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January 8th (Friday morning) 57 passengers (3 Gaofang - field, follow-up), January 11th (Monday morning) 64 passengers (4 Gaofang - field, f


January 8th (Friday morning) 57 passengers (3 Gaofang - field, follow-up), January 11th (Monday morning) 64 passengers (4 Gaofang - field, follow-up); January 13th (Wednesday afternoon) 67 passengers (3 Gaofang - field, referral), January 15th (Friday morning) 65 passengers (3 Gaofang - field, referral). In order to ensure the quality of medical treatment, was half a day limit the number 40, to the field, long visit special circumstances such as proper care, but right now I just to ward 3 half day clinic, so many patients can not meet the demand from afar, in addition, listen to some foreign friends said to disease because of limited number of cattle the scalping opportunity...... in view of the above consideration 1-3 month 3 day clinic, basically not limited to, as much as possible to meet the needs of patients attending, of course, I will do some hard work, but his effort on the adjustment, to treat every patient with full of energy and serious attitude............

Although after the release of more patients, he is tired, but I feel the most gratifying is that these days, several foreign friends by taking asthma we developed Qufeng Xuanbi Wenfei Huayin, traditional Chinese medicine preparation condition under control and good relief, some patients tell us taking 2-3 patch get a good effect, there is a TV host lady because of the recent cold weather at night can not sleep, pain of asthma after treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, 1 pay, second days are happy to inform you that the asthma control... On Monday...; Huaian to take 2 weeks in patients with asthma not only asthma control, daily use inhaled corticosteroids has stopped... There are 2 friends...; asthma due to taking cream 1 years without asthma will open with cream to prevent consolidation...... on Friday and Heilongjiang and Xinjiang were specially Came to visit, to hear these bitter troubles...... illness patients get off, to see these from the distant frontier mates, there is a sense of joy, that is bitter and also adds a bit of pressure and responsibility!!

In view of the fact that there is still a difficult problem in asthma, and many of the patients did not get good treatment, we will continue to research, and collect effective cases, further summarizes the optimization prescription, we developed "Pingxiao mixture" against the wind phlegm obstruction lung is better, but it is not effective for all patients, therefore, we will further explore the syndrome of asthma distribution, to develop a series of side effects, in order to benefit more patients with asthma. Would like to take this opportunity to appeal to those in the US before taking the medicine for effective patients to give us feedback, so we can summarize. Here, I want to thank you.

There are many clinics do a lot of checks, even taking (or infusion) many western medicine still valid in patients with chronic cough, Chinese medicine is also very unique, traditional Chinese medicine from Shufeng treatment can obtain good curative effect and etc.. In traditional Chinese medicine to many cough, phlegm, anti allergy, immune regulation effect of varieties, is very rich in resources, is that we are interested in the cause of traditional Chinese medicine to explore and to study, my experience and the experience of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine makes me full of confidence, therefore, I will continue to study it as in the past...... of course, the patient's constitution are not the same, and disease are different, some in addition to cough and asthma suffering, also had gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine disorders and emotional factors incorporated in them... And... Clip ColdHeat complex contradictions in the complex situation very much, therefore, achieved remarkable results in some patients at the same time, there are a lot of patients are not satisfied with the effect, which prompted me to study hard, improve the clinical curative effect further from the goal to further study...... it is the doctor's... Responsibility...



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