The rainy season, prevention and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system and conditioning

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Spring and summer, the Yangtze River Basin and its southern area have entered the moldy season. At this time, the rainy weather without stop


Spring and summer, the Yangtze River Basin and its southern area have entered the moldy season. At this time, the rainy weather without stop, hot and humid, it is easy to affect human health.

The rainy season warm humid climate, very suitable for fungal growth and reproduction. Not only damaged clothing, and health supplies. There is a considerable threat to the human body, not only can contaminate the food, the body will lead to infection, allergy, cause some allergic diseases, such as asthma, bronchitis, dermatitis, etc..

This season in favor of fungi, bacteria and virus growth and reproduction, make all kinds of disease occurrence and epidemic prone diseases are easy to colds, sore throat, asthma; original hypertension, bronchitis, heart disease and other chronic diseases, then easy to aggravate, various types of patients with rheumatoid arthritis is induced by increased opportunities. This season is easy to moldy food, but also easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases.

The rainy season, temperature and humidity are the best season of dust mite reproduction. In modern life, a variety of dust mite allergic disease is arch-criminal.

The rainy season rain impermanence, temperature changing, hot weather, increased humidity, often low atmospheric pressure, resulting in human plant nerve function disorder, often lead to asthma, chest tightness, dyspnea in patients with chronic pulmonary disease, even cause disease.

Chinese medicine believes that wet as evil, easy to block body Qi, Yang injury, if the dampness in the chest and diaphragm, gas poor can chest distress, dyspnea; dampness blockage of Qi, spleen and stomach, digestive tract infection is abdominal distension, stool, tongue thick and greasy; such as wet evil attack, visible body trapped heavy, tired limbs, head such as wrap.

In the rainy season, to ensure adequate sleep and plenty of rest, to prevent excessive exertion and emotion, take the initiative to adapt to the hot climate change. Diet to light is appropriate, eat some vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumber and lotus root. At the same time, you should also eat some nutritious foods, such as lean meat, chicken, etc.. Especially to eat some soy products, such as red bean, red dates together with the soup to drink, eat cold, greasy, spicy products. Drink with barley soup, bean soup, Green Tea, appropriate.

The natural food of several common family Qushi agent:

Ginger can spleen dampness, dampness appetizer. Ginger skin itself is one of the traditional Chinese medicine diuresis. When cooking can collocation kelp, barley, melon and pork ribs soup, spleen swelling.

Is a kind of water and barley to drugs, not only can promote water metabolism and help the body to drain the excess water, but also diuretic swelling. Barley is divided into two kinds: raw and cooked with spleen deficiency and dampness heat syndrome (greasy mouth); familiar with partial to spleen deficiency and dampness heat syndrome (greasy loose stools).

Red bean with desiccant diuresis, detumescence detoxification. Red bean soup is the water carp diet is very good, whether it is pure outside is wet or ascites, even after the production of edema can take. Red bean 500 grams, carp 1, with a little ginger, garlic carp surface fried yellow, add red bean, water stew, soup with salt and pepper can be eaten.

Papaya is not only fruit is the traditional Chinese medicine, temperature, acid, liver and stomach, spleen dampness effect. For arthritis, cold and dampness of the cold food or seafood after diarrhea bloating, cramps and other symptoms, appropriate to eat papaya can stomach, shujin.

Melon belly attending water swelling, Jiufu Qingshenjianfei resistant old. Summer melon is a common vegetable, but also with climate and melons. The water melon upright without injury, and lungs and fluid, wet climate in summer is anti-inflammatory and discomfort to the human body, but low in calories, for three high (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar) population is more natural diet jiapin.

Living and working environment in order to keep dry and ventilated, the morning should do some exercise and exercise such as breathing exercises or Tai Chi, deep breathing, to increase lung capacity, improve the body's ability to adapt to the hot environment.

"Wet as evil, non warm", the rainy season and the incidence of asthma or COPD patients because at the same time, cough sputum, chest tightness, often accompanied by swelling, abdominal distension, thin stool, tongue thick and greasy. So often join the clinical effects of expelling rheumatism (rheumatism in table Qianghuo wet soup: notopterygium, angelica, Ligusticum, parsnip, licorice, Vitex, Chuan Xiong); aromatic (cold, internal dampness - huoxiangzhengqipowder: areca peel, angelica, perilla, Poria, Atractylodes, tangerine peel, banxiaqu bitter, Magnolia, patchouli, Campanulaceae, licorice) or warm dry (wet dampness stagnation and spleen stomach symptoms: abdominal distension, nausea, limb trapped heavy, anorexia, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, Pingweisan: Atractylodes rhizome, Magnolia officinalis, Chen peel, licorice) products, drugs mainly used herb, magnolia bark, tangerine peel, Cao Kou Ren, grass nuts, Amomum villosum, Perrin, patchouli, perilla leaf, white cardamom, coix seed, notopterygium, Elsholtzia, wind etc.. The herb dampness of the strongest, and only the diaphoretic function of Qufengshi; good at Magnolia Jiangqi vomiting and abdominal distension, worthy of use; grass cardamom, grass nuts and warm Xianglie, wet cold fill available; Perrin is known as "wake head grass", lift the head such as wrap the best effect; patchouli, perilla leaf in addition to aromatic effect, still can Xiebiao and cardamom smell light; flow is lifted, two coke wet leisure jiapin;

"Yang in spring and summer, for asthma or chronic lung disease, most of the spleen and stomach, deficiency of Yang, and the summer is warm yang, cold dampness, pull the best season, the so-called" winter disease, by oral administration of Chinese medicine and acupoint application, so as to boost the healthy, dispel body Yin cold, regulate the function of organs and restore the balance of yin and Yang, increase disease resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and control. Because of its safety and effectiveness, it has been accepted by more and more patients in recent years.

The main method is winter disease oral Chinese medicine decoction, acupoint sticking. Decoction of Chinese medicine is based on the patient's condition, with moss veins, syndrome differentiation and treatment, select prescription conditioning. Specifically, if the patient is usually afraid of wind, easy to sweat, easy to catch a cold, often sneezing and nasal mucus, syndrome of deficiency of lung qi, when the lungssolid table available, Yuping Feng San (Astragalus, windbreak, Atractylodes) addition and subtraction; if the patient early morning or after a meal to eat less, phlegm, lung distension, diarrhea, lassitude, nourishing the spleen and resolving phlegm, medicinal Six Gentlemen Decoction (Radix Codonopsis, Atractylodes rhizome, tangerine peel, pinellia, Poria, licorice decoction); if patients often feel aching limbs, chills, fatigue, nocturia, shortness of breath or feel slightly moving, when reinforcing the kidney qi, medicinal Jinkuishenqiwan add and subtract. In addition, patients with chronic cough and asthma often see both lung and spleen kidney deficiency, clinical common peitushengjin, tonifying kidney method, regulating lung, spleen, kidney three dirty functions, so that the body of qi. Traditional Chinese medicine acupoint application method is the selection of acupoint according to the meridian theory, then treated. At present commonly used white mustard, musk, Xuan Hu, asarum herb powder, add the ginger juice into a thick paste, sticking to the point, which in addition to the body of V phlegm, and warming yang and cold, so as to achieve the regulation of lung, spleen, kidney function, increase immunity. Chronic illness, infirmity, weight loss, excessive dosage not sticking time should not be too long. Blister, should avoid sweating or local water, when necessary, can be coated with drugs to prevent infection.

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