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Cough can not blame the respiratory systemPuzzle 1: I cough for almost two years, eat a lot of pulmonary and tracheal cure medicines are of


Cough can not blame the respiratory system

Puzzle 1: I cough for almost two years, eat a lot of pulmonary and tracheal cure medicines are of no use, very painful.

Zhong Nanshan: for chronic cough, we must carefully analyze the cause of the disease. In the outpatient clinic, we found that many of the causes of chronic cough in patients with respiratory system does not matter, it may be related to the digestive system, cardiovascular system, etc.. Generally speaking, the most common cause of cough has four kinds: postnasal drip syndrome, eosinophilic bronchitis, cough variant asthma, gastroesophageal reflux cough.

Shenzhen had a patient cough for 6 years, the local diagnosis for chronic bronchitis, ineffective application of antibiotics, we later diagnosed as cough variant asthma, symptomatic treatment has improved, but not completely, after examination found that she had superficial gastritis, using drugs for gastroesophageal reflux cough after treatment the cough was healed.

In addition, some antihypertensive drugs such as captopril, Lotensin and Monopril to angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, some people may be more sensitive to these drugs, so patients with hypertension if the medication occurred after the cough, the doctor may wish to explain the situation for a kind of antihypertensive drugs.

Tit for tat cough

Puzzle 2: "how to prevent common cough in daily life?"

Zhong Nanshan: the common cold and flu symptoms disappeared after protracted cough after a cold and the nose, nasopharynx and paranasal sinus secretions flow to the wall of the pharynx, epiglottis causes coughing postnasal drip syndrome is a common cause of cough. The treatment with antihistamines and antitussive drugs, such as robitussin.

For those who cough for more than 8 weeks or years failed to find the exact etiology of the patients, it is necessary to respiratory specialist, for the relevant inspection to determine the cause, thus due to treatment as soon as possible to lift an annoying cough. Research shows that, as long as the cause of treatment, the success rate of more than 80%.

The prevention of cough usually to regularly for individual sports, to enhance physical fitness; reduce access to public places, and avoid contact with respiratory tract infection, prevent cross infection; eat foods rich in vitamin C to improve body resistance to external harmful factors; in addition to maintain indoor air circulation.

Antibiotics not cough Balm

Confused 3: "usually a cough, at home to find some antibiotics to eat, but sometimes eat a little with no, how is this going on?"

Zhong Nanshan: a lot of people after the cough is often used to treat their own antibiotics, I do not know, the abuse of antibiotics may not be effective in the treatment of disease, but may enhance the resistance of bacteria. The choice of medication should be considered as the first cause of cough. For example, the common cold is the most common cause of acute cough, mostly not caused by bacterial infection, but caused by viral infection. A number of domestic and foreign scientific studies have shown that: for the common cold, empirical treatment with antibiotics can not shorten the course of disease, prevention of complications such as pneumonia, at this time should be symptomatic treatment, such as antitussive (Robitussin etc.), relieve nasal congestion and sneezing or runny nose symptoms (such as pseudoephedrine), fever (aspirin class) etc..

Codeine cough like drinking dove thirst

Puzzle 4: "cough medicine containing codeine and long-term use of addictive?

Zhong Nanshan: codeine is a central antitussive, taking over a long period of time will be similar to the effect of morphine addiction, there will be. At present, some young people to take this cough syrup for fashion, and some also mixed with Coca-Cola drink. Although small doses of cough medicine containing codeine, but large doses or long-term use is very harmful to the body, such as the spirit of low-spirited, decreased learning efficiency and emotional instability, there will be severe coma, illusion. Therefore, WHO is currently recommended by the central non addictive cough medicine, these drugs as the most representative of dextromethorphan, the antitussive dose had no inhibitory effect on the respiratory system, does not produce addiction.

Cough should not abuse antibiotics

92.4% of patients treated with antibiotics had been treated with antibiotics, but only about 86% of them were ineffective, and the use of a large amount of antibiotics was not only useless, but also harmful to the digestive system. Because many cough patients are often misdiagnosed as chronic bronchitis by doctors, they are often treated with antibiotics, but in a large number of clinical studies have found that the proportion of antibiotics should be used less. This is the day before the academician Zhong Nanshan held in Guangzhou the "warm spring cough expert service large clinic expressed on a point of view.

In order to understand the status of diagnosis and treatment of chronic cough and chronic cough effect on quality of life, Guangzhou Institute of respiratory disease and Robitussin jointly organized a "chronic cough treatment status and quality of life survey", in the clinic activities released the survey results. The survey showed that respondents with chronic cough cough by the short 2 months long to 40 years; 53.3% of the patients with colds and other incentives; the average attendance number is 18 times, up to 100; treatment had the use of antibiotics in 92.4% patients, the illness did not get the feeling of the treatment of 86.8% patients were relieved after 68.5%; it is difficult to control in patients with cough, 42.6% patients due to cough obviously felt embarrassed, 52.8% patients with long time anxiety, 42.1% patients because of cough and the delay of learning, work or other plans, 40.1% patients with chronic cough due to a serious impact on sleep, 52.8% patients had obvious boredom, 37.6% students interfere with friends or family; another woman 48% of the patients with cough induced urinary incontinence. (reporter Chen Ying)

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