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People often say "eat grains, fall ill". Once the sick need medical attention, a lot of people heart whispered: a small hospital medical con


People often say "eat grains, fall ill". Once the sick need medical attention, a lot of people heart whispered: a small hospital medical condition is not good, the level is not high enough; large hospital patients, check the trouble, spend more money, the road is far, unfamiliar. Therefore, where to go to see a doctor has become a big problem in the lives of ordinary people.

A nearby doctor.

The survival of the human environment, living habits, genetics have a lot in common, there are a lot of common disease, most of them are some common diseases, such as colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, enteritis, gastritis, hypertension, coronary heart disease....... For common diseases, doctors who are professionally trained and have some experience in practicing medicine know how to diagnose and treat them. You don't have to go to a big hospital, you can get effective treatment in a nearby community hospital.

For some difficult, critically ill, first look at the nearby hospital is also very necessary. As they feared, go to the hospital, unfamiliar environment, and you do not understand medicine, often can not find the direction. First in the local hospital preliminary diagnosis and treatment, the doctor will give you some pertinent advice and suggestions.

Two, timely to normal hospital.

Due to the limited medical conditions or their own subjective psychological impact. Do not trust the small hospital, it is not convenient to go to the hospital, many people especially the old people appeared unwell not timely medical treatment, according to the newspaper, the advertisement on TV or with their own feelings to the drugstore to buy some drugs, only to find that it could not carry the doctor. Some seek "recipe" and "doctor". When the hospital to see a doctor, often missed the best treatment period. Therefore, when the body signs of abnormal, it is necessary to go to the regular hospital near the diagnosis and treatment. Even without symptoms, if economic conditions permit, to the hospital regularly is necessary, that many of the early examination of the tumor is.

Three, timely to the superior hospital.

The characteristics of the community hospital is small and complete, the nearest medical facilities. However, the relative lack of medical equipment, the technical aspects of a wide range of doctors, but on the one hand, the professional is not deep enough. If you are suffering from chronic diseases require long-term treatment, you can choose a convenient time to go to a higher general hospital to see, listen to the views of experts to develop the most appropriate treatment options. If the patient's disease for a long time failed to diagnose or check the treatment of local conditions, should be timely to the hospital, do not come to the end only think of referral, diagnosis and treatment of the best time to lose.



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