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Recently met some young patients for taking traditional Chinese medicine told no fried Chinese medicine, unfamiliar to decocting traditional


Recently met some young patients for taking traditional Chinese medicine told no fried Chinese medicine, unfamiliar to decocting traditional Chinese medicine, some patients actually eaten Chinese medicine is not good grasp. In order to play the advantages of Chinese medicine, in order to facilitate the early rehabilitation of patients, we may introduce problems of traditional Chinese medicine decoction, for reference.

"Chinese people treat diseases", not only can adjust the physique to enhance immunity, has been more and more acceptable for the patients. But now many young people don't really know how to Decoction Chinese traditional medicine, do not underestimate the method of decocting traditional Chinese medicine decocting method, oh, can not only make full play to the maximum efficiency medicine decoction, can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble, therefore, want to rely on traditional Chinese medicine treatment and conditioning who may wish to see.


1 General decocting method:

Instrument selection, the amount of water, decocting time: you can choose the casserole, sand pot, white enamel ware, avoid iron utensils, fry before immersion 15-20 minutes, the amount of water flooded pieces of about 2 centimeters advisable, fire boil, small fire simmer, boiling about 30 or so, each time for 1 small bowl (child can reduce it, take a small number of days for 2-3 times).

2 special medicine decocting method

U need to first decoct medicine:

(1) the drug needs to be decocted can be effective components decocting, such as keel, oyster, Magnetitum, gypsum, red ochre, amethyst, another is the animal drugs such as shell, turtle shell, tortoise shell, usually in the medicine before these drugs to add appropriate amount of water, decocting for 30-40 minutes after, add other drugs with the decoction 30 minutes, in order to ensure the effective components fully fried;

(2) the decocting method of special drugs: such as tablets: 40-60 grams, first fry 60 minutes. 70-90 grams, you need to fry 90 minutes 90-120 grams, you need to fry for about 120 minutes. The first purpose is to remove toxicity, two is as much as possible to the effective ingredients to improve the curative effect.

U need the drug:

Some drug aromatic volatile failure, not long after a short period of time to decoction, decoction, such as peppermint, amomum fruit, cinnamon, aloes, rhubarb and so on. The specific time is to be added: all the medicine decocting will add decoction, about 10-15 minutes to take the juice to take medicine.

3 take method:

(1) general medicine, take about 40 minutes after meals;

(2) tonic medicine and healthy spleen and stomach medicine, good absorption of fasting.

4 taboos:

During the medication, the best eat cold, greasy, fried, spicy, fishy food, such as fish, shrimp, crab, Hot pot etc excitant food, should also eat radish tea and so on, avoid alcohol.

Asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic cough should also pay attention to instant allergic substance and etc..

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