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Long term treatment of children with asthma, parents are often asked:"Huang Yisen ah, this medicine is to be sucked into what time will life


Long term treatment of children with asthma, parents are often asked:

"Huang Yisen ah, this medicine is to be sucked into what time will lifelong drugs?"

Lifelong drug absorption, fine thinking very fear!!

In fact, the vast majority of children with asthma, with the growth of age, after a standardized treatment, asthma is alleviated, do not need lifelong medication.

Asthma children's withdrawal of drugs in the following errors:

Misunderstanding, no symptoms to stop, to avoid side effects of drugs.

Asthma is a chronic airway inflammation (this inflammation without the use of antibiotics, use of inhaled corticosteroids for asthma), children after inhalation treatment, symptoms of a few days to a few weeks disappeared, very stable and harmonious appearance, but the chronic airway inflammation potential still exists, the airway hyperresponsiveness still exists, if the withdrawal, isolation how long must not repeat.

This is a picture of the field of asthma conventions, adults, children, and the national and regional, city departments will, will speak out about the abuse, feel shy. However, a few parents know? The symptoms of asthma are only a small part of the iceberg, the tip of the iceberg below the surface of the airway inflammation, airway hyperresponsiveness, airway remodeling is not known to parents, the root causes of recurrent asthma. The purpose of inhalation therapy is to control chronic airway inflammation, so the symptoms are not on the unauthorized withdrawal, is wrong.

Error two, in order to insurance, as long as the child does not develop asthma, this dose suck down.

Please, your child is a drug, is a drug three points of poison, there are side effects. Of course, to reduce the amount of drug absorption, and finally stopped. (Pharmaceutical look, certainly hate teeth itch). Long term inhalation therapy for asthma can be adjusted by a combination of lung function and nitric oxide according to the assessment of the child's symptom control level. Asthma control can be considered after three months of inhaled drug reduction. It's not three days, not three weeks. Should choose the right time to adjust the dosage and treatment of drug control, not in climate change, respiratory infections, travel, etc.. Use of low doses of hormones to maintain asthma control, 6 months to 1 years without symptoms repeated, you can consider withdrawal.

Misunderstanding three, good breath control, and can only attack again from scratch.

The long, tortuous road to the treatment of asthma has a bright future. Encountered respiratory tract infection, sensitization to stimulate asthma attack, inevitable. Don't get disheartened, also don't have to go to the starting point to re treatment. During the acute attack of asthma, it can be treated for a week or so, and after the acute period, it can return to the original inhalation dose. However, attention should be paid to the assessment of the frequency of attacks, frequent, indicating that the existing treatment level may not be enough, you need to upgrade treatment. The factors such as infection, medication, medication compliance, allergen avoidance, and other factors should be evaluated.

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