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The haze is opened in 2017 became the top topic, how to better anti haze is a widespread concern. You may be in the circle of friends, micro


The haze is opened in 2017 became the top topic, how to better anti haze is a widespread concern. You may be in the circle of friends, micro-blog or some public numbers have seen the so-called "anti haze tea", "Qingfei food" article, which mentioned lily, black fungus, white radish, white fungus, Sydney, mangosteen, food or medicine, known as the "lung" and "lung protection", and even the removal of inhaled haze. So, in the end these arguments do not rely on it? (having no time or patience to look directly at the last paragraph)

The answer is, can not be generalized.

To find some food or medicine in the end there is no anti haze effect, we need to first understand some problems.

What is the "Yangyinqingfei"? In traditional Chinese medicine with the concept of "clearing", it is a kind of treatment means of treatment, traditional Chinese medicine in the "lung" and not "clear the lungs of harmful substances.". At the mention of the word "Qingfei" in front of the general and "Yin" two words, namely Yangyinqingfei, mean lung nourishing Yin fluid, clearing lung heat and lung lung deficiency caused by fire. In the clinical manifestations of cough less sputum, hemoptysis, cough and asthma, throat and nose lip dryness and other symptoms will need yangyinqingfei. Lily has Yin Runfei, tranquilize the effect in traditional Chinese medicine is used for "common medicine Qingfei".

How haze damage the human body? The present studies have confirmed that harmful particles caused damage to human body through a variety of mechanisms, including inflammatory reaction, the oxidative stress, caused by the immune dysfunction, the cell DNA damage, etc.. The content is no longer explained in detail. Generally speaking, the human body can be divided into direct damage and indirect damage. Direct damage is easier to understand, harmful particles are inhaled into the body through the respiratory tract, into the alveoli. Is the basic unit of respiratory lung alveolar gas exchange, mainly in here, between the alveoli and alveolar macrophages, lymphocytes, filled with fibroblasts and many cells, also wrapped around the alveolar capillaries. The bacteria and harmful particles, such as heavy metal ions deposited in the alveolar wall, will stimulate the body's immune system, such as the number of lymphocytes stimulated release of inflammatory cytokines, inflammation of the lungs caused by. Macrophages can directly devour harmful particles into dust cells. A part of the dust cells with respiratory secretions with phlegm excreted, part necrosis or apoptosis and will be permanently deposited in the alveolar wall, which is along with the growth of the age the lungs will become more and more black reasons. Indirect damage, lung injury to a certain extent, will seriously affect the respiratory function of the lungs, causing asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema and other diseases. There are some harmful particles through the alveoli can directly into the blood, causing damage to other organs of the human body, induce or aggravate hypertension, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, etc..

Dust cell

Here we should be able to think, if the food or medicine can prevent or reduce haze damage on the human body of the mechanisms, then we can say that it has anti haze lung protective effect.

To insert some slightly offtopic content, in recent days, the State Planning Commission held a press conference about what haze, there is such a report, the following quote sb speak: "some comments to eat radish, fungus and other food can remove the lung in the haze, this is not correct, we eat the food are absorbed through the digestive system, and inhalation of PM2.5 fine particles through the nasal cavity into the respiratory tract and respiratory system, two do not have any cross relations." Er (* o *)... What I'm trying to say is that if you have pneumonia, you can also say that the food I eat is absorbed through the digestive system, and the bacteria are in the respiratory system, and there is no relationship between the two...... No cross relationship...... So what do you mean by taking medicine directly into your lungs?

Back to the topic, some Chinese food or have anti haze effect? The answer is yes. Don't worry, please read it first

A study was carried out on acute toxicity effects caused by a lung fish oil products on PM2.5 intracheal instillition, found that fish oil feeding on acute poisoning induced by PM2.5 in rat lung injury has a protective effect, some inflammatory cytokines of rats decreased the release of some. Antioxidant substances such as SOD content increased. The lycopene in tomatoes can cause oxidative stress in endothelial cells exposed to PM2.5 index increased the activity of SOD, MDA (malondialdehyde) content decreased, some inflammatory factors to restore normal cell level, can relieve the exposure of PM2.5 cell oxidative damage endothelial function. Similarly, some traditional Chinese medicine prescription or traditional Chinese medicine single drug in this role has been confirmed. I have also been doing this in recent years. In my study, it has been found that traditional Chinese medicine can enhance the ability of macrophages to kill harmful particles to a certain extent, so as to improve the scavenging ability of respiratory tract to harmful particles. Therefore, through the food or drugs can directly remove the harmful particles in the respiratory tract, and by enhancing the body's immune function, regulating the oxidation / antioxidant mechanisms and other mechanisms to reduce the damage to the human body.

Can we rely on drugs or food to remove harmful particles from the body? The answer is No.

First, the active ingredient in the drug or food must reach a certain concentration in order to take effect. Assuming that the white radish has mentioned above all the role, you can come every day to eat white radish? Drink tea every day can be done, but the traditional Chinese medicine dosage on behalf of tea are generally small, it is difficult to achieve effective blood concentration. Step back, even to achieve an effective blood drug concentration, the role of haze damage is limited.

In summary, diet or drug against the haze protective role is limited, these effects are not sure we ignore other measures to prevent haze. Fog and haze masks, minimize out, conditional can buy air purifier, usually pay attention to exercise and enhance the body resistance and other anti haze measures is the main. In addition any health care tea before use to consult a doctor for his physical application, thousand one is wrong.



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