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(I) principleThe fall of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment is focused on solving a series of phenomena caused by disease or dryness


(I) principle

The fall of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment is focused on solving a series of phenomena caused by disease or dryness in autumn. Therefore, the general principle of Chinese herbal medicine should be mainly moist and nursed back to health. Choose moisture strong, traditional Chinese medicine has Xuan lung phlegm, Yin Qi and the role of health care is appropriate, but should be careful not to use or Xin Wen dry goods.

1, Qingzao Yiqi

Autumn Yang gradually decline, the Yin, the climate is dry, windy and dusty, the weather changed significantly, and the dry autumn easy injury - gas consumption, the body of Wei Qi deficiency disease susceptible pathogen invasion, leading to the occurrence of the disease. Therefore, the fall should focus on drug therapy Qingzao yiqi. Such as the selection of mulberry, Morus alba, Radix Pseudostellariae, perilla leaf, ginseng and other drugs for treatment formula.

2, Yin lungs and moisten intestines

Lung Jiao dirty, communicated with the autumn dry gas, easily feel the autumn dryness of evil. Early autumn warm dry and cool dry in late autumn. Many chronic respiratory diseases are beginning in the fall, or recurrent or progressive, often because of feeling hot or cool dry, dry wind evil, phlegm volts trigger and induced. Or see the dryness disability allowance, appeared in dry skin, rough, constipation is difficult to pass, and even bleeding hemorrhoids. Therefore, autumn should use drugs with Ziyin lungs moisten intestine were prescription treatment. Such as lily, loquat, honey, Adenophora, Ophiopogon japonicus, Hu Maren, donkey hide gelatin, polygonatum, figwort, rehmannia, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix trichosanthis, licorice root, Trichosanthes kirilowii. Intestinal dryness Peru, Lung Qi descending cough, asthma, phlegm Runzao cough should be combined with traditional Chinese medicine, such as almond, loquat leaf, aster, coltsfoot, pinellia, dried tangerine peel, pericarpium trichosanthis, Fritillaria thunbergii, Fritillaria, white mustard, radish seed, perilla seed etc..

3, taking into account the spleen and kidney

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lungs in the five lines of gold. According to the five elements theory, the spleen (earth) gold (gold), lung water (kidney). Therefore, in the autumn in the regulation of lung function at the same time to pay attention to the spleen and kidney two dirty. The normal function of the spleen kidney two dirty lungs can Wei solid form, descending and guarantee. Jianpi Yifei has Astragalus, ginseng, Codonopsis, Atractylodes, lotus seeds, jujube and so on; bushennaqi, astringe lung to relieve asthma has walnuts, such as ginkgo. In the fall can also selectively through the application of this kind of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine treatment has made appropriate compatibility, medicated food.

(three) commonly used drugs

1, nourish the lung yin

(1): Ophiopogon sweet and slightly bitter, slightly cold, lung, heart, stomach, with nourishing yin and lungs cough, Qingxin Chufan. Prevention and treatment of early autumn or autumn dryness heat not back Yin see dry mouth and throat, cough and hemoptysis, thirst, constipation, palpitation and other symptoms. "Materia medica words": "Maimendong, Qingxin Runfei medicine lung heat dryness, cough bursts, Feiwei leaf scorch, shortness of breath and asthenia, fire Fu Lung, hemoptysis hemoptysis...... Or the spleen and stomach dry run, virtual secret will be difficult." "Compendium of Materia retold" also said ": Maimendong, xiefei in V fire...... The solution quenching thirst, beautiful color, Wyatt skin, reducing asthenia heat, dryness cough solution, fixed." Obviously, this is the autumn recuperation jiapin. In general, decoction, every 10-15 grams, or by boiling water bubbles on behalf of the tea service, every time.

(2) ASP: sweet, slightly cold, into the lung and kidney, clearing away heat, moistening cough, nourishing kidney yin. The autumn temperature can prevent lung dryness, dry cough, sputum or less sticky, even the blood in the sputum, or hot sweats, thirsty throat disease. "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the words: "asparagus, Runzao Ziyin Qingfei fire, medicine also." "Hua Zi is also contained in the" Materia Medica ": run the five internal organs, skin, Yuet color, fill cure lung disease cough and general debility." Therefore, this product is for autumn nursed back to top.

(3) Dendrobium: Sweet Light salty, slightly cold, lung, stomach, kidney, nourishing yin and clearing heat, Sheng Jin eyesight. Autumn use can appear prevention of heat injury Tianjin, dry mouth parched and tongue scorched dry eyes, constipation and other symptoms. "Drugs of righteousness" in years, Dendrobium "attending hyperactivity long empty, coughing." Modern research pointed out that the amount of Dendrobium decoction can promote the secretion of gastric juice and intestinal digestion, to make the hyperperistalsis and laxative.

(4) Xuan Can: taste bitter, slightly cold, into the lung, kidney, two classics. Has a nourishing Yin, Chufan, detoxification. "Record" Mingyi bielu, Xuanshen "Jiufu tonic eyesight, nourishing yin and nourishing essence." For the autumn dryness with good effect, have nursed back to health.

(5) students: cool sweet, bitter, cold, heart, liver, kidney, lung, with clearing heat and nourishing Yin, fluid and cooling effectiveness. Can control the autumn heat injury to Yin and liver kidney yin deficiency of dry mouth thirst, hot flashes sweating, dysphoria insomnia, premature graying, intestinal dry constipation. "This after every original" records ": dried rehmannia root, specifically outer skin nourishing Yin cooling blood, Rongze, patients with deficiency and heat should increase with the...... The best to have constipation, dryness of the power, without suffering too greasy."

(6) Shashen: sweet, slightly bitter cold, lung and stomach. With nourishing Yin, Qingfei expectorant effects. Can control the autumn dryness of the lung or lung heat cough, cough due to yin deficiency syndrome or tianjininjury thirsty throat, constipation and other symptoms. "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the words: "Qingfei fire, attending cough treatment."

(7): Polygonatum odoratum sweet flat, into the lung and stomach, nourishing yin and moistening lung, with the effect of the stomach. For the autumn dry cough syndrome, the effect of prevention and treatment of cough due to yin deficiency or yin deficiency and exogenous excellent. Hua Zi said: "in addition to" the boredom, thirst, nourishing heart and lung, supplementing general debility complement deficiency."

(8) Lily: sweet light, slightly cold, lung, heart. With Buzhong, Runfei cough. As autumn tonic often supplies lung, lungs ikitsu. Modern studies have shown that this product has antitussive and anti histamine induced asthma and other effects.

(9): trichosanthin is bitter, slightly sweet and cold, with heat fluid, such as dry Runfei effect. To prevent and cure the lung heat dryness cough, Jin injury and thirst. "Materia medica words" records: "back five about trichosanthin...... Lung fire Sheng and pharyngeal swelling laryngalgia...... Is the thirst for medicine."

(10) Huang Jing: sexual flavour Ganping, lung, spleen and kidney. There Ziyin lungs, nourishing spleen and kidney, Yijing strong bone, black hair, anti-aging effect. Prevention and treatment for autumn cough, yin deficiency syndrome of lung dryness cough. Modern research shows that yellow Jingneng improve immunity, promote hematopoietic function, reduce blood glucose; can enhance myocardial contractility, increase coronary flow, improving myocardial nutrition, to prevent the infiltration of atherosclerosis and fatty liver.

(11): Jiao sweet flat, lung, liver and kidney. "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: "the blood and nourishing Yin, in addition to wind dryness, Qingfei phlegm." Fall with gelatin can play a role of nourishing yin and lungs. Modern studies have proved that the gelatin contains a variety of amino acids and other minerals. It can accelerate the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin in human blood, and improve the immune function of organism. General use boiling water or Yellow Wine. Or, after Yang Chong decoction.


(1) honey: the taste of nature, into the lung, spleen, large intestine through. With Runfei cough, laxative, Buzhong urgency detoxification. For the fall of the lung deficiency cough due to dryness, or Tianjin wound dryness, constipation embolism has good treatment effect. Jiufu tonic health and prolong life. Autumn is a commonly used health products. To be blunt, every 15-30 grams.

(2) Gua Louren: sexual sweet, cold, into the lung, large intestine through. Have lungs and phlegm, laxative effect. To prevent and cure the autumn dryness evil invading the lung and intestinal dryness constipation. General decoction.

(3) heepseed: sweet, flat, into the spleen, stomach, large intestine. Has Runzao laxative effect. Constipation can fall prevention and treatment, but also can be applied to the elderly or infirm, postpartum body fluid deficiency constipation.

(4) Yu Li Ren: sexual pungent, bitter, sweet, flat, into the spleen, large intestine, small intestine through. Has a laxative effect. For the autumn Tianjin ground dry constipation, often used with hemp seed, almond aperitive. Modern research shows that Li Ren depression with lubrication laxative effect.

(5) Pang Dahai: sexual sweet, cold, into the lung, large intestine through. With clearing lung, laxative effect. Autumn is a commonly used product. Can prevent Qiuzao Tianjin injury, hoarseness, aphonia or constipation and other symptoms. Usually use boiling water to brew the drink, or to fry.

(6): black sesame sweet flat, into the liver and kidney. Black sesame with nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing the five internal organs. Autumn food with nourishing nourishing, laxative effect. For the autumn of constipation or dry skin, early white beard and hair, or the elderly liver and kidney deficiency, or women less postpartum breast disease, can be taken.

(7) Angelica: sweet, sweet, warm, into the liver, heart, spleen. There is blood circulation, laxative effect. "Herbal preparation" to "say" blood deficiency can make the blood dry, can run." The Yin blood deficiency see autumn dry skin, constipation has a good nourishing moisturizing effect and deficiency.

(8): Polygonum multiflorum sweet bitter, tepid, into the liver and kidney by two. Students with a laxative, for tonifying the liver and kidney, essence and blood, prolong life. Modern research has confirmed that Polygonum multiflorum enhanced immune function, and pharmacological effects of laxative, can promote the generation of red blood cells, lower cholesterol, anti atherosclerosis, cardiac function, is one of the important grams, anti-aging drugs can also be made with flour.

(5): Mulberry sweet cold, into the heart, liver and kidney. With Yin blood fluid, tonifying the liver and kidney, black hair, Runchang role. Suitable for autumn tianjininjury thirsty or constipation patients, especially for elderly liver and kidney Yin blood deficiency, dizziness tinnitus, constipation and see more benefits. Can be boiled or take juice boil cream.

3, Runzao phlegm

(1) 100: sweet, bitter, flat, into the lung. With Runfei cough, insecticidal effect. Can control the autumn dryness cough, tuberculosis cough, bloody sputum, or whooping cough syndrome. Modern pharmacological studies show that 100 can reduce the excitability of the animal respiratory center, suppressing cough reflex, and histamine induced convulsion and has antitussive effect, and the effect of slow and protracted. Inhibition of a variety of pathogenic bacteria.

(2) the loquat leaf: bitter, flat, into the lung and stomach. With lungs and phlegm, relieving cough and lowering the adverse effects.

(3): Aristolochia is bitter, acrid, micro cold, lung, large intestine. With lungs and phlegm, cough and asthma, bowel function. The utility model can be used for the patients with lung heat cough, lung deficiency, cough or intestinal bleeding, etc..

(4) F.cirrhosa: sweet, cool, into the lung. Have lungs and phlegm cough. For autumn dryness cough or cough, lung deficiency and phlegm less pharyngeal dryness, blood or sputum. Modern research shows that also have significant antitussive and expectorant effects.

(5): Jeffrey sweet, cool, into the lung and large intestine. With lungs and phlegm cough, fluid laxative effect. Have a good control effect for autumn dry cough, dry throat and tongue, constipation and other symptoms.

4, nourishing qi

(1): American ginseng is bitter, slightly sweet, cold, lung, heart and kidney. Has the functions of clearing fire, body fluid, invigorating qi and nourishing blood function. Is the autumn dryness caused thirsty tired, Qi and yin deficiency constipation, mouth parched and tongue scorched for treatment. It is also commonly used in patients with symptoms of fever or old age. The resistance to cold, it is not easy to help Yang fire, autumn is the commonly used qihm. From the "new" Materia Medica ": Bufei downbear fire, body fluid, in addition to tired." "Pseudo medicine updating will distinguish said:" the West Shen yin...... All Yin Huo Wang, cough people, each with true West ginseng, Qi Ping and fire, cough is flat." Modern research has proved that ginseng has anti fatigue and anti hypoxia ability significantly and antipyretic, sedative, antispasmodic and analgesic effect of drugs is one of the most important physical health.

(2): dangshen sweet flat, into the spleen and lung. Have Buzhong, nourishing fluid. This product into the lungs but not dry, good tonifying the lung qi, thirst and relieving cough and asthma. Can fall prevention and treatment of lung qi deficiency or Lung Qi Yin two falsely appear short, low voice gasp cough or hoarseness and other symptoms. Modern medical research shows that Codonopsis can enhance immune function, has a strong effect on the body.

(3) p.heterophylla: sweet and slightly bitter taste, into the spleen and lung. For air dryness. Autumn often and radix, lily, ophiopogon root, fritillary bulb is used, because the treatment of lung dryness or pathogenic heat injury, lead to deficiency of Qi and Yin, cough sputum little or shortness of breath, mouth parched and tongue scorched.

(4) Huang Qi: sweet taste, into the spleen and lung. Good masue solid form, tonic five internal organs effect, is commonly used in health care of autumn Qi, can Wei Qi solid form, resist the invasion of evil. Modern studies have pointed out that Astragalus can enhance the body's immune function, promote the body's metabolism, has a good prevention of respiratory tract infection, prevention and treatment of cough and asthma.

(5) walnuts: sweet taste, lung, kidney, large intestine. There are Bufei, Wenfei Dingchuan, laxative effect, tonifying kidney yang, prolong life. For the fall nursed back to health, especially in the late autumn season of the body conditioning. Modern research and clinical practice has proved that walnut is rich in many nutrients, has a good tonic effect on the human body, is to prevent and cure diseases and prolong the life of the health care medicine, is one of the important anti-aging drugs.

(6) Cordyceps: sweet and warm, into the lung and kidney. The beneficial effect of pulmonary asthma, kidney gujing. And nourishing yin and Yang, warm but not dry, for the autumn tonic medicine lung deficiency. From the new "compendium of Materia" in the words "protect lung and tonifying kidney, eliminating phlegm, cough has", "modern practical medicine" also pointed out that: suitable for elderly pulmonary tuberculosis, debilitating chronic cough and shortness of breath, vomiting, sweating, sweating." Therefore, for the fall of commonly used drug treatment.

(7) Yam: sweet, flat, into the spleen, lung, kidney, invigorating qi and nourishing Yin can, can, for invigorating spleen and lung and kidney tonifying drugs. Autumn use can fill lung, lung nourishing Yin, Qi Yin deficiency prevention two, consumptive cough appeared fatigue, less gas, no sputum or sputum less sticky disease. In addition, the yam can substitute food, food consumption, physical health. Therefore, is also commonly used in health care products for autumn.

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