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Asthma is a serious impact on children's physical and mental health of the most common respiratory diseases, in recent years both morbidity


Asthma is a serious impact on children's physical and mental health of the most common respiratory diseases, in recent years both morbidity and mortality in children with asthma increased to 0.91% prevalence rate survey, 1990 National 0 - 14 years old children with asthma, 2000 has risen to 1.5%, this figure means that our country has about 10000000 children with asthma.

With the development of the research of pathogenesis, immunology, molecular biology, pathophysiology, experiment and so on, the research on the prevention and cure of asthma has made rapid progress in the past 50 years. It has been proved that asthma is a chronic airway inflammatory disease, which is caused by the existence of chronic inflammation, which leads to a high reaction state. The study of the pathogenesis of asthma has been developed from the theory of spasm to the theory of chronic airway inflammation. The clinical treatment by repeated spasm, now also focus on anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory and relieving spasm of smooth muscle joint treatment. In 50s, the treatment of asthma with non selective epinephrine as spasmolytics, short acting beta in 1956 2 strong selective agonists (Short Acting Beta2 Agonist SABA was published in 1971 2), a long-acting beta agonist (Long Acting Beta2 Agonist LABA) published. To airway inflammation in 60s had antagonism with oral corticosteroids, but effective side effects, in 1972 successfully developed two beclomethasone dipropionate (BDP), developed in 80s (BUD) and budesonide and fluticasone propionate (FP), these inhaled corticosteroids have stronger anti-inflammatory effects on local gas, and side effect was significantly reduced. In the late 80s, countries around the world have developed their own guidelines for prevention and treatment. In 1994, the WHO and the National Institutes of health heart lung and Blood Institute in New York called 17 countries more than 30 experts, developed a landmark Global Initiative for asthma is GINA (Global INitiative for Asthma) scheme. In 2000, 16 countries in three continents of the current situation of asthma survey, in March 2002, the GINA has been modified. China has also developed guidelines for the prevention and treatment of childhood asthma.

In the study of asthma status in Asia Pacific in 2000 -- AIRAP (Asthma Insights and Reality In Asia Pacific), according to a report from the survey Chinese area, China's current status of asthma control and the GINA scheme mentioned in the long-term management of asthma is far from the target. Pediatric medical workers should continuously improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of asthma in children, especially should pay attention on children's asthma, small age group asthma diagnosis combined with GINA plan; pay more attention to the understanding and application of the treatment of the content; pay attention to preventive treatment of asthma in remission period; recognize the importance of the concept of standard anti-inflammatory therapy and accepted anti-inflammatory treatment sooner the more favorable condition. Although the adult asthma and childhood asthma in etiology, epidemiology, immunology, pathogenesis, pathophysiology and clinical diagnosis and treatment principles have basic similarities, but should fully understand the child is not only a "small adults", nor is the epitome of "adult". There are still some differences in some aspects between childhood asthma and adult asthma. Because children are in the process of growth and development of intelligence, body, immunity, psychology and so on, they have the characteristics of continuous development and improvement. Therefore, children with asthma has its particularity, there are many differences with adult asthma. Pediatricians should make full use of the dynamic characteristics of children in the development and continuous improvement, and actively carry out prevention and treatment can achieve clinical cure, can also prevent the development of asthma in children has become severe asthma airway remodeling.

The diagnosis of asthma in children, often missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, so the status of repeated abuse of antibiotics to treat children with asthma is common; in some areas still remain in the treatment of systemic intravenous or oral medication, for inhaled asthma treatment methods should be preferred and inhaled corticosteroids are the basic preventive measures "of asthma attacks is not known or not accepted. Some of the 18% children with asthma in the mountain area have never considered treatment. The popularization of knowledge of asthma and asthma of children and parents should strengthen education, self management. Only to promote the prevention and control work, in order to make the prevention and treatment of children's asthma to modernization.

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