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1 patients with asthma drugs with caution disableA. beta blockers: Patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, who are representativ


1 patients with asthma drugs with caution disable

A. beta blockers: Patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, who are representative of propranolol, propafenone, can use calcium channel blockers and alpha blockers to replace beta blockers.

B. 3%~5%: aspirin in patients with asthma treated with aspirin, leading to exacerbations, and even cause the status of asthma in patients with asthma, therefore should be careful with various aspirin containing drugs and food.

C. sedative: for patients with severe asthma, may lead to exacerbations, and even death.

D. angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors: Kato Pury and Bea Knapp Leigh are the typical drugs, about 10% of the medication can produce dry cough, although patients with asthma after taking cough risk compared with others is not high, but still try to avoid taking after aggravating illness.

E. other: such as penicillin, iodine contrast agent, histamine, protein preparations, etc..

2 the basic necessities of life in patients with asthma

A. clothing: winter is best not to wear down jacket and silk cotton clothes, because some patients on animal feathers, silk allergen allergy.

B. food: patients usually pay attention to their asthma and whether certain foods such as fish and shrimp, eggs, milk, cashew nuts, sesame, peach and some food additives.

C. live: 1 can not raise flowers, in the highest amount of pollen to close the doors and windows in the day and afternoon, it is best not to go out;

D. line: when the weather is cold or the temperature varies, try not to go out, avoid strenuous exercise.

3 no carpet, reduce dust mite inhalation, bed cover, bed sheets, pillow every week and clothes washed once with hot water;

4 can not keep a warm blooded animal, such as cats and dogs, birds, and avoid the use of eiderdown silk;

5 indoor to keep dry, humidity below 50%, regular cleaning bathroom, kitchen, basement, in order to reduce fungal inhalation;

6 do not smoke, discourage family and guests in the room to smoke, to avoid the use of kerosene stove indoors;

7 reduce irritant gas stimulation, is not to enter and just paint, paint, decoration of the room, to avoid the use of perfume, hair gel, avoid smoke, water, mosquito coils and gasoline;

8 to kill cockroaches.



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