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Respiratory system is one of the main causes of death in the elderly. The incidence of respiratory system in the elderly has obvious age cha


Respiratory system is one of the main causes of death in the elderly. The incidence of respiratory system in the elderly has obvious age characteristics, with the increase of age, the greater the age, the higher the incidence.

The reason, first, because the elderly respiratory mucosa atrophy, secretion function decline, visceral organ function decline, the ventilator can weaken, reduced body gas suction and discharge amount, thus affecting the inhalation of exhaust air and fresh air. The whole body immunity of the elderly is reduced, the body temperature regulation function is weakened, and the reaction to the external environment is slow. Second, China has about 2/3 of people, there is a bad habit of smoking, smoking is the most important factor in chronic bronchitis, COPD and other diseases.

Due to the above reasons, the elderly are prone to colds, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, etc.. Therefore, the elderly should prevent and alert the occurrence of the following diseases:

1: cold due to the decline in function and immunity of the respiratory system, elderly people prone to colds, but also because of cold and concurrent bronchitis, pneumonia, and secondary lung abscess; if patients with preexisting lung disease, will make the original illness; a heart disease patient will cause the original heart disease and heart function deterioration induced angina, etc. To prevent the occurrence of a cold, take effective preventive measures is very important. Such as the elderly who should pay more attention to the weather changes, timely Tim clothes, avoid cold. Season conversion should be more careful, pay attention to add clothes. In addition, should be as little as possible or not to the population more places, such as shopping malls, stations, markets, in order to prevent the spread of influenza and other pathogens.

2 pneumonia: with the advent of autumn, the temperature will gradually decline, the elderly patients with pneumonia will increase. This is because with the increase of age, the respiratory system aging, bronchial epithelial cells atrophy, hyperplasia of goblet cells, cilia reduced, hypokinesia, decreased ability to clear bacteria that can cause respiratory tract, respiratory tract infection; thymus of elderly people also have different degree of degradation, the cellular immune function decreased, then the "hidden" in the upper respiratory tract or by air germs and bacteria in this easy to grow up; a lot of elderly people suffering from chronic bronchitis, diabetes, hypertension, anemia, malnutrition, disease resistance is worse, is also prone to respiratory infection; when the weather changes, the temperature dropped, the elderly cold resistant ability is poor, difficult to to adapt to the change of external temperature, it is easy for cold induced pneumonia.

3: elderly patients with chronic bronchitis, chronic bronchitis or old chronic bronchitis, endangering the health of the elderly is a serious and common disease. Winter is the season of chronic bronchitis is easy to relapse, should do a good job of prevention, reduce or reduce the recurrence of bronchitis.

4 asthma: Although asthma is mainly seen in young people, but the elderly asthma is gradually increasing, so the elderly should be vigilant for asthma. The weather is cold, cold and dry air suction is not good for patients with asthma, so we should try to avoid going out in asthma. If you have to go out, before you should drink some warm water, wear more clothes. It is best to wear clothes to wind and rain, it can help keep them warm. You can wear a scarf or a mask for your mouth and nose when necessary, avoid the respiratory tract directly exposed to the cold air. Influenza vaccine is not allergic to, can be injected influenza vaccine.

5 pulmonary tuberculosis: China since 1979 has conducted three tuberculosis epidemiological survey, results show that both the prevalence of active pulmonary tuberculosis and smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis, have increased with age, and reached the peak at the age of 60-70. The occurrence of pulmonary tuberculosis in the elderly has both endogenous and exogenous components. Now the elderly experienced the most severe tuberculosis epidemic in China in the 1990s, the vast majority of people have been infected with virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis, sowed the "seeds of recurrence". With the increase of urban population, the probability of re infection of tuberculosis in the elderly is increased. It is worth noting that not all elderly people are susceptible to tuberculosis. The survey found that, due to different causes of the low immune function, chronic alcoholism, malnutrition, diabetes, cancer and suffering from silicosis, mental illness in the elderly are particularly susceptible to pulmonary tuberculosis.

For the elderly respiratory diseases, to the elderly to increase the pain, only actively carry out prevention and health care, in order to make their lives more comfortable, more happy.

1 extensive health education, so that they establish the confidence to overcome the disease, improve health awareness, enhance self-care ability.

2 to prevent pollution: smokers are not allowed to smoke. Inside the bedroom to avoid smoke, soot and dust pollution, and timing ventilation, temperature and humidity should be appropriate, "this is an important measure to reduce the incidence of old chronic bronchitis. Bedroom doors and windows should be opened regularly, so that the air circulation, indoor bacteria reduced, but each ventilation time should not be too long, to 30 minutes is appropriate.

3 extensive health care: elderly people with respiratory diseases often have weight loss, and because of breathing difficulties, the elderly often need to breathe hard, therefore, the requirement to eat enough calories to maintain weight. Elderly people should be encouraged to eat a small number of meals, choose high calorie, high protein, high vitamin, light digestible food. For acute respiratory disease in the elderly should be encouraged to drink more water, to reduce sputum viscosity. Lean meat, eggs, milk, fish, soy and soy products. Because soy products contain lecithin, plays an important role in the repair of damaged tissue; eat fungus, lily, honey, gourd, kelp, lotus seeds, lotus root, walnut, pear and other food, have a certain effect on eliminating phlegm and relieving asthma, and etc..

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