor air, disinfection and disinfection in order to eliminate the original infection. Can also use air purifiers, air filters and other modern means to clean indoor environment.

Methods: take a container to close the doors and windows, use incense, into the amount of leaves or leaves a cashmere, lit the smoke of burning for 20 minutes or so, the ventilation window smoked. Can be carried out 1 to 2 times a day.

In addition, swimming, jogging and other exercise physical fitness, but also can improve the immunity of the body; for the frail elderly, prone to infection, can take preventive drugs or vaccines to increase immunity; Astragalus, heterophylla stew etc. take, once a week, but also the prevention of respiratory diseases.



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